Italian Cliff Jump Legend

Devin Super Tramp and Contiki Tours teamed up to give this regular Australian guy Matt Johnson his dream come true trip to Italy. Matt had always dreamed of swimming in the Mediterranean and diving off some epic cliffs on Italy's Amalfi Coast.  View Now

'Mother Russia, You're Crazy!' -Nick

You've got to watch this eruption of Russian road rage. This driver gets out of his car and attacks the other driver with a knife and a huge stick. Then watch this neighbor who just came over to borrow a cup of sugar. Except the sugar is a cigarette and he actually climbed up from the third floor up to this ninth floor balcony.  View Now

Bora Bora Mountain Climber Helicopter Rescue

This mountain climber was enjoying the beautiful scenery in Bora Bora when he became trapped on a cliff. Luckily he did bring a radio and was able to contact rescuers. He made a makeshift flag and was able to signal the helicopter to his location. He wants this video to serve as a warning for you to not go exploring a challenging and unfamiliar terrain without a guide.  View Now

Italian Cliff Jump Legend

Devin Super Tramp and Contiki Tours teamed up to give this regular Australian guy Matt Johnson his dream come true trip to Italy. Matt had always dreamed of swimming in the Mediterranean and diving off some epic cliffs on Italy's Amalfi Coast.  View Now

Delta Airplane Struck by Lightning

Here is some shocking news out of Georgia. Jack Perkins was filming the line of airplanes waiting in the rain at Hatsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Tuesday when one of the Delta planes was struck by lightning. There were no injuries, according to Delta. View Now

Man Lip Syncs Entire Seven-Hour Road Trip, Sister Wishes She Wasn't There

Brian Anderson and his sister took a road trip from San Diego to San Jose, and Brian wanted to make sure they had a fun ride. So he made a playlist of all his favorite tunes, and had the time of his life lip syncing along for the entire seven-hour ride. His sister was having none of it, and doesn't crack a smile until she throws Brian off during his rendition of the Friends theme song. View Now

90+ MPH Zip Line in Canada

You've got to see this amazing point-of-view footage from a zip line is Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. It's the longest zip line in Canada. It's 1.2 miles long and 600 feet high. The rider zips through the sky at 93 miles per hour. View Now

'Mythbusters' Stars Talk to RTM About New Show 'Thrill Factor'

Kari Byron and Tory Belleci (of "Mythbusters" Fame) came on RightThisMinute Travel Channel's new show "Thrill Factor." The new series looks at the science behind the thrill people get from roller coasters, race cars and all sorts of activities that get hearts pumping. The first episode analyzes the differences that go on between men and women when experiencing thrills, and premieres on August 12. View Now

This Time-Lapse Film Will Inspire You to Drop Everything & Follow Your Dreams

In the stunning new short film Follow Your Creativity, the filmmaker takes the audience through the UK, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Thailand, Zambia and South Africa, with imagery ranging from breathtaking landscapes to awe-inspiring architecture. Throughout the film, the narrator reminds the audience that life is about being creative; pursuing dreams; and attaining happiness. The imagery coupled with the voiceover make this film into quite the inspirational piece of work. View Now

Southwest Airlines Pilot Takes Off Like 'Top Gun'

Southwest Airlines features employees with some of the best personalities in the business. Departing from Houston recently, a Southwest Airline attendant played the "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins while the pilot recited some lines from Top Gun over the intercom. That's how you get over the fear of takeoff! View Now

Thrilling Zip Line in the Philippines

Check out this amazing footage from the Philippines. This is the Lake Sebu Seven Falls Zip Line. In this video, you can see the rider's reaction to the drop off of the earth beneath him as he soars over a waterfall. The zip line features a red sail that slows the ride down so the rider can enjoy the breathtaking scenery below. Now doesn't that look exhilarating?  View Now

Romantic Proposal in Iceland

Eugene Katchalov proposed to his girlfriend Anna. He waited one month and planned the entire surprise. The couple took a week long trip to Iceland and flew in a helicopter to the top of  Eyjafjallajökull mountain. The pilot recorded this romantic moment when he popped the question.  View Now

Great White Shark, Huge Halibut

Check out this amazing great white shark on facebook and "like" the page. This shark was about 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. That's about a third the size of the boat they were filming from. The video of the shark was captured using a GoPro. Next check out this amazing 150-pound halibut. The fisherman caught it in Alaska, took a photo with it and released it.  View Now