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Eat Your Heart Out, Bueller, This Guy Played Hooky & Went to New Zealand

What did you do the last time you faked sick to get out of going to work or school? Relax at home? See a movie, maybe? Conduct a parade if you're feeling really ambitious? Well that's great and all, but Matthew Philip just beat us all. He called in sick at his job in Australia and took a 24-hour trip to New Zealand. And he didn't just gallivant around aimlessly; Philips went boating, skydiving, exploring, and a ton more. it looks like he didn't sleep for the full 24 hours. This is the perfect video to get you inspired to do that thing (you know what it is) you've been putting off because you're too busy, or it's too much effort, or whatever. If this guy can have an insanely awesome daycation in New Zealand, you can follow your ambitions too. View Now

Crazy. Car. Videos.

A Volkswagen swerves like crazy for no reason; a man on the road drops his phone while taking a picture; a car parked in a handicapped parking spot gets "stickied"; some things you just have to see to believe. View Now


Your Favorite Disney Princesses Go Au Naturale

Have you ever wondered what Disney princesses would look like without a shred of eyeshadow, blush or lipstick? Wonder no more! Buzzfeed shows you what Elsa, Ariel, Belle and more princesses look like early in the morning - ya know - before the pixie dust settles on their faces making them stunningly beautiful. Check it out! View Now

RTM Favorites

Man Who's Color Blind Seeing A Sunset for the First Time Is Powerful

Aaron Williams-Mele was born color blind. His parents recently gave him a set of Enchroma glasses. When Aaron decided to try them out, he picked an ideal spot. He saw his very first sunset at Whitehurst Beach in Norfolk, Virginia. The look on his face says it all. Let this video be a reminder to not take your sight (or nature) for granted. Take the time to go out and watch a sunset or two once in a while, because not everyone can.  View Now

'I'm Tired' Project Sends Powerful Message From People Who Are Fed Up

The "I'm Tired" Project is powerful. It's an ongoing collaborative project that started in June. Their Facebook page features people who have chosen to write what they're tired of, in terms of society and its expectation and realities, on their back... literally. Check out this powerful slideshow of some of the photographic submissions this project has received. View Now


You'd Never Guess What Happens to This Kid With a Box on His Head

Let's play a little game. What's going to happen to this little peanut who tries walking with a box on his head? If you guessed "he's going to crash into the wall because he can't see because, well, he is wearing a box on his head," then you're pretty much the best oracle of this generation. As you can see, the box used to be for "Free & Clear Wipes," but this kid's vision is anything but free and clear. View Now


Two Dogs Get Rescued From Tight Spots

It's important to look out for all animals, and in these cases, two of man's best friend needed help out of tight spots. A kayaker came across one dog who got stuck in the foliage near the river. The kayaker was able to get it free from the mud and vines that trapped the poor dog. Another dog got trapped in a gate in India; luckily Animal Aid was nearby and rescued it. View Now