Double the Knockout, Double the Fun

Check out this footage shot in Hoboken, New Jersey by Corey Boettcher. Two men are fighting outside of a bar that Corey works at when something wild happens. Both men throw a punch and both punches land. The amazing thing part is that both men were knocked out from the force of the blows. Luckily both men were able to get up and walk away from the fight okay. View Now

Powerful Moments When Ordinary People Stood Up to Criminals

Two terrifying robberies took place recently, but thanks to brave people nearby, police have a better chance of catching the criminals. A store clerk attempted to take the gun from the man robbing his store, and ended up shooting the thief. Meanwhile, a man robbing a jewelry store got stopped by someone on the street, which slowed him down considerably. According to reports, the man that was shot and the jewelry thief have both been identified by local authorities. View Now

Selfie Stick Scuffle in Sydney

Check out this selfie-stick brawl that broke out on a boat in Sydney. Two dudes get heated when their photo perfection is interrupted by other passengers on the yacht. Do you think this video is real or fake? View Now

Selfie Stick Scuffle in Sydney

Check out this selfie-stick brawl that broke out on a boat in Sydney. Two dudes get heated when their photo perfection is interrupted by other passengers on the yacht. Do you think this video is real or fake? View Now

Man Attacks Officer With Knife & Teens Ripoff Convenience Store

Two violent crimes in the UK and Australia were caught on camera, one of which has been resolved. Last March, a man wielding a knife lunged at a police officer. One officer was stabbed in his vest, while the other apprehended the knifeman. The criminal in this case received three-and-a-half years in prison, but the robbers in Australia have not yet been caught. They were seen on camera stealing from a convenience store, easily breaking through the protective partition at the cashier's desk, stealing cash and cigarettes. View Now

Great Tips on How to Get in Trouble With the Police

Having you been living life on the safe side of the law, and are looking for a way to venture into unlawful waters? Then we have the tips for you! A great way to get pulled over quickly is to drive the wrong way down a one-way, and if you really want to up the ante, drive away when the officer gets out of their car. Or, you could try playing with a fire extinguisher while driving—that's sure to get you a ticket! View Now

Violent Street Fights in Australia & Computer Thefts in South Africa

A group of teenagers got involved in a street fight in Western Australia, one of which was knocked unconscious and left on the ground. 7 News caught up with the young man left on the ground, who said if he was given a do-over, he would fight again, but not on the street. Meanwhile, some criminals went on a two-hour crime spree that ended in a gunfight with local authorities. View Now

Crime Captured on Camera in Australia

Melbourne police are searching for two suspects who allegedly started a bloody brawl in a hotel. The fight ensued in the gambling area of the hotel and one of the suspects allegedly slashed one patron and one security guard with a knife. Melbourne police are also hunting for this suspect who allegedly ramraided and robbed an electronics boutique. The suspect caused thousands of dollars in damage to the building. The thief was not able to actually steal anything because the tablet was bolted down to a counter and all of the display boxes were empty.  View Now

Footage of Prison Fight Rings in New Zealand Sparks Massive Investigation

Multiple uploads of prison fights at the Mt. Edens Corrections Facility in New Zealand have caused outrage across the country, as the fights, the access to phones to record them, and the ability to upload said videos online shows a major lack of oversight within prison walls. Serco, the private company running the prison, said it intends to do a thorough investigation to determine how all of these fights and subsequent uploads are occuring. View Now

Violent Ambushes For Money and Revenge

Two unfortunate people were recently ambushed and violently attacked in Russia and Australia; a store cashier and a recently released convict. The cashier was beaten with a metal pole by a robber, and the former prisoner was taken by surprise by gang members as he was exiting the prison.  View Now

Controversial Video of Police's Use of Force in Skate Park Arrest

What started off as a routine noise complaint at a skate park in Ripon, California, quickly escalated into a controversial arrest. Police were initially called to the park because an individual was playing loud music, but when police approached the individual, his friends got involved. One of his friends, Eduardo Maldonado, demanded to know why his friend was being approached. Some yelling, multiple tasings and a trip in the back of a patrol car later, and the video of Maldonado's arrest has ignited outrage online. View Now

Surprising Justice & Heartbreaking Injustice

A group of criminals in Singapore thought they caught a lucky break when a passerby helped them break into a building, but it turns out all they received was a swift dose of justice. A man in Malaysia could use a swift dose of justice, as he attacked his wife when she asked him to buy diapers for their baby. View Now

Bus Drivers Across China Getting Harassed by Violent Passengers

These three videos may cause you to rethink your next bus ride. A man in China attempted to hijack a bus with a knife, but the driver was able to stop him by spraying the hijacker with a fire extinguisher. Another bus driver could have benefitted from a using a fire extinguisher when they were slapped for telling a passenger not to smoke while riding. But even when busses aren't running bus drivers can't seem to catch a break; one driver in Hong Kong was attacked when a would-be passenger found out the buses were operating on an abnormal schedule.  View Now