New LG Commercial Scares the Crap Out of People 2:06

LG has made some pretty awesome commercials and ads that have gone viral. This is the next one, we're sure of it. A group of unsuspecting people enter into what they think will be a normal job interview. Suddenly, the window behind them shows a scene of apocalyptic nightmares. LG televisions apparently have incredible resolution. See our hosts get blown away when they find out this prank is actually a commercial for a new TV.

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Nothing Like Scaring the Crap Outta People to Push a Product

There's nothing like traumatizing a customer to get them to remember your product. That's the ridiculous premise of john st.'s latest parody video. They promise to scare your clients so bad that they won't have a choice whether to remember your brand or not because it will have been seared into their brains in the dramatic process. John St. promises to "give your customers an experience they'll never, ever forget." They encourage muggings, riots, kidnappings, and any other extreme scare tactics to get people to notice your brand. See what our hosts thought about this viral maketing parodyView Now


Valentine's Day

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How To Create Valentine’s Day Crafts, Kind Of

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A Wingsuit Flight for Valentine's Day

Wingsuit pilots in Chamonix, France took off from an insanely-high mountain in February. EPICTV captured the entire flight that came very close to a bad collision. It turns out that instead of flying into a skier, they flew into a heart for Valentine's Day. View Now


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George Clooney Revives 'E.R.' as a One-Man Cast

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