The Official Annoying Facebook Habits Song 2:38

This clever little ditty goes out to all of you who have given up Facebook and everything it represents. Notorious cartoon rapper Greedy Graffiti released his latest animated rap video called "Face Brag." It's a commentary on how most people use Facebook as a way to brag like, "I love my friends, I love my life. I love my husband and I love my wife." You get the idea.

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Original Video: Simple Ways to Annoy Your Ex on Facebook

Made Man and Mike Capes created this incredibly detailed video on how guys who were dumped can easily annoy their exes on Facebook. Men, don't even bother following these tips if a) you don't want her back or b) you still have a shred of dignity. Having said that, these tips are pretty sneaky and make sense. One example is "the crop." You take a picture with a hot girl but you crop her out. So in reality all you need is a hot arm to stir the pot. Watch the video for more excellent tips. See what the hosts thought! View Now

10 Things Your Facebook 'Friends' Do That Drive You Up the Wall

You are either guilty of one or more of these things, or you definitely know a few offenders. Our buddies at Just Another Production Productions compiled a list of the top 10 things they think (and we agree) are some of the most annoying things people do on Facebook. Game requests, anyone? Cryptic, self-loathing status updates? Check out the video for more cringe-inducing behavior you may be witnesses while on Fakebook Facebook. Click here for the RTM take on this video. View Now



Hungry Hungry Kangaroos

This kangaroos video will make you smile. This group of 6 kangaroos are taking a snack break on a rainy day. The man recording is feeding them bread and biscuits (crackers). Some of the kangaroos are shy and some are more eager but all of the kangaroos were hungry.  View Now

Great White Shark, Huge Halibut

Check out this amazing great white shark on facebook and "like" the page. This shark was about 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. That's about a third the size of the boat they were filming from. The video of the shark was captured using a GoPro. Next check out this amazing 150-pound halibut. The fisherman caught it in Alaska, took a photo with it and released it.  View Now

Doe, a Deer, a Rescued Deer

A group of boaters came across a baby doe in the water, and decided to rescue it. Although deer can swim, the rescuers were afraid it might be too young to make it to shore, so they lent a helping hand. View Now

Shocking Footage of Human Wearing a Collar

This man decided to test out a dog boundary collar. His friend fastens on a red collar around his next and walks away to find out how it works. After walking very far, he noticed that nothing had happened and his friend who was shooting the footage reminds him it goes off at 90 feet. Then suddenly he is shocked on the neck and it is so painful he twitches, screams and doubles over. He understandably proceeds to take the device off immediately.  View Now


Kenan Serenades his Girlfriend Who is Not Having It

Kenan Harkin has YouTube channel called Kamp Kenan where he features reptiles. He also loves to annoy his poor girlfriend Paola. In this video, he serenades her on the drive home from their workout. This was his version of payback for the brutal workout Paola put him through at the gym. She was trying to ignore him as he sang "Desire" by U2 to her. He also inflects his musical torture on Paola's daughter Alex. His poor car at one point mysteriously loses Bluetooth connection trying to escape the performance.  View Now

Mission Impossible Paintball Trick Shots

The dudes from the Dude Perfect YouTube Channel and their panda team up for an impossible mission promoting the new Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation film. You've got to see these epic paintball trick shots: Paintball Pictionary, Wakesurf Shot, Cody Trust Shot and Twin Shot. You are sure to be entertained by these hilarious antics. The dudes don't recommend you try these stunts at home.  View Now

Selfie Stick Scuffle in Sydney

Check out this selfie-stick brawl that broke out on a boat in Sydney. Two dudes get heated when their photo perfection is interrupted by other passengers on the yacht. Do you think this video is real or fake? View Now

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Beth Troutman on Family, Love, and Life after RightThisMinute

All good things must come to an end, and today marks the last day with Beth Troutman as lead host for RightThisMinute. Beth's mother is currently battling cancer, and as a loyal member of her family, Beth and her supportive husband decided to move back to North Carolina to be with Beth's mother in her time of need. View Now

Kids Singing to Teacher Battling Breast Cancer Will Make You Cry

Once in a while one of these videos comes along that hits you right in the "feels." This is definitely one of them. Watch as the kids from P.S. 22 Chorus from Staten Island switch up their annual ritual of singing their last song of the year with their teacher, and instead bring in Mrs. Adriana Lopez. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, so they decided to sing "I'm Gonna Love You Through It" by Martina McBride to her. We all need a good cry every once in a while. View Now

8 Smartphone Tips to Take Your Photos to the Next Level

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