Crowd Watches in Shock As Half of Building Collapses

An office building in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, had some serious architectural issues during construction, which resulted in half of the structure collapsing before completion. The building had been evacuated, and it would appear that the rest of the structure will need to be torn down before reconstruction begins. View Now

This Kid Has More Swagger Than Anyone Ever

There's a reason why this Vine video has been looped more than six million times. The pitch comes in hot, this kid drills it to the moon, and on its way into outer space, he turns the bat into a shotgun and blasts it out of the sky. Serious, this guy has more confidence than anyone in the world, of all time. Swagger on a million, billion, trillion. View Now

Delta Airplane Struck by Lightning

Here is some shocking news out of Georgia. Jack Perkins was filming the line of airplanes waiting in the rain at Hatsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Tuesday when one of the Delta planes was struck by lightning. There were no injuries, according to Delta. View Now

Skater Makes Birthday Skate Video Every Year, Even When Faced With Cancer

Tim Achille turned 36 this year, and to commemorate the occasion, he went out and performed 36 tricks with his trusty board. He also did this last year, and the year before... and even through his battle with testicular cancer. It's an impressive feat, and it most likely gives him strength to be able to continue his birthday tradition after his struggle with cancer. View Now

Man Who's Color Blind Seeing A Sunset for the First Time Is Powerful

Aaron Williams-Mele was born color blind. His parents recently gave him a set of Enchroma glasses. When Aaron decided to try them out, he picked an ideal spot. He saw his very first sunset at Whitehurst Beach in Norfolk, Virginia. The look on his face says it all. Let this video be a reminder to not take your sight (or nature) for granted. Take the time to go out and watch a sunset or two once in a while, because not everyone can.  View Now

Epic Wiffle Ball Home Run Robbery

There are so many great things in this wiffle ball video. The Yankees pitch throws a wicked curve, but it's really high. No matter. The Athletics batter likes the high pitch, and he crushes it to deep left-center. It's going, going — wait! The outfielder robs the home run and slaps the ball back to the diving third baseman. You're out! View Now

Is This What Our Feelings Look Like?

Prepare to be mesmerized by this beautiful video by Thomas Blanchard. What do you think our feelings look like? What if they were a bunch of colors swimming around each other like you see in this video where the artist used paint, oil, milk, honey and cinnamon? It would make sense since our feelings tend to overlap and work around each other before somehow finding a way to work together and make something beautiful. Too deep? View Now

Dude Kills Miami Heat Dancer Audition

Who run the world? Well, it's not always girls. In this very moment, it's Keith Wilson, actually. Female coaches are starting to pop up in the NFL and NBA. The Miami Heat should add Keith to its dance squad. View Now

Dashcam Shows Woman Literally Sitting in Tornado

Taiwanese dashcam footage this weekend caught a woman literally sitting through a tornado, as a result of Typhoon Soudelor. The typhoon blasted Taiwan with winds of up to 100 miles per hour and up to 50 inches of rain. This dashcam footage shows a tornado whipping a minivan and debris around the road, revealing a woman in the street, sitting through the entire occurrence, after having just been tossed around. View Now

Unearthed: Lost Audio of Chris Farley as Shrek

Shrek and the entire Shrek franchise is one of the most beloved parts of Dreamworks. But before Mike Myers turned a giant green ogre into such a lovable character, it was a role for Chris Farley, who passed away during production. Here is some audio of Farley as Shrek that was tucked away long ago, and is just now making its way around the Internet. View Now

Police Officer Saves Driver Just Before Car is Hit by Train

A sheriff's deputy pulled a driver from a car right before the car was smashed into by a train in Northern California. The officer can be seen dragging the driver away from the car — stuck on the tracks — with just seconds to spare. The incident is still under investigation but a spokesman for the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office said the driver appeared to be under the influence. View Now

Little Boy Almost Decapitated by Airborne Skateboard

Wow — it doesn't get closer than this. In a video from last year that is picking up steam now, Positiv Skateboards and Green Trucks professional Rodney Jones wiped out and almost ruined a kid's day. Steve Ball quickly reached out and caught the airborne skateboard with one hand, just before it would have smashed into the kid's face. Save of the year! View Now

2-Year-Old Girl Solves Rubik's Cube

Throwback Thursday: This video is about a year old, but trending now. Brazilian Hong Yan Chan, at 2 years and 11 months, solved a Rubik's Cube in 70 seconds. I can't even tie my shoes in 70 seconds. It is believed that this little nugget is the youngest Rubik's Cube solver. View Now

Pro Surfer Attacked by Shark During Event

WARNING: Some adult language. A shark approached Australian pro surfer Mick Fanning during the Jeffreys Bay Open event in South Africa, bringing the event to a close. The 34-year-old was unarmed during the attack that was caught on live TV, but the shark bit through the surfer's leg rope. "I just punched it in the back," Fanning said. View Now

Woman Gives Birth to 10-Pound Baby in Car

WARNING: This may be disturbing to some. A woman gave birth to 10-pound baby boy in the car while on Texas State Highway Beltway 8 in Houston on the way to the Bay Area Birth Center in Pasadena, Texas, after 45 minutes of driving. The driver of the car, the presumed father, remained unbelievably calm during the entire experience. View Now

Identical Twins Switched at Birth In Real Life

Imagine you're a fraternal twin, until one day you discover that you're not a fraternal twin, but an identical one, just mixed up with another set of identical twins at birth. No, we're not talking about Big Business starring Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin. View Now