Why 'Sexting' Face-to-Face Just Doesn't Work

This video contains adult language: This video is the reason why "sexting" should be left to our mobile devices and perhaps social media. It just doesn't work in person, unless you want to be that guy. So don't. You can thank The Daily Dot for this public service announcement.  View Now

Woman Admits to Having Alleged Fling With Famous Athlete

During a recent man-on-the-street skit for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, a woman admitted to cheating on her former boyfriend, Ben, with an NHL athlete. But the madness didn’t stop there; she also revealed that his initials are “T.J.," and that he plays hockey for Tampa Bay. It didn't take long for the Internet to figure out that she was referring to Lightning center Tyler Johnson.  View Now

Exes Ask Each Other Brutally Honest Questions

Imagine if you got the chance to sit down with an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend face-to-face and talk about why your relationship fell apart. You could ask them anything and they had to give you honest answers. How do you think it would go? Emotional probably. Ali and Andrew dated for seven years before breaking up. Two years later, “The And” Project brought them together for a real one-on-one conversation. The emotion is strong with this one. View Now

Been Invited to Watch 'Netflix and Chill?' This Is What It Means

Apparently a term has forced it's way into our modern vernacular and it's rather telling of the times. If anyone asks you to watch "Netflix and chill," there may not be any movie-watching whatsoever. Buzzfeed asked some of their trusty employees for their input and this is what they had to say. Use the term at your discretion.  View Now

Canada We Mustache You to Groom Your Beards

With all of the time Canadian bearded men spend chugging maple syrup and playing hockey, there isn't much time for grooming their beard, eh? Dollar Beard Club is here to solve that problem with their monthly subscription now available in Canada. Their products include beard oil, mustache wax, beard balm, beard shampoo, brushes and combs. Check out their hilarious new ad featuring a lion with a majestic mane, hockey players, maple syrup tappers and beautiful beard loving babes in a shower. View Now

She Put You in the Friendzone? It's Not the End, Though!

Nobody likes being put in the friendzone. It's not cool and it stings a whole lot. Check out Frenchy featuring Zach Gervaise singing about their experiences with the dreaded friendzone. But don't worry! It's not the end, though. Make sure to stick around for a little twist at the end of the video. And remember to "friendzone" responsibly.  View Now

'Ma'am, Your Daughter And I Are Putting Out A Sex Tape'

It's been proven time and time again that Roman Atwood has absolutely no shame when it comes to his pranks, and that's probably why they are such massive hits. This latest one is no different. The target of his latest "has-this-gone-too-far" prank is none other than his girlfriend's mom (and grandmother to his kids). Watch as he calmly sits her down to let her know he and her daughter are putting out a sex tape... literally. Watch! View Now

What Does a Porn Star and a Graffiti Artist Have in Common?

Warning: The following contains adult language and content: What does adult film star Carter Cruise and NYC-based graffiti writer SABE have in common? Not much except that they both hit the Big Apple to leave their mark - literally. Watch Carter picking up some tips from SABE on how to tag walls and how to apply pressure while spray painting to get the perfect effect. Look out, LA. Cruise is coming to tag your walls! via ANIMAL NewYork View Now

Sad But True Messages Dudes Have Sent Girls on Dating Sites

WARNING: This video contains graphic language. Guys, really? These are actual and factual messages dudes have sent ladies via dating social media website and apps like Tinder, OkCupid and Match.com. Okay so maybe the senders had no idea their messages would be put on blast, but seriously? "At some point I may try and get you naked, but that's just the guy in me?" Tell us how you really feel. #TMI View Now

Bill Nye Talks About Getting it On

When we watched Bill Nye the Science Guy from 1993-98, we would have never thought that two decades later he'd be standing next to a statue of two pandas getting it on, talking about getting it on. My childhood is kind of ruined. View Now

Ode to DILFS: Because Why Should MILFS Have All the Fun?

Warning: This video contains explicit language: What could possibly be more fun than singing on the bed with your friends? How about singing about what's good for the goose, is good for the gander? Check out PITtv's awesome ode to DILFS (you know what that is - don't front). "If you're not rockin' a stroller, it ain't enough for me." Sing it, girl! via PITtv View Now