Netflix Settle: A Not-So-Perfect Way for Couples to 'Settle' on Something to Watch

We've all been there, scouring the depth of Netflix only to turn it off in frustration. There's a lot to choose from and if you're trying to watch something with your significant other, making the right choice can be a daunting task. Well, not anymore! Thanks to "Netflix Settle." The new option is perfect for couples and will quickly choose a title neither person would ever want to watch. Ha! This hilarious sketch from The Watercooler is so true. View Now

Shaq, Alex Trebek Get Reeeeal Close in a Phone Booth

Jimmy Fallon has added an awesome game to his hilarious repertoire: "Phone Booth." It's a trivia game in which two people — in this case Shaquille O'Neal and Hugh Jackman — have people added to their respective phone booths if they can't answer certain questions. Jackman had a Blue Man join him. Shaq — who is 7-foot-1 — had a lot more company, with Alex Trebek, Megan Boone, Ilan Hall, Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott and the mascot of New York's national league baseball team, Mr. Met. That's one crammed phone booth! View Now

Chvrches Singer Shuts Down Marriage Proposal in the Best Way

WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE USED! Don’t mess with Lauren Mayberry. During a recent Chvrches show, the Scottish singer was taken aback after a man in the crowd started shouting, “Marry me? Marry me now!” Not only did she say no, Mayberry took the opportunity to make the “catcall” a learning experience and shut down the marriage proposal in the best way possible.  View Now

Miley Cyrus Gets Emotional With Jimmy Fallon

WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE USED! Things got a bit emotional recently on The Tonight Show. In a segment called the “Emotional Interview,” Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon chit-chat about everyday topics but there is a catch—when the bell rings, so does their attitudes. In Miley’s defense, we’d be mad too if someone called us “Morley.” Also, can we talk about that ring? View Now

Edward Snowden 'Expert' Trolls HLN, Defends Edward Scissorhands

Yasmin Vossoughian wanted to know all about Edward Snowden and his recent surfacing on Twitter. So she turned to her "expert," Jon Hendren, with questions. Jon, however, took the opportunity to defend Edward Scissorhands. With a Twitter handle like "@fart" would you expect anything else? View Now

These Boys Nailed Their Homecoming Proposals

Boys come up with some pretty wild homecoming proposals, but this one may top them all. Two boys from Illinois wanted to do something uniquely over-the-top when asking their dates, Emma and Claire, to the homecoming dance. Filmed in the style of a ‘80s-themed music video, the proposal is nothing short of absolutely absurd. Turtle necks, gold chains and moustaches (which are real)—how could you say no?  According to Total Frat Move, the ladies said yes.  View Now

Man’s Attempt to Kills Spider Goes Up in Flames

This man has a serious case of arachnophobia. A driver in Michigan recently stopped at a gas station to fill up when he spotted a spider on his gas tank. Instead of flicking it away like a reasonable human being, the man attempted to light the creepy crawler on fire. Turns out the spider was successfully killed—but the gas station is in need of a new gas pump. View Now

Dog and Baby Have the Pawfect Relationship

It was love at first sight for Buddy the Beagle and his tiny human friend. Scott Moore and his wife recently had their first child, but the couple worried about how Buddy would react to the newest addition of their home. It turns out that the new parents had nothing to fret over. If this isn’t puppy love, we don’t know what is. View Now

Drunk History of How Harriet Tubman Freed Slaves With Army of Bad B*tches

If you still don't know the heroic story of former slave Harriet Tubman, then this is just what you need to catch you up. The re-telling is a little choppy and hilariously alcohol-fueled, but it's as accurate as any other history lesson you'll ever get about this brave woman who led 750 slaves to freedom. The fact that Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer re-enacts these scenes is just the cherry on top. Watch! via Comedy Central View Now

Men V. Women: The Rejection Experiment

WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE USED. Mustering up enough courage to ask someone for their number is never easy. Whether you’re a girl asking a guy, or a guy asking a girl; rejection can come in many forms. Turns out women often tend to take a more ruthless approach when it comes to saying nope.  View Now

Man Takes Relationship to New Heights In Roller Coaster Proposal

Every relationship has its ups and downs; but this couple recently took their relationship to new heights with a roller coaster proposal.  Allison Boyle and Austin Crecelius are both seniors at Anderson University in Indiana. Crecelius told ABC News that after dating for two years he knew he wanted to take their relationship to the next level, but the proposal would have to be both creative and exciting. Well, we think he nailed both! View Now

When This Dad Babysits His Girls, Everyone Wins

Now this looks like one fun Dad. Rujeana, his wife and mother of their two girls, set up a camera in the living room in hopes of getting some fun footage for their Grandma. What she got instead was hilariously candid footage of what happens when Dad babysits, and it's quickly clear that the rules are - there are no rules. Fun zone ahead. Watch! View Now

Why AIM Was the Best Social Media, Ever

Long before the days of hashtags, tweets and Snapchat there was only one way for teens to get in touch with their BFFs outside of school: AIM. If you’ve never experienced the struggle of dial-up Internet you probably aren’t familiar with AOL Instant Messager. Gone but never forgotten, AIM was undeniably the greatest (and most straightforward) form of communication. From away messages and buddy lists, to screennames and SmarterChild — "Generation whY” is bringing back some serious (-ly embarrassing) nostalgia for all of us. View Now

Lion Cub Unleashes Tiniest of Roars

This little guy can’t wait to be king! Watch this adorable lion cub attempt to let out the mightiest of roars—but instead fall just slightly short of intimidating. Better luck next year little dude! View Now

Fat-Shaming Comedian Targets Abortion

If the name Nicole Arbour doesn’t ring a bell, the horrifying video called "Dear Fat People" might. The fat-shaming comedian is back, but this time she’s taking on a new controversial issue: abortion. In a video titled “Why Abortion Is WRONG!” the YouTube star doesn’t shy away from voicing her opinion in a pretty brash way.  View Now

Why You Should (Not) Buy an Acrylic Water Pipe

Please don't smoke it's bad for you, but if you're going to anyways because you make your own life decisions, please don't buy an acrylic bong. This dude is convinced that glass bongs are the worst because they break all the time, and you should buy acrylic ones instead. He sets out to prove it to us, and well, yeah, that just happened. He's most likely fooling us with this one, but either way it's pretty funny.   View Now