Equal Opportunity: Dog Plays iPad Cat Game Like a Boss

Violet doesn't care that her people parents have downloaded "Cat Fishing," an iPhone/iPad game by Friskies. Violet doesn't care that as an Italian Greyhound, she's zero percent cat. The fact of the matter is she's likely better at this game than any cat. Well, more aggressive at the very least. Violet, 1. iPad fish, 0. Via Jukin Media. View Now

The Newest Touchscreen Display... For the Bathtub

Long gone are the days of a physical rubber ducky in the bathtub. Especially now that things like this AquaTop display are in existence. This video form Diginfonews shows how the new technology would allow you to use the interface the same way you would an iPad, so you may end up spending a lot more time in the bath. View Now

iPad App Designed to Preserve the Art of Calligraphy

The age of smartphones, tablets, and computers have almost killed the art of calligraphy. Handwriting cards is slowly being phased out of society but one iPad app is determined to preserve the art. Felt gives you a series of templates to choose from and then, through the use of a stylus or your finger, you can write a message. The company will then physically mail that card for you.  View Now

What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains

Now that you have a desktop, an iPad, and a smart phone, you are probably always plugged in to the web. Whether you have a question you can Google, or you need some information to just entertain yourself, it is constant. So watch this to see how it changes the way you think, and maybe think twice about reaching for your iPhone.  View Now

Watching a Robbery in Real Time

Posing as repair men, two thieves conned an elderly woman into letting them into her house to rob her, while the woman's daughter helplessly watched the whole thing remotely from her iPad. The police are now using the surveillance footage to try and apprehend the suspects who made off with some of the woman's jewelry. View Now

iPad Used to Catch Foul Ball

This iPad proved its durability after unintentionally serving as a catcher's mask at a softball game. Just one more thing you can use an iPad for (although it's not suggested). View Now

When Technology Bites You in the Butt

Ah, modern technology, you either embrace it or fight back. Well, Emma is really stuck in her ways, until her husband needs her help. Watch what she hilariously does with the new technology.  View Now

Our Newest iPad Mini Winner!

If you've been paying attention to the show, like Sarah McCollum has, then you know about our iPad Mini giveaway. Sarah is our latest winner. Congrats Sarah! View Now

Latest iPad Mini Winner!

Have you been paying attention to our Buzzword challenge? If you haven't, you should. This is Nichole Grigsby and she is our newest winner of a brand new iPad mini! View Now