KFC Buckets Are Now Photo Printers. No, Really

Like KFC Buckets? Duh. They're great. Like selfies and printed photos? Obviously. They're great too. So why not add all of these things into one? Makes total sense, right? Well, KFC Canada has answered our prayers. Here's to hoping my coleslaw container has a bluetooth speaker in it. View Now

Would You Eat Food Cooked in a Dishwasher?

Check out this new video from PopSugar Food's YouTube channel called, "How to Cook in the Dishwasher: A Whole Super Clean Meal." Would you eat food cooked in a dishwasher? The food is cooked with a method called sous-vide. Sous-vide means "under vacuum" in French. The dishwasher dinner process involves prepping and sealing your dishes in sealable mason jars that will lock out the hot water and soap suds. Your dinner will come out cooked perfectly moist and your dishes will be spotlessly clean. View Now

Kim Kardashian West Has Bizarre Fantasy in Hype Energy Video

Another day, another bizarre piece of news from the Kardashian clan. Today all eyes are on Kim Kardashian West's super bizarre video ad for Hype Energy Drink. The reality starlet falls off her bicycle carrying over a dozen cans of Hype Energy drinks, passes out, and wanders into a bizarre land of corsets, white hair and those famous "come hither" looks. Okaaay! View Now

Shia LaBeouf Fights With Girlfriend, then FaceTimes Megan Fox

Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend Mia Goth got into it in Germany, and Entertainment Tonight got ahold of exclusive video. Complex breaks the video down here, showing how LaBeouf said he "would have killed" Goth if he wasn't removed from the argument they were in. LaBeouf's next move? He tried to FaceTime with Megan Fox, discussed guns and smoked an e-cigarette. View Now

This Is Precisely Why You Should Always Listen to Your Mom

Are you a grown woman who still depends on your pacifier, bottle or diaper to get through the day? You're not alone. Listen to these women who also ignored their mother's pleas to leave the "Binky" behind, or to act like a "big girl" and leave the diapers behind. Take this video as both a warning to always obey your mother, and a sign that - if you're like one of these women - you're not alone. View Now

So Fintastic: It's 'Sharknado 3' Day

Guys, it's here. The best-worst (or worst-best) movie of the year debuts today: Sharknado 3. Check out this extended recap of the first movie, narrated by the great Joe Rogan. And if you want to laugh at the most recent part of the shark-tire trilogy, watch Sharknado 3 on Syfy. View Now

LMFO (Laughing My Fin Off) at Homemade Anti-Shark Cages

Off the coast of North Carolina, in the Outer Banks, there are some indescribable things lurking in the water. These things can be dangerous, but you can't take your eyes away from them. But these things are not sharks. These things are what appear to be homemade cages to prevent sharks from getting to the people under said cages. Honestly, they'd probably work. Because a shark would see them, laugh its fin off, and immediately take pity. View Now

Badass Magical Bunny Saves the World . . . or Something

In a land far, far away, there was a bunny. Not just any ordinary bunny. He was an epic, magical bunny, who saved the world. But it was no easy task. There were elk and eagles to be ridden, elements to face and carrots to earn from a warlock kitten. Or something like that. View Now

The Last of the Snow in Boston Has FINALLY Melted

Winter was wicked cold in Boston. The remaining snow in the city finally melted this past week. Yeah — it's July. Boston got a record 110.6 inches of snow this past winter, and it was contained to a "snow farm" that was once 75 feet high. Apparently the trash under all the snow helped insulate the pile, delaying the melting process. No, really.   View Now

Jurassic Fashion: Dinos in Heels

We think we know a lot about dinosaurs — how they ran, what they ate, what their roars may have sounded like. What we know for sure, however, is that they were the original divas, and they looked fierce in heels. View Now

Prank Falls Flat and Costs City $11,000

Is it supposed to be a prank, a social experiment or just an artistic commentary on society as a whole? No one knows why a duo of vandals bricked off entryways to train cars in Germany, but officials say the damage to fix the deed was around $11,000. Officials are on the lookout for the bricklayers, who will be facing either five years in prison or major fines. View Now

A Song and Dance to Celebrate Your Team Winning Anything

Did you ever think, "Gee, I wish there was a song and dance created specifically to celebrate a victory." No? Well Josh Weinstock made it happen anyway. Check out this cosmic, over-the-top music video that is meant to celebrate your team (any team) winning anything and everything.  Because if you have a dancing shirtless guy, floating dogs on basketballs and rodents lifting weights, you can't go wrong. Wait. What? View Now

Which Disney Characters Are the Most Doable?

WARNING: Adult content and language. This may offend you if you have no sense of humor, are offended by hypothetical situations that can't become real, or don't like to see the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland get violated. You good with all this? Then it's a great time! View Now

If Trippy Effects are Thug, This Music Video is Thug

WARNING: Graphic lyrics and content. Atlanta-based hip hop artist Young Thug just released his music video for "With That" and the graphics are . . . bizarre, to say the least. But, that doesn't mean this music video isn't fun to watch. It's just trippy, that's all. View Now

Woman Gets Engaged at Her Cousin's Wedding Reception

It appears in this video that the bride, Chelsea, was perfectly fine with sharing the spotlight and helping her cousin Megan get engaged . . . at Chelsea's own wedding reception. This is a very sweet video, no doubt, but if anyone proposed at my wedding — family or not — I'd throw a tantrum. View Now

Stephen Colbert, Eminem Sing Bob Seger Together

Stephen Colbert is the man when it comes to dry humor, delivered perfectly. Colbert recently hosted an entire 40-minute episode of "Only in Monroe," a public access cable show in Monroe, Michigan, where the population is about 20,000. Colbert had Eminem on the show and played it straight, pretending not to know who the rap legend was. The result was both awkward and hilarious. View Now