Queensland Woman Films Australian Floods 1:47

Extreme flooding in Queensland, Australia had some people rushing for safety - and others rushing for their cameras. See how people and animals are making it through the rising waters.

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Aspiring Storm Chaser Films Tempests for Two Weeks & Creates Stunning Timelapse

Mike Olbinski took two weeks off to chase storms this summer, and came back with spectacular results. His journey spanned 10,000 miles and went through ten states, and when he got home he had 45,000 frames of footage to sift through. His footage, coupled with a powerful soundtrack, creates a moving film that beautifully portrays the awe of nature. See "The Chase" in full here. View Now

Riveting Rescues: Dog Attacks Boy, Woman Saved From Cable Car

First up, watch these brave men save a young boy from a vicious dog attack. The owner lost grasp of the animal and then the dog went after the boy and tore off his ear. Second, see this woman get rescued from a dangling cable car in China. Emergency rescue crew members had to use ropes and pulleys to lower the woman to safety.  View Now

Stunning Sneak-Peek Shot From Upcoming Film, 'unReal'

This amazing, four-minute single shot of Brandon Semenuk strutting his stuff in the film unReal has just been released online. The incredible skill of Semenuk on his bikes is matched with the impressive camera work, as the shot is smooth and pleasant throughout the entire clip. If the whole movie is anything like this shot, it's a must-watch. It's available to watch digitally, or you can see when unReal's worldwide film tour stops in your neck of the woods here. View Now

Elderly Woman Turns Grocery Store Into Drive Through

Even mundane activities like grocery shopping can get scary when there's an elderly person behind the wheel of a car. After backing into a vehicle in the parking lot leads this woman to panic and hit the gas, she lands herself in the middle of the floral department, but we don't think a bouquet of flowers is going to make up for the damage. View Now


Decaplane Featured on Flite Test

The crew at Flite Test is featuring an aircraft called the multiplane or decaplane. It has 10 wings and it was previously unsuccessful. Peter built this proof of concept small-scale model of the original plane. Peter then led a group of kids in a project to construct a 10 foot model of the plane. A large crowd gathered to watch the kids and Peter test it. The question on the crowd's mind at the launch was: Will it fly? It was a success as it soared high in the sky. View Now


Two Snakes and One Lucky Dog Rescued

First up, this snake was rescued after its tail was chewed on and it bit a dog named Bosco the Boxer three times on the face. The dog Bosco's heart stopped from the ordeal but, fortunately a nearby vet was able to revive it. The snake was captured and taken to the Aussie Zoo to be treated. Second, watch this nervous couple attempt to rescue a snake that got stuck in their garden pea netting. View Now


Floating Ghost Prank With a Twist

Not everyone took Fousey's "Floating Ghost" prank sitting down. Most people seem pretty terrified, but at least one guy stood up for himself and tried to fight the ghost; until the ghost took off its mask and kept chasing him, that is. View Now

New Yorkers Trump All Other Presidential Parodies

Men, women, children and even a dog all don a blonde toupee and impersonate presidential candidate Donald Trump, in this video. The result is a parody that will trump all other presidential parodies you have seen. The group of New Yorkers poke fun at the 2016 hopeful and quote some of his most famous phrases. The video is a prime candidate for your vote for parody perfection. View Now


Rope Swing Fails, Frights and Freakouts

A woman having a good time at the lake hit the water hard when she fumbled on the rope swing. Meanwhile, at the world's largest rope swing, no one gets hurt, but plenty of people's hearts are skipping beats at the sheer awesomeness of a rope swing with a 300-meter arc (that's almost 1,000 feet). View Now

Group of Boys Spotted Gallavanting across Rooftops by Drone

A man flying a drone in Letterkenny came across quite the scene on a nearby school rooftop. A group of boys were running on top of the building, through some wooded areas, and basically all around town. It turns out they thought the drone was being used by the police to locate them, but when they discovered it was just a regular guy manning the device, they asked him to upload it to Youtube.  View Now

Paragliding Peril and Kicka** Kayaking

Sometimes dangerous circumstances are accidental; sometimes, they're competitive. Two paragliders got in a scary situation when equipment issues necessitated an emergency landing. Unfortunately, the only nearby areas were heavily populated. That situation is much more dire than that of a Colorado kayaker. View Now