NFL Rookie Can Run Fast... Really Fast 2:47

Robert Gill, the 29-year-old Arizona Cardinals rookie, is fast. Like, really fast. He recently posted a video of himself running 25 mph on a treadmill. We're not kidding. He was actually running 25 mph! This left us a little curious so, we contacted Gill for this interview and were the first to hear about his super-human speed. 

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International Outrage Sparked By Attack on Little Girl

A video out of China is causing an outrage around the world due to its disturbing nature. The footage shows a young child being attacked by a woman with a stick. Unfortunately, the person behind the camera did not intervene. Click here for the update. Edits: We orginally believed that the child in this video was a young boy, but we have learned that it is a 4-year-old girl and that the woman is the young girl's mother. View Now

Man Is Tased Multiple Times and Continues to Fight With Police

First things first, this one's the craziest. The Salt Lake City Police Department's battle to arrest a homeless man while he resisted, was all captured on camera by a bystander. The homeless man, 39-year-old Steven Carsello, was allegedly chasing another man with a car antenna and when police arrived, he went berserk. Police tased him multiple times but he kept getting up and running away. He took the fight to the back of a work truck and then under the truck until police were finally able to get him under control. Carsello was arrested, taken to jail and charged with aggravated assault, criminal mischief and resisting arrest. View Now


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Male Models Just Wanna Show Off Their Abs and Float in a Pool

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Been Invited to Watch 'Netflix and Chill?' This Is What It Means

Apparently a term has forced it's way into our modern vernacular and it's rather telling of the times. If anyone asks you to watch "Netflix and chill," there may not be any movie-watching whatsoever. Buzzfeed asked some of their trusty employees for their input and this is what they had to say. Use the term at your discretion.  View Now


Kids’ Reactions to Sushi are Priceless

Sushi in the United States is about as popular as pizza and hamburgers these days. But what happens when kids try out the Japanese mainstay for the first time? Surprisingly, they didn’t all hate it. View Now

Sesame Street Re-Created Famous Scene from 'When Harry Met Sally'

This is a pretty smart move by Sesame Street. They spoofed the most memorable scene from "When Harry Met Sally," and used the bit to teach the viewer about patience. Meanwhile, the part we really want to see — when Sally is moaning loudly inside of Katz's Deli, doesn't happen until the very end of the video. Patience. That's what we are learning about today. Nicely done, Sesame Street. View Now


Fisherman Gets Robbed by Killer Whale Impersonator

While out fishing on the Hawaii coast, one fisherman caught himself a beautiful mahimahi fish. But he had also seen glimpses of what looked like a killer whale nearby, so he started reeling his fish in with caution. His caution did him no good, however, as the sea beast leapt and took the precious mahimahi. It turned out that it wasn't a killer whale, but a type of dolphin known as a false killer whale. And it looks like this dolphin was a pretty good impersonator. View Now