Just Turn Your Phone 90 Degrees and You Won't Get Hurt 1:55

Nick Calderone is going to war with vertical videos and Anna Toth is joining the fold. Her new song called "Turn Your Phone 90 Degrees" puts a pretty aggressive stamp on the vertical video photographers on the internet. With that said, just turn your phone horizontal and live to see another day. Click here for original video.

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Dashcam Catches Police Arresting Wrong Man For Crime

Highway patrol gets a call that a black Dodge Challenger is rushing through traffic at over 100 mph. They find a Challenger, make an arrest, and everything is A-OK. Except for one thing: they pulled over the wrong car. Thanks to a dashcam video, the arrested individual was proven to not be the driver of the offending vehicle, and police are actively on the lookout for the speeder. But just think - without that dashcam video, this innocent driver may have paid the consequences for a serious crime solely because of what they were driving. View Now

Can You Guess What This Sexy Ad Is Selling?

With some upskirt shots of gorgeous women it's hard to tell that this is actually a shoe advertisement for "Gourmet Footwear." We've all heard the ol' saying "sex sells," but we're not sure it works in this particular situation...  View Now

Homeless Man Helps Out 'One of His Own' During Social Experiment

A social experiment by the folks at OckTV took place during a very cold day in New York City. Wearing a tattered T-shirt in five-degree weather, a young boy was looking for a jacket as others passed him by. A homeless man came to his rescue and gave the boy his jacket. The OckTV group gave the man a lot of cash in return for his kindness. View Now


Street Drummer Hailed the Greatest

Dario Rossi is a street performer who uses makeshift drums as his instruments. Check him out in action as he plays a bucket, a wok, pots, pans, and paint cans. He attracts huge crowds on the sidewalk who admire his musical style.  View Now

RTM Favorites

These Vintage Print Ads for Modern Technology Are Amazing

How cool are these faux print ads for modern-day technology? Worth 1000 did a contest where they asked graphic designers and artists to imagine modern products in a vintage light. The Photo Effects contest yielded some pretty awesome artwork advertising everything from YouTube and Facebook to Photoshop and Skype. Check them out!          View Now

Lexy Panterra Gives Guys a Master Class on Twerking

Lexy Panterra has made a career out of being able to move her booty in ways that defy gravity. Now she's taking her twerking skills to the masses. Watch as she teachers this group of manly men how to shake what their momma gave them like only she can. Take note guys, twerking is not just for the ladies. But don't take it from us. Check them out! via Lex Twerkout View Now

Mouthwatering Bacon-Wrapped Corn Recipe? Yes, Please!

Whoa! Check out BBQFOOD4U's recipe for some seriously yummy-looking bacon-wrapped corn on the cob that's sure to bring all your friends and neighbors to the yard. Allow the experts to show you how it's done. They're quick to warn that if you watch this on an empty stomach, you will get hungry. You're welcome! View Now


Magic of Rahat Works From Home in This Scary Prank

Magic of Rahat is known for his drive-thru pranks, but this time, he decided to work from home. His targets are still employees from the food industry, leading some to wonder if he has some sort of vendetta against them. But some of them fought back, and in at least one instance, Rahat was left foodless. View Now

Jay Leno is Your UberBlack Driver

How do you hide that unmistakable chin of Jay Leno? Easy: toss some gnarly facial hair on it. The former talk show host disguised himself as an UberBlack driver in Los Angeles to surprise some riders and promote his new CNBC show, Jay Leno's Garage, which premiers Wednesday. It's a sure bet Leno got a 5-star rating from all of his passengers. View Now

Watch the Muppets Sing 'Whip/Nae Nae'

The Muppets are doing pretty well on prime time TV. To celebrate their new show, WorldWideInterweb created this awesome parody of Beaker singing "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" by Silentó while Rowlf the Dog breaks it down on the ivory keys. View Now


Amazing Avian Rescues

First this poor helpless seagull became entangled in fishing line. Luckily a kind paddleboarder was able to free the bird and it flew off uninjured. Last this beautiful bird didn't want to leave its rescuers side. After three attempts, the bird finally returned to the wild. View Now

Two Birds and Their Unusual Toys

First this bird Eric has cabin fever and it's causing him to find entertainment in a cup of coins. Check him out tossing coins all over the house due to his frustration. Then this sweet little bird doesn't even need toys because it has a wonderful paper towel to jump on, play with and roll itself up in.  View Now

Rare Whales Swim With Paddleboarder In Australia

A man recently got a ginormous surprise while paddleboarding in Esperance, Australia. Paddleboarder Dave Price and amateur drone operator Jaime Hudson were able to capture two Southern Right whales swimming in the water nearby. The marine mammals typically grow to be up to 55 feet long, and there’s only 7,000 worldwide. View Now

Raccoon Rescued From Dumpster, Cat Stuck in Tree Climbs Down Ladder

This raccoon was trapped in a dumpster. When a rescuer attempted to help it out it bit and hissed at the gloved man. The rescuer was able to pick up the raccoon and remove it from the dumpster after the struggle. Then check out this cat who got stuck in a tree. Rescuers placed at ladder on a gate to climb up to save the cat, but the cat ended up rescuing itself and climbing down the ladder on its own. View Now