Pitbull Loves it's Owner, & Emu Really Loves a Tourist

It's really a great feeling to connect with nature, but it looks like a certain emu in the Outback wants to do a bit more than connect with his new American friend. Why can't the bird keep things platonic, like this woman's pitbull? It wants nothing more than to just be there for its owner, whether she needs it or not. View Now

Beautiful Concert Proposal Was a Surprise for Both Proposer and Proposee

Enjoying an evening of music and revelry, Aaron Trudeau was suddenly handed the microphone amidst the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes concert and told to tell a story. So he did; he told about the past six-and-a-half years with his girlfriend, Molly Cannings. And as he spoke, he realized that he wanted to marry her. So with the mic, before thousands of fans (not his fans, but still), he proposed. And it was magical. View Now

Surprise Proposals That Are Sweet and Simple

Love is simple; it doesn't need the fanfare of a thousand spectators, or a multimillion dollar video to go along with it. These guys understand that, which is why they surprised their girlfriend's with proposals in a way that was true to the love they have for one another. No bells and whistles, just pure adoration.   View Now

Top Secret 'Mum Code' Revealed!

According to the top secret "Mum Code" revealed by Emily Wright, as long as the house is clean, the kids have been put to bed in the past hour, and only one to two glasses of wine have been consumed, every dad has a solid week after the mum gets her hair done where sex is basically guaranteed. It's almost too easy. View Now

Woman Gets Engaged at Her Cousin's Wedding Reception

It appears in this video that the bride, Chelsea, was perfectly fine with sharing the spotlight and helping her cousin Megan get engaged . . . at Chelsea's own wedding reception. This is a very sweet video, no doubt, but if anyone proposed at my wedding — family or not — I'd throw a tantrum. View Now

How to Find Your Own True Love at a Wedding

If you're "super single" and invited to a wedding, here are a few tips from a pro about meeting your own true love on the big day. Cliff Notes version: Have fun! Enjoy yourself, and others will be drawn to you and your charisma! View Now

True Love Is Accepting Someone's Flaws - Eczema Song

This song might seem silly, but it's actually a good reminder that beauty is on the inside, as well as the outside, and you deserve someone who loves you despite your perceived "flaws" like eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, rosacea, etc. You do you and the right person will come along to appreciate it. View Now