This Parkour Fails Compilation Will Make You Think Twice

Parkour, when executed correctly, is one of the most impressive physical feats. It takes true athleticism, endurance and creativity. But there's also a high probability of failing, which is what this compilation captures perfectly. It'll make you think twice about trying any of these stunts. View Now

6 Robots That Could Eventually Take Over the World

Robots can do all sorts of awesome tricks. They can maneuver around and through things, jump really high, sense when someone walks past... they can even look so humanoid you'll do a double take! Oh, did I say awesome? I meant super creepy once they become self aware and decide to take over the planet. View Now

Can Your Dog Do This? Probably Not

When Lexi was rescued from the SPCA, she had a few behavioral issues and needed a way to get out all her energy. Now, four years later, she is a happy and healthy dog who loves to test her balance and jumping skills wherever she can. Can't you just picture her in an action movie performing her own stunts? View Now

Steven Finally Finds a Robot He Likes!

RightThisMinute host Steven has an irrational (or perhaps very rational!) fear of robots, but he thinks he's found one that he can actually like. Check out this acrobatic little mechanical dude that can flip around on a parallel bar and even stick the landing! What Steven doesn't know is that this robot is just honing its parkour skills for when it and an army of fellow robots take over the world, one triple backflip at a time. View Now

When Trying to Impress Your Friends Goes Wrong

Words to the wise: Just because you can envision it, doesn't mean it's going to pan out exactly how it looks in your mind. This is a prime example. We're willing to bet this guy was 110% sure he could parkour his way through the open window without a hitch. Ready? Set. Dive! View Now