Why are People in Boston Jumping Off Roofs?

Boston is covered in snow. It is literally covered in snow. Snow is everywhere. That would probably explain why people are jumping from their roofs, sometimes half naked, into snow banks. That might not be a good idea, but we enjoy watching it.  View Now

Snow Creates the Necessity for Ingenuity

Ingenuity can lead to triumphs and failures. In clip one, the Beach Boys served as the soundtrack to a snowmobile surf session. In clip two, a guy took the wheels off his skateboard and added skis to the ride. Unfortunately, the new ride didn't work out all that well. View Now

The Dumb Way to Check the Ice

It's cold in Canada. Duh. It's so cold, many of the lakes freeze over. What do you do on a frozen body of water? You skate of course. The only problem is testing if it is strong enough to skate on. You don't test it like this. View Now

Swedish Fish: Complete with Bottle Rockets

No, this isn't the delicious candy. This is how some Swedes like to fish. Well, they're not really fishing but just shooting a bottle rocket under the frozen water. It's pretty mesmerizing, actually.  View Now

A Stunning View of a Frozen Chicago

Chicago is frozen. It's pretty much frozen solid, right now. That sounds pretty miserable, doesn't it? Sure, but that doens't mean it isn't beautiful. Don't forget to change the quality settings to 2160p 4K.  View Now

Murphy's Law: The Winter Edition

We've all been to the pity party, when something goes wrong we feel like we're the only one it happened to or the only one suffering. Well, in this guy's case he would be right. He parked in a parking garage, but somehow was the only one not able to get away from the snow. View Now