Cut Video Wants Your Kisses

If love is the universal language, then kissing is its Rosetta Stone. Social cues vary in different cultures, hand motions mean different things depending on location, but a kiss is always a kiss. In an attempt to capture the beautiful simplicity of that is swapping spit, Cut Video sent out their producer on a worldwide quest for kisses. And he did a pretty good job, capturing couples snogging from New Delhi it Bagotá. But they want more. View Now

#TBT: Remembering Kermit, Miss Piggy's Wedding

You guys. We're still not over the fact that Kermit T. Frog and Miss Piggy are no longer married. But given the fact that Miss Piggy never officially became Mrs. Piggy, we're starting to question the validity of their marriage. Was it all a sham? Doesn't matter. We're all swollen-eyed and puffy-nosed. Worst. Breakup. Ever. View Now

Bride's Got Back, Groom Liked It So He Put a Ring On It

Check out the first dance of Hollie and Dave Smith from their wedding reception. It should win the award for best first dance as a married couple ever. The bride and groom are accompanied by the rest of the wedding party for some dance classics including the Soulja Boy, Baby Got Back and Bump N' Grind. All you other wedding parties just got served. View Now

Adults Dating Minors? Violent Street Fights?! Oh Wait, it's Just Ms Muffin

What starts off as a controversial standoff between mother and daughter ends up as a confession from internet prankster/troll/mystery Ms Muffin. Muffin has been al over the place with her outlandish activity, but no one has been able to peg her: Is she a social commentator? Is she a prankster? Is she crazy? It turns out she's an actor, and her videos are scenes she and her fellow actors perform on the streets. View Now

Welcome to the Shanghai Marriage Market

This modern day Meet Market has it all: advertisements, brokers, hopeful parents. The only thing its missing is the consent of the single people to whom the ads are for, but don't worry: they have a say in their future somewhere in between the first date and the alter. View Now

Pitbull Loves it's Owner, & Emu Really Loves a Tourist

It's really a great feeling to connect with nature, but it looks like a certain emu in the Outback wants to do a bit more than connect with his new American friend. Why can't the bird keep things platonic, like this woman's pitbull? It wants nothing more than to just be there for its owner, whether she needs it or not. View Now

Beautiful Concert Proposal Was a Surprise for Both Proposer and Proposee

Enjoying an evening of music and revelry, Aaron Trudeau was suddenly handed the microphone amidst the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes concert and told to tell a story. So he did; he told about the past six-and-a-half years with his girlfriend, Molly Cannings. And as he spoke, he realized that he wanted to marry her. So with the mic, before thousands of fans (not his fans, but still), he proposed. And it was magical. View Now

Surprise Proposals That Are Sweet and Simple

Love is simple; it doesn't need the fanfare of a thousand spectators, or a multimillion dollar video to go along with it. These guys understand that, which is why they surprised their girlfriend's with proposals in a way that was true to the love they have for one another. No bells and whistles, just pure adoration.   View Now

Top Secret 'Mum Code' Revealed!

According to the top secret "Mum Code" revealed by Emily Wright, as long as the house is clean, the kids have been put to bed in the past hour, and only one to two glasses of wine have been consumed, every dad has a solid week after the mum gets her hair done where sex is basically guaranteed. It's almost too easy. View Now

Woman Gets Engaged at Her Cousin's Wedding Reception

It appears in this video that the bride, Chelsea, was perfectly fine with sharing the spotlight and helping her cousin Megan get engaged . . . at Chelsea's own wedding reception. This is a very sweet video, no doubt, but if anyone proposed at my wedding — family or not — I'd throw a tantrum. View Now