UPDATE: Breastfeeding Advocate Files 'Wrongful Termination' 2:27

UPDATE - 6/26/12: Crystal Scott, breastfeeding advocate and Mom2Mom co-founder, has filed a lawsuit against Schryver Medical for wrongful termination. RightThisMinute has acquired a copy of the lawsuit, click here to see it.

Scott was fired from her job as an X-ray technician on June 1, 2012, after a photo released from her organization depicting military moms breastfeeding caused national backlash. Scott's complaint also accuses Schryver of discrimination, equality pay violations, defamation and retaliation. “The evidence and the timing suggest Schryver retaliated against Crystal for her work on behalf of women,” said Scott’s attorney, Pat Buchanan. “Crystal is an advocate for gender equality and breastfeeding rights, and simply put – she was fired for it.” Schryver Medical, however, said the termination was actually for other reasons in a statement they released June 15.

6/13/12: Scott told RightThisMinute she lost her job after the photos went public and the two soldiers were reportedly reprimanded by the military. Mom2Mom said the photos were meant to promote World Breastfeeding Week in August. 

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