High Winds Create Terrifying Landing for Boeing 777

A KLM Royal Dutch Airlines plane had quite the dramatic landing as it was hit with strong winds during its approach to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Pilots were able to land safely, but the scary moment was capture of camera and has gone viral. View Now

Identical Twins Switched at Birth In Real Life

Imagine you're a fraternal twin, until one day you discover that you're not a fraternal twin, but an identical one, just mixed up with another set of identical twins at birth. No, we're not talking about Big Business starring Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin. View Now

When It Comes to Movie Stunts, Tom Cruise Has Some Serious Huevos

There's no need for a stunt double or CGI when you have Tom Cruise. A new behind-the-scenes glimpse at Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation revealed the actor doing one insane stunt, like hanging off the side of an airplane during take-off insane. The movie might be "Mission Impossible" but for Cruise, the stunts are "Mission Possible." View Now

Road Raging Truck Driver Feels the Wrath of Karma

When a bicyclist decided to press charges on the guy in the big truck for his road-rage-like actions, the driver was slapped with a long list of offenses, one of which should have been for being a big jerk. Hey there Mr. Truck Driver Dude Guy, we'd like to introduce you to "Karma." Little warning, she has a tendency to be a real, well you probably know now. View Now

The Amazing & Horrifying Things Spotted on the Roadways

What are the chances a passenger on a speedy bus would spot a biker drop his keys in the middle of the street or the chances a couple would both drive passed a roadway situation straight out of a horror movie. Well, for the people in these two videos, the chances were pretty high. View Now