Drake in Disguise Asks People What They Really Think of Him

People have mixed opinions about rapper Drake. Some people love his music, others think he can't rap and should learn how to play an instument. If he didn't know that before, he does now! In ol' Jimmy Kimmel fashion, the host and celeb decided to prank some people around Hollywood. Drake dressed up in a disguise and set out for his version of "I Witness News," to find out what people really think about him!

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Jonah Hill Sings Drake's 'Marvin's Room' in NYC

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Drake Released a Video of Him Rapping as a Kid

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Magical Floating Card Illusion

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Kanye West Makes Stand-Up Comedy Debut

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Sad Baby Bookworm, Distraught Big Brother, Helpful Dog Owner

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Human-Loving Crocodile and Seal Get Treated Like Kings

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