Teacher Chokes Student, Moscow Parmesan Kidnapper

First this teacher in Brazil choked her student after he refused to relinquish his cell phone. Luckily the other students in the class stepped in to get her to stop. She was later removed from her position at the school. Then this man in Russia waltzed into a grocery store and walked straight over to the cheese aisle. He proceeds to stuff some expensive blocks of cheese down his pants and steal them. Unfortunately for him security was watching and he was captured and arrested. View Now

GRAPHIC: Bodycam Footage of Fatal Sam Dubose Shooting

WARNING: View Discretion Advised. Police bodycam footage has been officially released showing the moment Samuel DuBose was shot and killed by University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing. DuBose was pulled over by Officer Tensing on July 19 for driving without a front license plate, but an inability to produce a driver's license would lead to DuBose's death. In this hard-to-watch footage you can see Tensing reach inside the car for Dubose's seatbelt before shooting Dubose in the head. Tensing was indicted for murder and has since turned himself in to authorities. View Now

GRAPHIC: Police Officers Shoot and Kill Man; Footage Taken From Bodycam

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. Palestine, Texas, police officers responding to a shoplifting call were led into a nearby restaurant where their suspect was hiding out. Two officers, one of which was Kaylynn Griffin, escorted the man out of the building. But outside, things took a turn for the worse. The man pulled what turned out to be a fake gun, prompting both officers to open fire, killing him on the spot. The footage, taken from Officer Griffin's bodycam, was released by the Palestine Police Department. View Now

Criss Angel Rescues Unconscious Performer From Water-Filled Box

"Get him down!" "Get him down!" Crew members can be heard screaming as Criss Angel climbed frantically to save the life of an unconscious Spencer Horsman who was trapped in a water-filled box. It was an escape gone wrong during preparations for the famous illusionist's new live show, "Supernaturalists." View Now

Celebratory Bonfire Ends Disastrously

What was supposed to be a innocent bonfire in celebration of a popular nighttime festival turned into horrific disaster. The gas can used to light the fire exploded creating a fireball that injured, reports say, as many as 12 people. View Now

Man Discovers Drunk Driver Passed Out at Traffic Light

When a man pulled up to a traffic light in Belton, Missouri, he discovered a man passed out in his car. After calling police he pulled out his camera a began filming the entire ordeal. The passed out man faces a long list of charges which includes driving while intoxicated. View Now

Two Boaters Attempt to Surf on a Whale Shark

A video of a group of boaters trying to surf on a whale shark has been circling the internet, but probably not for the reasons the uploaders think. The video shows a group out boating, laughing and having a good time - oh, and attempting to use a near endangered whale shark as a surfboard. What the people in the video (hopefully) don't realize is that what they are doing is considered wildlife harassment, and it's not funny. View Now

Man Left Bloodied & Bruised Trying to Make a Difference

1853 Kinney Avenue in the Evanston neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. That's where Ronald Moon Jr. planned to turn his late father's house into a community center. That is also the place where he was allegedly assaulted by a group of people who had been breaking into the place. His message, moments after the attack, is heartbreaking to watch, but has garnered massive attention online. In only a few days, he has raised over $50,000 on his GoFundMe to fund his continued efforts to make a difference. View Now

Road Raging Truck Driver Feels the Wrath of Karma

When a bicyclist decided to press charges on the guy in the big truck for his road-rage-like actions, the driver was slapped with a long list of offenses, one of which should have been for being a big jerk. Hey there Mr. Truck Driver Dude Guy, we'd like to introduce you to "Karma." Little warning, she has a tendency to be a real, well you probably know now. View Now

Is there Man-on-Man Love Happening on 'The Bachelorette?'

Everyone wants to find love. That's why 800 dudes show up to a California mansion vying for the love and affection of one smokeshow on ABC's "The Bachelorette." But what if love is brewed up between two bros? It's 2015; it's totally cool. It's also probably totally being spun this way for the drama and they love isn't real in that way, but Clint and JJ are just hitting it off in a bro-mantic hetero lifemate sort of way. Or, maybe they do just want to leave Kaitlin in the dust and have a Bachelor-on-Bachelor lovesesh. The drama! Bum, bum, buuuuum! View Now

Maine Church Struck by Lightning, Caught on Camera

A 16-year-old from Grand Isle, Maine, recorded a lightning strike to the top of St. Gerard-Mount Carmel church when he saw the weather getting gloomy. The same thing happened on his birthday eight years ago, so Carl Bouley thought it was worth a shot to try to capture another lightning strike. And he was right. View Now