When Life Gives You Rubble, Rebuild Homes in Haiti With Lego Bricks

The Mobile Factory is a non-profit that aims to educate war-torn and natural disaster ravaged countries that rubble is not rubbish but rather a rebuilding tool. Check out what the group is doing to rebuild homes in Haiti that were damaged by a hurricane in this video. The project turns rubble into life-size Lego-like building blocks that can be used to construct homes.  View Now

The Internet Adventure Club Hits a Bump in the Road

Daniel the Pirate from the Internet Adventure Club has been galavanting across the country since he stopped by RightThisMinute last June, but he recently hit a patch of bad luck in Seattle. His car was broken into, and a lot of valuable equipment—and his pasport— was stolen. It's unfortunate that someone out doing good gets rewarded with misfortune, but good things are surely on the horizon for this optimistic adventurer. View Now

What's Walmart Like in China?

Have you ever experienced what Walmart is like in other nations? This video features a Walmart in China as narrated by an American man. The grocery section is very different; lots of noodles, bulk rice, frozen chicken feet and fresh fish. There's also an inclined conveyor belt to transport you and your cart to the upper level. It's also popular to take a seat on a bench in the electronics section and pop a squat to watch television.  View Now

A New York Minute

Our very own community manager Heather captured this amazingly beautiful and breathtaking timelapse footage of the city that never sleeps, New York City. The views are courtesy of the One World Observatory.  View Now

This Is What the World Really Thinks of Americans

Tell us how you really feel. Watch as people of all nationalities (including American) are asked how they can distinguish an American among other people. Their responses might surprise you... or maybe not. Let's just say we have a reputation for constantly battling the bulge and for not being shy around the alcohol. This video was shot at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? View Now

One Man's Mission to Do Missions Across the U.S. for Random Strangers

Everyone has those summer vacation plans, but Daniel Altman's are a little different. He actually has no specific plan. His plan is YOU. He has set out on a mission across the U.S. to do missions for random strangers and you have the power to give him his next destination. Daniel and his travel buddy, Benson, stopped by the RTM studio to tell us all about the Internet Adventure Club.  You can follow Daniel on his journey through Snapchat: danielthepirate View Now

The Circle of Life From an Animal's POV

A 6-part natural history landmark series kicks off this Saturday on Discovery. It offers a new approach and unique visual style we haven't seen before. This documents the circle of life from the animal's perspective. Check out some of the incredible videos featured in the series below. View Now

Egypt Wants You to See That It's So Much More Than Just Pyramids

Egypt is home to both beautiful architecture and political upheavals, but it's more than that. This African country is also home to beautiful landscapes, long roads, and, of course, the Nile. To get people to see all the country has to offer, the Rotary Club of Egypt has put together a Cross Egypt Challenge; riding a motorcycle across over 1,800 miles of Egypt in nine days. Alex Chacon documented his experience taking the challenge - will you?  View Now