Heartwarming: 8-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy Completes Triathlon

The look on Bailey Matthews's face could not be replicated. The 8-year-old boy with cerebral palsy pushed away his walker as he neared the finish line of his first-ever triathlon. He fell twice before finishing the race, but got up quickly each time, finishing unsupported. View Now

Kid Drops His Hot Dog But Commits to Finishing it

Here's the thing about baseball games. Only some people actually go for the baseball. A lot of other folks go because it's the best place in the world to enjoy a hot dog. That's not an opinion. It's a fact. This little peanut has learned it early. And despite dropping his dog, he's committed to finishing it. And that's a home run in our book. View Now

Frozen's Anna Calling Little Girl With Brain Tumor Is Adorable

This is such a sweet video! Watch little Avery Talbert receive a very special phone call from none other than Anna, one of the two main characters from Disney's "Frozen." Avery was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor a few months ago. See her sweet little face change expressions from confusion to excitement and then downright delight when she hears the sisters would like to make her an honorary princess. View Now

This Is Precisely Why You Should Always Listen to Your Mom

Are you a grown woman who still depends on your pacifier, bottle or diaper to get through the day? You're not alone. Listen to these women who also ignored their mother's pleas to leave the "Binky" behind, or to act like a "big girl" and leave the diapers behind. Take this video as both a warning to always obey your mother, and a sign that - if you're like one of these women - you're not alone. View Now

Kids Singing to Teacher Battling Breast Cancer Will Make You Cry

Once in a while one of these videos comes along that hits you right in the "feels." This is definitely one of them. Watch as the kids from P.S. 22 Chorus from Staten Island switch up their annual ritual of singing their last song of the year with their teacher, and instead bring in Mrs. Adriana Lopez. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, so they decided to sing "I'm Gonna Love You Through It" by Martina McBride to her. We all need a good cry every once in a while. View Now

2-Year-Old Girl Solves Rubik's Cube

Throwback Thursday: This video is about a year old, but trending now. Brazilian Hong Yan Chan, at 2 years and 11 months, solved a Rubik's Cube in 70 seconds. I can't even tie my shoes in 70 seconds. It is believed that this little nugget is the youngest Rubik's Cube solver. View Now

Overcoming Autism: Meet Little Opera Artist Annie

Check out Annie Titus performing 'Think of Me' from the "Phantom Of The Opera." Can you believe this is her first time performing and her first time singing? She has the voice of a seasoned professional and the stage presence to boot. Her family was shocked to learn that Annie had such an angelic voice. But the most surprising fact about Annie is that she is autistic and her parents were told when she was five she would never speak. View Now

Young Boy's Compassion Stops Goat Sacrifice at Nepalese Temple

Nepal is home to many ancient temples still in use to this today. Sadly, one little boy learned while in line to visit the temple that part of this location's uses includes ritualistic animal sacrifice. The family brought a goat that the child had grown quite fond of and begged his parents not to let get slaughtered. His parents decided the son was right and broke tradition by sparing the goat's life. As this video gains more attention, the question is: can this act of love and compassion be enough to change a centuries-old tradition?  View Now

The Baby Life is the Simple Life

For kids, life is simple: apples are apples (and so are cherries, cows, etc.); talking means making sounds come out of your mouth; and people belong on the ground, not flying through the air on some wacky contraption. View Now

Top Secret 'Mum Code' Revealed!

According to the top secret "Mum Code" revealed by Emily Wright, as long as the house is clean, the kids have been put to bed in the past hour, and only one to two glasses of wine have been consumed, every dad has a solid week after the mum gets her hair done where sex is basically guaranteed. It's almost too easy. View Now

RTM Favorite, Logan, Stands Up to Online Bullies

RTM first brought you the story of Logan Fairbanks, the 11-year-old viral video star, last month after he proposed to a beauty queen. He has since been the target of online trolls and bullies. He stood up to these people in a Jukin Video bravely reading the vile comments that have been made about him. His dad was hesitant to allow Logan to film and post this message but agreed because Logan wants to take a stand against bullying.  View Now