Military Vet Comes Home, Claims He Caught Wife Cheating

This viral video is part of a military investigation. A veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps returned to his Hawaiian home where he claims to have found another man kissing his wife. In the video, you can see him escort the other man out of the home while asking him to identify himself by name and military rank. He claims to be currently embroiled in a divorce case with his wife and child custody battle over their 3-year-old daughter. He shared the video online and is documenting his story on a GoFundMe page that has raised thousands of dollars. View Now

SHOCKING: Cat Attacked in Brazil & Man Spins Baby Vigorously While Dancing

In two very unsettling videos, both an animal and a small baby are put in harms way. It appeared in the CCTV footage that a young man was shaking and pretending to throw the cat to the ground; the camera was actually installed due to a recent string of cat poisonings. The baby in peril was being held by a man who was spinning—possibly dancing—and spinning quite quickly. Children developing at a young age are in danger of internal injury from quick movements like being shaken; it's unknown if this baby was injured in any way. View Now

Cab Driver Violently Attacked by Racist Passenger

Footage of a cab ride in 2013 has recently surfaced showing a passenger in Calgary, Canada verbally and physically abusing his cab driver. The driver came out against his treatment to Global News, as the passenger was billed for the damages to the cab, but faced no consequences for his behavior towards the driver. View Now

Vicious Fight Erupts at Fast Food Restaurant in New York City

What appeared to be a typical evening at a fast food joint in New York turned into a nightmare after two groups of patrons began shouting at each other. The fight began in the restaurant lobby and made its way out to the parking lot before the police arrived. The New York Police Department as not yet commented on the incident.  View Now

Woman Abused by Ex-Boyfriend Stands up for What's Right

Emma Murphy confronted her then-boyfriend Francis Usanga about cheating on her, and according to Murphy, he punched her. Although Usanga admits to the cheating, he has denied the punch. But his denials have not stopped her video from reaching over five million people, most in support of Murphy's bravery. View Now

Fast Food Fights

This disgruntled coffee shop employee quit her job mid-shift and decided to make a scene. Watch a scuffle ensue when a manager physically tried to remove her from the building. Then see two fast food customers attack and barrage an employee. One woman throws a tray at the employee hitting her in the face.  View Now

If 'Fight Club' Was For Kids

Acclaimed author Chuck Palahniuk tries to adapt his cult classic Fight Club for the younger generations. Yeah, no, it's a great idea! If by "great" you mean "absolutely terrible, who thought this was a great idea?" View Now

Criminals Stopped by Working Class Heroes

Two coworkers at a convenience store were able to put a stop to a robbery in Russia. The women first attempted to rip off the robber's hood, then one of them chased him out of the store at him with a chair. Another convenience store worker was able to hold off two armed robbers with a bat. The criminals had a gun, but appeared to be surprised by the bat and fled the store. View Now

Senseless Violence Erupts in Argentina & Ukraine

It's bad enough to steal, but bringing violence into the mix makes it so much worse. Neither the purse-nappers in Argentina nor the shoplifter in Ukraine got away with any goods, but they did injure innocent victims and leave emotional scars that could last a lifetime. View Now

The Road Rage From These Drivers Will Enrage You

Two cases of road rage so uncalled for it boggles the mind. A driver in the US harassed the driver behind him for a long stretch of road, all because the other driver honked at him. He stayed in his car, but the two men in their car in the UK took things a step further when a biker kicked their bumper. Both situations were hardly rage-inducing, but watching them go down just might induce a little rage of your own. View Now

Woman and Son Robbed at Home & Meteorite Stolen From Museum

Security footage caught two terrible robberies that will hopefully lead to quick arrests. Jacqui O'Sullivan went to pick up her son from school one day, just like any other. When she got home, three robbers were waiting for her. The situation terrified the family, and police are on the lookout for the individuals in the video. Then in Queensland, Australia, a meteorite was stolen from a museum just weeks after it had been donated. Stealing from a museum is a very low thing to do, and officials are working hard to find the culprits. View Now

Women Brawl in Front of Child in Store's Shampoo Aisle

Shoppers at this store got a little more than they bargained for when fists began to fly between two women and a child. The fight lasted nearly five minutes in the store's shampoo aisle with things getting more and more violent and messy by the minute. It goes without saying, but this incident was pretty shocking. View Now

Security Cameras Catch Crimes Both Scary and Strange

Security camera footage is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get. For example, multiple cameras in New Orleans recorded what appeared to be an attempted murder on the streets. Meanwhile, a totally different crime was caught in Florida: a man dancing on a police car to get the attention of the sheriff. Only time will tell what will these cameras will catch tomorrow. View Now