2 Giant Fish, 1 Shy Octopus

Out on the open sea you've just got to see these gigantic groupers that Captain Ben Chancey and Captain Jon Black caught. These are two of the biggest grouper fish captured from an inner tube. Then check out this cute octopus trying to hide from this diver's camera inside of its tentacles. This is a dumbo octopus and it is called that for the flaps on its ears.    View Now

IndyCar Driver Justin Wilson Dies After Crash

WARNING: Video may be disturbing to some. IndyCar driver Justin Wilson has passed away after sustaining a head injury in a race at Pocono Raceway Sunday. Debris from a crash struck the driver in the final laps, and he went into a coma after being air lifted to Lehigh Valley Health Network Cedar Crest Hospital. Wilson is survived by his wife, Julia, and two daughters. View Now

Don't Stop Running Until the Race is Over

Here's a prime example of why you should never stop racing until the race is over. American runner Molly Huddle began celebrating too early near the end of the 10,000-meter race at the World Championship in Beijing. Huddle threw up her hands to cleebrate, allowing fellow American Emily Infeld to slide paster her and capture the Bronze by .09 seconds. View Now

This Kid Has More Swagger Than Anyone Ever

There's a reason why this Vine video has been looped more than six million times. The pitch comes in hot, this kid drills it to the moon, and on its way into outer space, he turns the bat into a shotgun and blasts it out of the sky. Serious, this guy has more confidence than anyone in the world, of all time. Swagger on a million, billion, trillion. View Now

Dave Franco, McLovin & NFL Stars Team Up in Hilariously Absurd 'Madden Movie'

Well, it’s Madden season again folks and that means it's time to decide whether or not you're going to cough up the cash for the next installment in the popular video game series. But after watching the "movie" you're going to want to play Madden 16. This is what happens when an epic team of playmakers, consisting of Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Julio Jones, Rob Gronkowski, Colin Kaepernick, Antonio Brown and Rex Ryan assemble to take down an evil boss in a game of Madden. View Now

American Idol Alumna Struck by Motorcycle

"American Idol" alumna Sikenya Thompson had to re-live the moment she was struck and dragged by a speeding motorcylce in a Saginaw Country (Michigan) District Court courtroom Thursday. Thompson was struck when she was dancing in a June 27 parade, held after Saginaw native Draymond Green won an NBA championship with the Golden State Warriors.   View Now

Rob Gronkowski is Joining the WWE as 'Gronkasaurus'

It's not a secret that Rob Gronkowski and his brothers love WWE. Mojo Rawley is one of their bros. Well, BodyArmor has created this awesome WWE video for GRONKASURUS! Clad in a bro tank and Zubaz, Gronk gives the performance of his life in this VHS parody. Never stop being you, Gronk. View Now

Are You Ready to Shoot the Tube?

A "natural" waterslide has been discovered in Salt Lake City. It's natural in the sense that it uses freshly melted mountain snow. It's less natural in the sense that it's running down a manmade tunnel under the freeway. But it's 150-feet and people say it's a lot of fun! View Now