Robot Ordering Food at the Drive Thru Prank

This prank video will have you rolling on the floor laughing at these poor fast food workers. They open the drive-thru window to reveal that their customer is actually a robot with artificial intelligence and is pretty sassy.  View Now

Check Out This Room Service Robot Butler

Aloft Hotel features a robot butler that brings you room service. The robot is called A.L.O. Botlr, short for robot butler. The robot weighs 100 pounds and is 3 feet tall. These robots will not replace human employees; it will just free them up to handle more important tasks.   View Now


Japan has one year to prepare for the most epic giant robot duel ever. MegaBots has created the first fully functional giant piloted robot and has called out SUIDOBASHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES's giant robot Kuratas via social media. The gauntlet has been thrown. UPDATE: JAPAN ACCEPTS View Now

Introducing the Hardware Store Robot to Help You

You've been there before: You're in a retail store of any kind and you need some sort of assistance from an employee to help answer a question or find what you're looking for. In steps (glides?) Orchard, the first robot that acts as an assistant retailer with Autonomous Retail Service Robot (ARSR) technology built in to make the in-store experience a bit better in a hardware store. View Now

Flying Robots Make Beautiful Music

We've seen robots do some amazing things, but instrument playing, flying drones might be a first. These robotic rockstars come from KMel Robotics. You might recognize the songs! View Now

College Student Becomes Collateral Damage in Robot Battle

Techfest in Mumbai, India ended in injury after a renegade piece of metal flew off a machine during a robot battle. The 19-year-old victim is a college student who suffered multiple fractures after the piece of metal nailed him in the face. Police believe the organizer may to be blame due to a lack of safety equipment around the robot battlefield. View Now

Penguin Imposters Stir Things Up

To learn a little more about the waddling birds that people can't seem to get enough of, Discovery Channel will be airing "Penguins: Waddle All The Way," a 2-hour special, on Saturday, November 23. This animal documentary is unlike any other, in that the cameras used to film the nature of these birds are totally hidden in the bodies of some extremely realistic robotic penguins and their eggs. You won't beleive the trouble these fake penguins stir up! View Now

6 Robots That Could Eventually Take Over the World

Robots can do all sorts of awesome tricks. They can maneuver around and through things, jump really high, sense when someone walks past... they can even look so humanoid you'll do a double take! Oh, did I say awesome? I meant super creepy once they become self aware and decide to take over the planet. View Now

Steven Finally Finds a Robot He Likes!

RightThisMinute host Steven has an irrational (or perhaps very rational!) fear of robots, but he thinks he's found one that he can actually like. Check out this acrobatic little mechanical dude that can flip around on a parallel bar and even stick the landing! What Steven doesn't know is that this robot is just honing its parkour skills for when it and an army of fellow robots take over the world, one triple backflip at a time. View Now

Playing Psychological Air Hockey With a Robot

This robot, developed at Chiba University in Japan, not only can beat you in air hockey - it definitely will. Check out this crazy automaton with both defense and offense, that (who?) can even switch up its strategy based on the opposing human player's behavior. Scary. View Now

iTray Delivers Your Food by Drone

The service industry just got a little more high tech with the "iTray" that delivers your food order by drone. Is this a good technological advance? Or are we just setting ourselves up for a robot takeover and less ways to work your way through college? View Now