Soldier Turned Cardinals Cheerleader Arrested After Alleged Assault Caught on Video 2:13

Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Megan Welter is making headlines again this week, but it's not for being a hero, it's for being arrested. On July 20, Welter, 29, was arrested for alleged assault, disorderly conduct and criminal damage. Listen to the 911 call placed by Welter after the alleged assault. According to 3TV, Welter and her boyfriend had been drinking excessively when they got into an argument that turned physical. Welter's boyfriend, whom sources say is Ryan McMahon, recorded video of the incident with his cell phone. Watch video taken by police while responding to the 911 call. Welter joined the army after graduating college, and served sixteen months as a Lieutenant in Iraq. A reservist, Welter currently works as a signal officer for a military police battalion in Scottsdale. See the entire police report here.

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Soldier Turned Cardinals Cheerleader Arrested on Suspicion of Assault

Scottsdale police responded to a call on July 20, after Cardinals Cheerleader Megan Welter called about having a fight with her boyfriend that turned physical. When police arrived on the scene, Welter's boyfriend, Ryan McMahon, showed the officers video footage of what happened during the argument, recorded on his cell phone. Welter was arrested for alleged assault, disorderly conduct and criminal damage.  View Now

Cardinals Cheerleader Megan Welter's 911 Call After Alleged Assault

A Scottsdale Police Department report states they were called to Megan Welter’s home in Scottsdale shortly after 3am on July 20.  According to the police report, Megan Welter, an Arizona Cardinals cheerleader, claims she was in a fight with her boyfriend, who sources claim is Ryan McMahon, and that he would not leave. Police recorded video when they responed to the 911 call. She stated they had both gone out to a bar in Scottsdale earlier the previous evening to celebrate her birthday. After they got home, she went upstairs to go to sleep.  View Now

Boyfriend's Cell Phone Video Surfaces After His Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Girlfriend Is Arrested for Assault

Scottsdale police responded to a call on July 20, from celebrated Cardinals cheerleader Megan Welter reporting a fight between her and her boyfriend, Ryan McMahon, that turned physical. When police arrived on the scene, McMahon showed police video footage from the incident that he had recorded to his cell phone. He claimed that Welter had attacked him over a text message, and she was arrested for assault. View Now


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