Newton's Camp: Lawsuit is a 'BUNCH OF....HORSESH*T' :29

Right This Minute has obtained a response to the lawsuit filed against Vegas legend Wayne Newton. A developer claims Newton refuses to move out of his estate, which the developer wants to turn into a Newton-themed museum. The suit also accuses Newton of sexual harassment, mistreatment of animals on the property, and claims hundreds of tons of horse manure had accumulated there over several decades. When we looked intot the lawsuit and talked with Newton spokesman Steven Peek.... let's just say he did not mince words. Here's his statement:

"This is a bunch of salacious horsesh*t. This is a business dispute between Mr. Newton and the developer. What do allegations of alleged manure stacked 12 feet high, have to do with this business deal? This is an attempt to grab attention to make Mr. Newton and his wife look bad. This stuff is made up. Everything will be resolved in court. There will be a countersuit from Mr. Newton. "
Click here to see the court documents.



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