GRAPHIC: Woman Gets Foot Cut Off by Tram

Warning: This video is graphic. A woman in Romania is without one of her legs after a tram ran her over. She was just about to cross the tracks when the tram hits her and dragged her several feet. In the video it looks like she sees the tram coming but just a few seconds too late. 

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Attempted Purse-Snatcher Gets Ninja Kicked in the Face

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Humiliated Woman Told to Shake Bra for Police Officer

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GRAPHIC: Man Gets Hit by Car and Walks Away

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Guys Have to Watch a Video of Dudes Catcalling Their Girls

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Group of Boys Spotted Gallavanting across Rooftops by Drone

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Paragliding Peril and Kicka** Kayaking

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Arena Football Player Drops the 'People's Elbow' in Wild Touchdown Celebration

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