Kids’ Reactions to Sushi are Priceless

Sushi in the United States is about as popular as pizza and hamburgers these days. But what happens when kids try out the Japanese mainstay for the first time? Surprisingly, they didn’t all hate it. View Now

Cat Stretches Out a Surprise and Tries to Bury the Evidence

Today's Daily Pet is Ender the cat who was just stretching between the toilet and tub when a little surprise popped out on the floor, missing the porcelain throne by that much. The limber feline tried to bury the evidence, but seeing as kitty litter was nowhere nearby, and the whole thing was caught on video, he didn't quite get away with it. View Now

You Probably Shouldn't Eat String Cheese in Russia

Flip flops, no shirts, and no this isn't taking place at a beach, it's actually at a factory in Russia that produces string cheese. Workers were caught on camera working without the proper attire and one of them even posted a picture of a group milk bath, in the same milk they use in the cheese. Russian investigators and health officials have opened a case against the factory. View Now

Ramen Bath Will Make You Swear Off Soup

If you are looking to kick your diet of constant ramen noodles, we have a solution. Just watch this guy take a bath in the salty soup and it will probably turn you off in general. SMP Films' experiment is supposed to give you smooth skin (according to them), but really only makes us want to swear off soup for the rest of our lives. View Now

Perhaps the Grossest Cocktail Ever...

If you have just eaten or are easily grossed out (beware of vomit), this may not be your cup of tea or... bugs. The Dude! Where's My Challenge? folks have set the bar pretty high with icky challenges, but this one takes the cake. The boys put thousands of maggots in a blender and decide to make a drink of the mix. This challenge is tough to stomach for them and us. Click here for the RTM crew's take on this challenge. View Now

Stinky, Slimy Can o' Squid

There are a lot of things that are acceptable to eat that come out of a can, but squid would not be in that list. So of course, Chuck From The Bronx decides to down a whole can of this nasty stuff, including the juices the little octopi are packed in. View Now

This Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

We're not sure who randomly walks up to what they think is a ball of hair and pokes it, but whoever does do that, deserves this as the response. There goes our good night's rest for about a week. View Now

That Awkward Moment When You Find a Bug in Your Chipotle

sWooZie was just minding his own business, enjoying his chicken rice bowl at Chipotle, when he discovered a bug all sprawled out in his food. Here is his suggestion to Chipotle, as well as Cold Stone and Publix (a grocery store), to start covering their food so that we don't have to give up eating the deliciousness! View Now

Too Much Poop Leads to Bats' Removal From Park

These bats have a crappy reputation in Queensland, Australia. The colony of 80,000 bats were shunned from a town park by sirens, gunshots, and helicopters. The locals had complained about the smell of the animals and their droppings, which were said to be so bad that residents had a hard time parking their cars in the area. The bats were forced to fly out of town and poop somewhere else. Video Courtesy of ITN View Now

Stinky Tofu: It's a Real Thing and We Will NOT Be Eating It

Chuck From the Bronx has never been one to turn down a food challenge, even when the food itself has the word "stinky" in its title. In his most recent gag-worthy vid, he downs an entire jar of fermented tofu, better known as stinky tofu. Other than the name, his gagging and description of the smelly stuff is more than enough to keep us from trying it anytime soon... or ever. View Now

There's Probably Poop on Your Toothbrush

Yup. There is mostly likely fecal matter on your precious toothbrush, because if you're not closing the lid before you flush the toilet, you're doing it wrong. Also, 5 seconds is more than enough time for bacteria to adhere to food. Find out what other gross things you probably do, then remember that germs help build up our immune systems. View Now

Guy Stuffs 100 Rare Snakes in a Suitcase and Tries to Smuggle on Plane

Checked bags can feature many things, from toiletries to laptops to emergency underwear, but one smuggler had a different type of cargo in his luggage at a Shanghai airport recently. In a move that would get Samuel L. Jackson ticked off, the smuggler attempted to bring a load of endangered pythons on a plane. Luckily for folks in the airport, customs officials were able to uncover the slippery serpents in a suitcase, as the pythons were hidden in socks within the baggage.  via: ITN View Now

Pooping in Public and Taking Pics for Evidence

There are lots of people who refuse to go number two in public. And then there are people like the public pooper in this video, from ABC10 in San Diego, who seek out public areas and even carry toilet paper with them for the occasion. View Now

A Vine for the Germaphobes

If you're a germaphobe, you probably hate having to touch the door handle of a public restroom right after washing your hands, because you know not everyone follows that should-be Cardinal Rule. This Vine by Nampaikid shows four effective ways to keep your hands clean on your way out of the bathroom! View Now

TLC's New Show 'Extreme Cheapskates' Will Leave You Feeling Dirty

There is nothing wrong with saving a few bucks by cutting back here and there, but we cannot get on board with sharing bathwater with our whole family. TLC's new show "Extreme Cheapskates" follows the lives of families like the Roses who save money by reusing bathwater, rationing soap, and even using old newspaper to wipe themselves. Excuse us while we go take a long hot shower. View Now