Soaking Stair Storm

This area of Budapest, Hungary got flooded with three inches of rain. In this video, passengers are walking down the stairs to a train station and the stairs look like waterfall steps.  View Now

2 Giant Fish, 1 Shy Octopus

Out on the open sea you've just got to see these gigantic groupers that Captain Ben Chancey and Captain Jon Black caught. These are two of the biggest grouper fish captured from an inner tube. Then check out this cute octopus trying to hide from this diver's camera inside of its tentacles. This is a dumbo octopus and it is called that for the flaps on its ears.    View Now

Underwater Arrest, Subway Suicide Attempt

Check out this man who tried to evade the police officers who were arresting him by jumping into the water handcuffed. The man had trouble swimming and had to be saved by a bystander and then recovered by an officer. Also you've got to see this rescue of a troubled woman who attempted suicide in a subway after an argument with her boyfriend. Police were able to help her just in time.  View Now

Are You Ready to Shoot the Tube?

A "natural" waterslide has been discovered in Salt Lake City. It's natural in the sense that it uses freshly melted mountain snow. It's less natural in the sense that it's running down a manmade tunnel under the freeway. But it's 150-feet and people say it's a lot of fun! View Now

Boater Gets Caught in a Strainer

Taking a trip down the river can be a lot of fun, but one still needs to be aware of any potential danger. A boater enjoying a nice ride in the water got stuck in a strainer—a piece of foliage that juts out into the water—and had to rescue himself from this dangerous situation. View Now

SketchShe Is Back and Cruising the Beach in Their 'SandCARstle'

The lovely ladies who shot to viral video fame with their awesome "Bohemian Carsody" ode to Queen are back! This time around they're feeling the heat in their "Mime Through Time" as they hit the beach for a little fun in the sun while lip syncing to some of the most popular beach songs of the times. Yup, the costumes are also on point. Check it out! via SketchShe View Now

Gone Fishin' with the Fishing FanCam

You've got to see this amazing little device called the Fishing FanCam. The device is not for sale yet but what it will do is allow a fisher to see a view from the perspective of the lure from a tablet or smartphone. Underwater HD live video will be captured from this tiny camera.  View Now

Jetsurfing is a Thing and it is Awesome

Surfing is fun, jets are cool, why not combine them? That's what Onean did when they designed their electric jet board. They're available for preorder, and when they start rolling out, people are going to be jetsurfing all over the open seas. View Now

Shark Steals Kayak Fisherman's Catch

This shark attacked a kayak fisherman's catch. This all happened very close to the kayak and was caught on camera. The fisherman had almost reeled in his catch but the shark attacked it three times and eventually took it for its self. View Now

Two Water Rescues That Went Very Well

Passengers of a truck stuck in the water in China was rescued by nearby responders that brought long ropes to help guide them back to shore. Then a lifeguard in England rushed on his surfboard to rescue a small boy that got in some trouble while out in the water. Both scenarios could have gotten very ugly, but pros on the scene were able to take care of things quite handily. View Now

All Smiles After a Boat Crash

You've got to see this woman's reaction to her boat crashing. She was aboard a boat floating down Caddo Lake when the boat crashed for the second time that day. In the end she's alright and even flashes the camera a smile. View Now