Woman Poured Cleaner In Eyes to Intentionally Blind Herself

Meet Jewel Shuping, 30, from North Carolina who has Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID); a disease that makes able-bodied people believe that they should be disabled. The 30-year-old’s condition has caused her to become obsessed with the idea of becoming blind, so in 2006 she decided to pursue her lifelong dream. Without legal repercussions, a psychologist agreed to pour drain cleaner in her eyes, and she says she has never been happier. View Now

First-Person Footage of a Car Hitting a Triathlete

It's estimated that around 10% of accidents are a result of distracted driving, and we've got two instances of that right here.  In Florida, a triathlete in training got hit head-on by a car with a driver that was either extremely distracted, or purposefully trying to hit him. The accident not only resulted in the triathlete going to the hospital, but a totaled bike as well. Another distracted driver - this time in New Zealand - ran into a motorcyclist while turning left. This hit resulted in broken bones and metal plates for the motorcyclist.   View Now

This Baby Does NOT Want to Be a Part of Ariel's World

Most of us take any opportunity to belt out "Part of Your World" from Disney's "The Little Mermaid." This adorable little girl is not most people. Her Daddy discovered that Ariel's voice singing that song always and without a doubt brings his baby girl to tears. See for yourself.  View Now

The Evolution of Lingerie in Minutes

Thankfully for women, bras have taken a dramatic turn over the years. From restricting corsets and hourglass figures to a hilarious “nipple bra” to give that permanent “cold weather look," Glamour recently chronicled the history of lingerie—including a prediction for the future. View Now

Car Beats Selfie, Golf Club Beats Car

Sometimes the world is as simple as a game of Rock, Paper Scissors. A man taking a selfie behind a drifting Ferrari quickly found out that Car Beats Selfie, but a man frustrated with Mercedes discovered that Golf Club beats Car.  So does this mean that Selfie beats Golf Club? That should make for an interesting video. View Now

Let's Take a Grand Tour of Insults From Around the World

This video obviously contains foul language the entire time. Cut Video did us all a huge favor and compiled some of the most notorious insults from around the world. This way you'll know when you're being cussed out while traveling the world. Some of them are pretty outlandish, and some are just plain hilarious. For example, a "green tea b*tch" may be taken as a compliment in these parts. View Now

Kid Has Tooth Pulled Out With Motorbike

Seven-year-old Elias Blomdahl had a loose tooth, and he wanted it gone right away. He knows the Tooth Fairy has deep pockets, and he can't be waisting time! Thanks to a little help from his bother on a motorbike, Elias had his tooth pulled out quickly. Now that's sibling love. View Now

You'd Never Guess What Happens to This Kid With a Box on His Head

Let's play a little game. What's going to happen to this little peanut who tries walking with a box on his head? If you guessed "he's going to crash into the wall because he can't see because, well, he is wearing a box on his head," then you're pretty much the best oracle of this generation. As you can see, the box used to be for "Free & Clear Wipes," but this kid's vision is anything but free and clear. View Now

Two Accidents Caused by Distracted Drivers

A beautiful stretch of road can have a hypnotic effect on motorcyclists, but one rider got into a bit of trouble while under the highway's spell. He was veering a little too far into the oncoming traffic's lane and ended up nicking a van. He ended up crashing, but wasn't hurt too badly. View Now

Dude Cheated on Girlfriend, So She Lit His Ding Dong on Fire

This probably wasn't that spark in the bedroom he's been wanting... The story goes that this guy cheated on his girlfriend with her co-worker. She found out and did what every woman would do in a situation like this, she poured nail polish remover on his crotch and set his manhood ablaze. Talk about having a "fire crotch," amiright!? We're guessing the story is fake, but that fire's not. So either way, the dude lit his giblets on fire... View Now