Naked Man Runs Amuck

You've got to see this man mucking around in the mud. He's actually naked and he has an audience cheering him on. He decided to get dirty at the Splendour in the Grass music festival in Australia and go body surfing in the buff.  View Now

UV Paint on the Naked Canvas

Artist John Poppleton created these amazing works of art. His canvas was the nude body of these models. Poppleton used UV paint to paint a volcano with a lightning strike, Eiffel Tower and the New York skyline. View Now

The Naked Truth About Not Wanting to Swim

Check out this woman and photographer who decided to take nude portraits out in an open field. This took place in Brazil and someone in a theater building nearby noticed this from the window and called the police. The woman quickly put on a robe when police arrived. The police do not arrest or cite the photographer and model they actually provide protection by reversing their vehicle and parking to enjoy the show. Then see this woman get tossed into the pool after refusing to swim her entire vacation. View Now

The Scary (and Hilarious) Truth About Every. Snapchat. Ever!

Anyone who's on Snapchat should be able to relate to this hilarious video from Smosh in their latest "Every [Insert Here] Ever" web series. Accidentally send a private message to a family member instead of a crush? How about missing the birth of your kid because you were too busy trying to snapchat it? Okay so maybe these are a bit exaggerated but take it as a warning of things to avoid doing on the app at all costs. You're welcome. View Now

NYC: No Shirt, No Problem

This woman went topless in New York City and surprisingly got no attention from tourists and New Yorkers. Watch as she walks around in a blue body-painted shirt and not a soul seems to notice or care. The social experimenter goes about a normal NYC routine from riding the subway, buying a hot dog, chatting with NYPD and taking tourist selfies. Is blue body-paint the new cotton? View Now

WARNING: Your Ex Could Be Posting Pictures of Your Junk

We dare you to get this song out of your mind after watching this video, and that might not be such a good thing if you're at work. Behold what comedian Rachel Bloom calls "a more realistic breakup song about love, loss" and, err, men's genitalia. We're not going to lie. This music video and the lyrics are pretty darn clever. Feel free to send this to any man who has ever done you wrong, just don't tell them we sent you. via racheldoesstuff View Now

The Wonderful (and Bizarre) Sights of CCTV

CCTV from around the world picked up some bizarre footage recently. In clip one, a worker at an airport in Russia recently stripped to his birthday suit to get his keys back at customs. In clip two, a man wearing bras and a skirt was caught on surveillance cameras after stealing those items. View Now

What Better Way to Advertise an All-Natural Burger Than With a Naked Hot Chick?

Meet the woman they're calling "the next Kate Upton," Charlotte McKinney. She's blonde, she's hot, she has some huge *hmph* well you know, and she's the star of the racy new Super Bowl commercial from Carl's Jr advertising their new all-natural burger. Bravo, Carl's Jr, bravo. But we just have one question, do we get a side of her with our burger? View Now

Sailor Moon Shows off Her 'Full Moon'

There are butts about this one. Whatever's newest prank features a few full moons courtesy of the Japanese anime character, Sailor Moon, and yes, the cops were called. This is the rated-R version of the cartoon parents don't want their kids watching. View Now

Couple Goes Streaking But on a Motorcycle

A couple of naked folks in Cambodia decided to ride on a motorcycle in broad daylight. It turns out that they got arrested for their buff ride. They probably would have gotten away with too, if they just didn't drive past the police station. View Now

Mom-Daughter Duo Celebrating Style by Having People Strip

Mother-daughter team Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum are badasses. They are changing the way fashion is perceived by celebrating individual style, along with the story behind that individual. Watch this awesome video feature as they photograph people expressing who they are and then stripping down to discover what's really underneath. The women launched this Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a feature-length documentary. View Now

Hey Ladies: We Found Your Dream Man

He's fit. He cleans. He dances. He's clearly Sheena Easton's biggest fan. The morning after Halloween, Jimmy Pope was getting his mop on while jamming out to Easton's "Morning Train (9 to 5)" wearing nothing but some undies — until he realized his roommate was filming the whole thing. Via Jukin. View Now

Attire Doesn't Matter When You're Breaking the Law

Crimes in the nude are still worth a laugh. In clip one, a man in a dress was arrested by police. He was graciously allowed to change before he got to the jail. In clip two, a man in China was recently caught on camera breaking into a farm in the nude. Police are now looking for the barn robber in the buff.  View Now