Millenials Get Into a Casket, Immediately Become Philosophers

Oh no! You're in your mid-20s and having a quarter-life crisis, you say? Perhaps getting you to lie in a coffin and letting you experience your own funeral will help? That's the premise for this little experiment put on by Elite Daily and a few "brave" millenials they convinced to face their own mortality. Too dramatic? Just a tad. View Now

These Vintage Print Ads for Modern Technology Are Amazing

How cool are these faux print ads for modern-day technology? Worth 1000 did a contest where they asked graphic designers and artists to imagine modern products in a vintage light. The Photo Effects contest yielded some pretty awesome artwork advertising everything from YouTube and Facebook to Photoshop and Skype. Check them out!          View Now

The Only Way You Should Celebrate 'Coffee Day'

Did you know September 29 is National Coffee Day? How about that October 1 is International Coffee Day? Well Edit A Go-Go sure knows, and they pull out all the bells and whistles to celebrate, just as if it were Christmas morning. See how these two celebrate their beloved Java and make sure to mark your calendars! Although... isn't every day "Coffee Day" for most of us? View Now

Was 'Daniel-Son' Actually the Bad Guy in 'The Karate Kid?'

Who would've thunk it? J. Matthew Turner is blowing the Internet's mind with his conspiracy theory that Daniel LaRusso AKA "The Karate Kid" was actually the bully in the movie, as opposed to Johnny — who got the bad rap. Turner even goes so far as to suggest Daniel was a violent sociopath. We hate to admit it but, after watching this video, he has some pretty valid points. Mind = blown! View Now

A Song and Dance to Celebrate Your Team Winning Anything

Did you ever think, "Gee, I wish there was a song and dance created specifically to celebrate a victory." No? Well Josh Weinstock made it happen anyway. Check out this cosmic, over-the-top music video that is meant to celebrate your team (any team) winning anything and everything.  Because if you have a dancing shirtless guy, floating dogs on basketballs and rodents lifting weights, you can't go wrong. Wait. What? View Now

Famous Political Leaders Get a Hipster Makeover

Talk about putting a modern spin on things! Check out this super cool and unique series aptly titled "Hipstory." Artist Amit Shimoni re-imagines some of our most famous political leaders from around the world as if they were hipsters. Everyone from Che Guevara to Martin Luther King to President Barack Obama gets a hipster makeover. Check out all the fascinating portraits.  View Now

This Slumber Party Game of Truth or Dare Gets Real - REAL Fast

Forget asking about your first kiss or daring someone to call their crush and confess their adoration. This game of Truth or Dare is of the philosophical kind and it gets deep. I mean, who doesn't want to know whether their bestie thinks humans are inherently good? Or dare your bae to call a cute boy and reconcile the problem of The Odyssey? College Humor really knows how to bring the LOLz. View Now

Life Hacks You Always Knew You Never Needed

No time to throw a load of clothes in the dryer? Dry them on your way to work. Don't have any clean plates? Use a DVD movie case as a plate and then clean yourself off using the insert. Genius, right? Check out this hilarious parody video by Foil Arms & Hog to see more life hacks that you should totally never try.  View Now

What's a Little Voice in Your Head When You Can Get Allergy Relief?

Anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies can relate to how miserable they can make you. Now there's a (fictitious) medication on the market called Zarfumadex that may provide the relief you've been after. There's just one little thing. Although this medication will relieve your symptoms and let you throw a football and frisbee like a champ, the main side effect is a voice in your head. Wait. What? via Sasquatch Sketch Comedy View Now

Hacks to Make Life Easier for Your Lazy, Adorable Cats

This video is for all you lazy cats (and by cats, we mean actual felines) who want to make your day just a tad easier. First order of business? Don't clean up after yourself. Just let your poop sit in that litterbox until the stench gets to the human. Next up? Wake up the human at least one hour before you want to be feed. Find out more life hacks for cats from the professionals at The ShoKo Show, Shorty, Kodi and Raul. View Now

Anthem for Wearing Out Your Boo (Like Your Favorite Sweater)

Ah yeah! You'll be feeling this beat in no time. Check out Flynt Flossy and MoonRock ft Whatchya rap about wearing his boo out like his favorite sweater. Because, duh - that makes perfect sense. Throw in some groovy graphics, a dancing hot girl and a head-bobbing reindeer and you've got a hit. Look out for a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo by one of our favorite YouTubers that rhymes with "Hoola."  via Turquoise Jeep Music View Now

Sleep. Heard of It? How About Getting Some? Here's Why

They say you should at least get 8 hours of sleep every night. Most of us are lucky if we get 6. Something tells us that was on PitTV's mind when they conceived this ridiculous, albeit hilarious sketch. It's really quite simple. Just turn off the lights, get in your bed and go to sleep. PitTV offers a few suggestions if it's just not that easy for you. View Now