Willow Smith Has a New Music Video and It's Pretty Out There

She's baaaaack! Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's youngest offspring, 14-year-old Willow, has released a new music video for the obscurely-named track "F Q-C #7." It's been a while since we saw her whip her hair back and forth and now she has an all-new androgynous look complete with dreadlocks and overalls. Word on the street is that Willow has been collaborating on music with her older brother Jaden. This sounds like she's 14 going on 40, but we can dig it.   View Now

Wedding Guest Goes for a Risky Helicopter Ride

A helicopter in India recently took off with some extra cargo. The extra baggage was a reportedly drunk man, who grabbed on to the aircraft before take off. The man eventually fell off the helicopter and suffered minor injuries. This may have been the result of an open bar at a wedding. View Now

You've Heard of Icebergs, But What About Fatbergs?

A sewer blockage in Cardiff, Wales turned out to be caused by a "fatberg" created by grease and oil. Apparently, these "fatbergs" cost the government millions of dollars every year to fix and this video is being used to raise awareness about this common problem. View Now

'Watch Where You're Going' Or You Could End Up Paying the Price

A pair of videos lend clarity to the popular saying, "Watch where you're going." In clip one, a "spectacularly stupid" stunt in Australia was recently caught on police dashcam. It turns out that a man sat on a bike on top of his car while his wife was driving the vehicle. In clip two, a man didn't "mind the gap" when he lost his footing and fell under a train. The man was fine and this video has been released in the United Kingdom to warn folks about these types of accidents. View Now

Dashcams Capture Bizarre Antics on International Roadways

Dashcams recently recorded some odd activity on roadways around the world. In clip one, a dashcam in Russia captured an SUV sliding downhill on a snowy road. In clip two, a dashcam in Australia documented a man surfing on top of a car. Apparently, there were no extra seats in the vehicle. View Now

NYC Winter: Temperature and Pants Drop

New York City certainly knows how to crank up the heat in the dead of winter. Spearheaded by Improv Everywhere, the 14th annual No Pants Subway Ride took place this weekend in 32-degree weather. More than 4,000 people throughout the city rode the Subway without pants because, why not? This guy — not actually inside the Subway — stole the show. View Now

Man Has Live Moth Removed From His Ear Canal

Okay, fair warning: this is gross. A man recently had a moth stuck in his ear and it was moving around in his ear canal. Along with the moth, the man also had a tick stuck in there as well. Luckily, a woman was somehow able to remove the creatures from his head. Click here to see the entire video. View Now

Skittles Made a Super Bizarre Documentary

The people behind Skittle's marketing campaigns are weird. Like, really, really weird. We know they've made off-the-cuff commercials, but those are nothing in comparison to this mini-documentary they made.  View Now

'Try Kicking It' and Other Things You Won't Hear IT People Say

"Try hitting it with a closed fist this time," or "try shaking the hard drive while it's on." What do these two phrases have in common? Those are statements you should will never hear from an IT person. Watch this theory hilariously brought to life by the folks at PDS. It's funny because it's true! View Now

Throwback: Military Police Clear a Porta Potty

Throwback Thursday: It's been five years since this video was uploaded, but the 114th Military Police Co. clearing a porta potty never gets old. We're still not entirely sure why this was done, but it doesn't matter, does it? It's hilarious! America! View Now

Halloween Music Video Dedicated to King-Size Candy Because... Why Not?

We're pretty sure you've never seen a Halloween-themed music video quite like this before. The one-and-only Rosa G is back spitting rhymes about one of the most beloved holidays of the year. Not only that, but she pays special tribute to the elusive "king-size" candy that almost nobody gives out. Looks like she's got a sugar fix that only Halloween can cure. View Now

Strange Music Video Shows Life in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has their own unique way of living life. They also have their own unique entertainment. This is the most bizarre music we've seen recently. We're not entirely sure what's going on, but we like it.  View Now

King of the Jungle? More Like King of the Hugs

The lion is one of the most feared predators in the wild. This particular lion looks ready to pounce on that guy. Thank goodness there is a fence blocking them from his ultimate demise. Wait. What are you doing? No no no no no... Yes?  View Now

Ambiguous Bathroom Signs at Trendy Bars Are Confusing

CollegeHumor thinks ambiguously labeled bathrooms at trendy establishments is one of the worst things in life. (#firstworldproblems) We admit that they're definitely annoying, especially in a "gotta go" situation when you don't really have time to contemplate what social commentary will lead you to your gender binary assigned destination. The conclusion here, however, is probably the best part! View Now