Skier Falls Deeper and Deeper Into Endless Crevasse

A group of four friends ended up with more adventure than they bargained for while skiing in Switzerland recently. One of the friends, Benjamin, fell into a hole covered by snow. The crevasse was extremely deep, and falling much deeper could have resulted in Benjamin's death. Luckily he was rescued and airlifted to safety. View Now

Snowmobiling Just Went Airborne

Riding around on a snowmobile s a lot of fun, but why not take it to the next level? A group of adrenaline junkies in Sweden experimented with ways to take snowmobiling into the air - and it looks like they did a pretty good job. View Now

Massive Avalanche Buries Skier Alive

A group of skiers were hanging out on a mountain in Les Crosets, Switzerland when a brutal avalanche ruined their good time. The ridiculous amount of snow covered one of the skiers, so his buddies dug for their lost pal. Luckily, he stuck his pole in the air and his friends were able to dig him out.  View Now

Men Save Deer Drowning in Snow

A deer in New Brunswick, Canada got stuck in deep snow near a frozen lake. A group of good Samaritans came to her rescue and used a sled to pull her out. The deer was freezing, so the men used hay to warm her up. View Now

A Wingsuit Flight for Valentine's Day

Wingsuit pilots in Chamonix, France took off from an insanely-high mountain in February. EPICTV captured the entire flight that came very close to a bad collision. It turns out that instead of flying into a skier, they flew into a heart for Valentine's Day. View Now

Why are People in Boston Jumping Off Roofs?

Boston is covered in snow. It is literally covered in snow. Snow is everywhere. That would probably explain why people are jumping from their roofs, sometimes half naked, into snow banks. That might not be a good idea, but we enjoy watching it.  View Now