Biker Speaks Out on Biker - SUV Incident in NYC 2:46

Update: One of the bikers, rapper Jay Meezee, is currently in critical condition. Hear about his condition and listen to one of the witnesses recount the incident here.

During an annual motorcycle ride through NYC, a man driving an SUV hit a biker when he was brake checked. After feeling that he, his wife, and child (in the car) were in danger, the driver of the SUV fled from the scene running over riders and their bikes, leading to a chase. When he came to a standstill in the city the bikers then pulled the man from his car and beat him. What hasn't been told until now is the bikers' side of the story in which the SUV allegedly was cutting bikers off, and where injuries reported spanned to the bikers as well as the SUV driver. Rider Xavier Forbes has said it best, that "two wrongs don't make a right," about the incident that has caused a lot of controversy. 

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