Soldier Surprises Mom

This mom thought she was posing for a normal group photo, but little did she know her son was home from deployment and about to photo-bomb her with picture an epic surprise homecoming. In the video, you can see the trio of women posing for a photo when suddenly a soldier in uniform emerges from the garage and hugs one of the women. It takes the mom a moment to process that her son is standing in front of her but then the pair lock in a loving embrace.  View Now

Marine Proposes While Girlfriend Is Wedding Dress Shopping

You've got to see this sweet and romantic surprise military proposal. This marine's girlfriend was trying on a wedding dress and her marine boyfriend walked in wearing his uniform and proposed. The couple knew they would be leaving the country soon and the girlfriend decided to shop for a dress with her mom before she had to leave. The marine knew this would be the best chance to surprise his girlfriend.  View Now

Military Homecomings: Dog & Mom

First you have to watch this special moment when a soldier returns home to his dog. The dog is so happy and it will make you smile. Second see this mom's reaction to her son returning from a military deployment. The mom is so surprised and excited.  View Now

Military Sergeant Shot Trying to Thwart Theft, Police Identify Bike Jacker

First this military sergeant was shot while trying to prevent a robbery at a gas station in Brazil. The shooting was captured on security camera. Also in Brazil this footage was captured as a man attempted to steal a bicycle with a child in the child seat. You can see the child's father desperately trying to remove his child as the robber was pulling the bike away. Luckily kind bystanders ran away shouting for help and police which scared off the robbers. Police have captured one of four suspects and identified one other. View Now

Tanks for the Memories Moscow

Check out this footage from The International Tank Biathlon Championship in Moscow, Russia. One of the tanks flipped on its side after speeding down the track. A local blogger said that the tank was only slightly damaged and the Kuwaiti crew that were inside are okay just bruised.               View Now

Band of Brothers: Wedding Day Surprise

You've got to see this sweet surprise of a brother surprising his little brother on his wedding day. Lance Shults was supposed to be deployed with the Army and unable to attend his younger brother Rex's wedding. He enters the room and the pair give each other a big hug. Check out the touching moment.  View Now

Military Vet Comes Home, Claims He Caught Wife Cheating

This viral video is part of a military investigation. A veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps returned to his Hawaiian home where he claims to have found another man kissing his wife. In the video, you can see him escort the other man out of the home while asking him to identify himself by name and military rank. He claims to be currently embroiled in a divorce case with his wife and child custody battle over their 3-year-old daughter. He shared the video online and is documenting his story on a GoFundMe page that has raised thousands of dollars. View Now

Welcoming Home Heroes

First, a marine surprises his little brother after being gone for 6 months. His brother just happened to wear his "My Brother, Is a Marine" shirt that day. Then see a marine surprise his Grandmother at work. He had a red rose for her and was wearing his uniform. You may need a tissue after watching these sweet surprises.  View Now

World War II Veterans Start a Dance Party at the Airport

Wolrd War II veterans jumped into a dancing frenzy while waiting for their flight at the Ronald Reagan National Airport. These men were part of an Honor Flight - a free service provided to war veterans that flies them to Washington, D.C. to see war memorials - and waiting to return home when they heard a song they knew and decided to start dancing. It was an exciting end to what must have been an unforgettable trip. View Now

Drones Being Used in Ukraine to Discover Seperatist's Position

Drones were initially designed to be used in expensive military operations. That technology has since trickled down for consumer use, but consumers aren't the only ones taking advantage of the inexpensive tech. One example is the use of drones by the Ukrainian military to keep an eye on enemy unit placement. It's a simple scouting drone, but it gives these soldiers an upper hand they may not have had only a few years prior. View Now

RTM Hosts Drop and '#GiveThem20' to Support Our Troops

Drop and #Givethem20! That's the new Internet challenge that has taken over social media and reached the celebrity world. It's all about supporting the brave women and men who fight and have fought for our freedom. It's a challenge we can get on board with...and actually did! Now we challenge YOU to give them 20! View Now

Because It's Never Too Late to Thank a Vet

It's Memorial Day, a day where we pay our respects to, and honor the members of our military who have fought and are still fighting for our rights. Watch this heartwarming video as family members send a very special message to their loved ones in the military. The message is clear: It's never too late to thank a vet for his or her service. What are you waiting for? View Now

How Bad do You Want it?

How bad do you want it? Army Public Health Command Captain Sarah Cudd wanted it so bad. She was only one of 46 candidates who earned the Expert Field Medical Badge in Fort Dix, New Jersey on April 27. This is Captain Cudd's final seconds in the Forced Road March, a 12-mile journey that must be accomplished within three hours. This is just one of a dozen critical performance areas, and she powered through with some encouragement at the end. Bravo, Captain! View Now

Serviceman Surprises Family Members One by One

For many, one of the most diffcult parts of serving in the military is being away from family. So when Cassie Martinez found out that her husband would be returning home early from deployment, she wanted it to be extra sepcial. Martinez planned out a day where he could surprise the whole family, and by the looks of it, her plan worked beautifully. View Now

Daniel Tosh Highlights Stolen Valor Perfectly

We've come across tons of Stolen Valor videos, and have highlighted some of them here and here. They've gotten so abundant recently that Daniel Tosh did a five-minute segment about it on his show, giving the serious issue a comedic spin like only Tosh can. View Now