She Put You in the Friendzone? It's Not the End, Though!

Nobody likes being put in the friendzone. It's not cool and it stings a whole lot. Check out Frenchy featuring Zach Gervaise singing about their experiences with the dreaded friendzone. But don't worry! It's not the end, though. Make sure to stick around for a little twist at the end of the video. And remember to "friendzone" responsibly.  View Now

Dude Proves He's King of A Cappella With 'Circle of Life' Arrangement

If you're a fan of Disney's The Lion King and its awesome soundtrack, you're in for a treat. Watch Sam Robson's incredibly impressive a cappella arrangement of one of the film's most-loved songs, "The Circle of Life." Sam put this pet project off for a bit because it seemed too challenging. Lucky for us, he gave it one more shot - providing as many as 50 voices at one point. Check it out!  View Now

Kids Singing to Teacher Battling Breast Cancer Will Make You Cry

Once in a while one of these videos comes along that hits you right in the "feels." This is definitely one of them. Watch as the kids from P.S. 22 Chorus from Staten Island switch up their annual ritual of singing their last song of the year with their teacher, and instead bring in Mrs. Adriana Lopez. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, so they decided to sing "I'm Gonna Love You Through It" by Martina McBride to her. We all need a good cry every once in a while. View Now

Overcoming Autism: Meet Little Opera Artist Annie

Check out Annie Titus performing 'Think of Me' from the "Phantom Of The Opera." Can you believe this is her first time performing and her first time singing? She has the voice of a seasoned professional and the stage presence to boot. Her family was shocked to learn that Annie had such an angelic voice. But the most surprising fact about Annie is that she is autistic and her parents were told when she was five she would never speak. View Now

All of Kelly Clarkson's Hits - A Cappella Style!

Kelly Clarkson has a lot of hits. And they all sound amazing sung a cappella. At least if the singers at RANGE A Cappella are performing them. Check them out as they run through Kelly Clarkson's greatest hits starting with "A Moment Like This" all the way to "Heartbeat Song." Be sure and check out more from RANGE A Cappella on their YouTube channel. View Now

Three Beat Slide is Back to Say America Is the Place to Be

They're baaaaack. Our favorite family singing group "Three Beat Slide" have a new anthem and it's all about how much they love America! Watch them sing about the land of opportunity with their signature awkward synchronized dance moves. Sing along! "America's the place to be. Cause you are truly free to be anything you dream, in the land of the free."  View Now

B*tch, She's Madonna

If you're questioning this bizarre, star-studded music video, the answer is simply: B*tch, she's Madonna. And she does what she wants, apparently. You do you, Madge, you do you. View Now

Ed Sheeran Surprises Girl Singing His Song at Shopping Mall

It's fair to say this is a day 13-year-old Sydney Bourbeau won't soon forget. The talented teen was singing Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" in a mall in Canada for a fundraiser for the Edmonton Humane Society. Watch as the singer himself listens to the cover from a record store and makes a beeline for the stage to surprise the young singer. The rest is now history... View Now

Fathers-to-Be Sing Meghan Trainor Cover to Their 'Future Baby'

This is too cool. Father-to-be (at the time) Joe and Joey decided to do something a little different while on their journey to adopt a baby. They recorded this awesome Meghan Trainor cover of "Dear Future Husband" only this one is - you guessed it - "Dear Future Baby." Joe and Joey already have their precious bundle of joy. Meet their baby boy and read more about their journey to adopt Jackson.  View Now

Hip Hop Jams Sung in the Key of Broadway Musicals

We bet you never thought you would hear some of these jams sung Broadway musical-style? Watch Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi, also members of a cappella supergroup Pentatonix, belt out some of the most popular hip-hop songs from years past as if they were singing them on a stage on Broadway. Don't miss their riveting renditions of "I'm in love with the Coco" and Drake's "Hold On We're Going Home." View Now