Mountain Bike Crashes: Wheels Up, Riders Down

First up check out this bicyclist miss a landing on a hill while riding a mountain bike. The rider broke his collar bone. Then see this mountain biker attempt to cross a bridge and crash in the stream. This biker did not get injured in this crash. View Now

Rope Swing Fails, Frights and Freakouts

A woman having a good time at the lake hit the water hard when she fumbled on the rope swing. Meanwhile, at the world's largest rope swing, no one gets hurt, but plenty of people's hearts are skipping beats at the sheer awesomeness of a rope swing with a 300-meter arc (that's almost 1,000 feet). View Now

Harry Styles is Going 'One Direction:' Down

This is what makes you beautiful, Harry! You have no control. As One Direction played in San Diego Thursday night, Harry Styles took a tumble through the dark, as the heart throbs sang a song with the same title. Ugh, talk about the story of my life. View Now

The Official 'Dating Game' Song for Single Guys With Average Looks

This song goes out to all the single fellas with average looks. You're not alone, dudes! JaackMaate just dropped this rap music video that you should be able to relate to. Tired of taking girls out, spending money on them, and not hearing back? Yea, so is Jack. Let this be the unofficial official anthem for all the nice guys out there just looking for someone to love. View Now

No One Likes a Chest Thumper; Kid Learns the Hard Way

No one likes a showoff. Throw down a sick jam on your minihoop and let your moves do the talking. If you thump your chest and gloat like you're better than everyone else, karma may just come back to bite you in the butt — or bump you on the head. View Now

Girl Uses Sling Bow To Pull Loose Tooth

We've seen quite a few creative ways to pull loose teeth, and 11-year-old Alexis Davidson's method is just as epic as the rest. The girl from Aurora, Colorado, used a sling bow to pull a loose tooth out of her mouth. And look at that — she hit her target, too! View Now

Kicking the Punching Bag Will Result in Fail Overload

WARNING: Potty language. Hey, guy. The punching bag game is for punching . . . with your fist. Trying some kung-fu kick you saw in a movie will only result in a sore hip, humiliation and a total score of zero. Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" is referring to you directly, champ. View Now