Original Video: Russian Zorbing Accident Leaves One Dead, Another Seriously Injured 01:57

Warning: Due of the outcome of this incident, this video may be disturbing for some viewers. According to reports, one man is dead and another in critical condition after a zorbing accident at a ski resort in Dombai, Russia, near the Georgian border. 27-year-old Denis Burakov and his friend, 33-year-old Vladimir Shcherbakov, were vacationing in celebration of the New Year when they decided to give the extreme activity a try. Traveling at high speeds, the ball carrying the two men flew over the track and fell into a gorge, free falling 812 feet. When rescuers arrived on the scene, both men were still alive, but in critical condition. Burakov later died in the ambulance. Shcherbakov suffered a concussion and bruising. Zorbing is the recreational sport of rolling downhill in a transparent plastic orb, made popular in New Zealand and Russia in the '70s. Zorbing now takes place around the world at commercial locations, where safety measures should be in place. Unfortunately in this case, the video appears to show that there was no net or other device to catch the orb at the bottom of the hill, causing the ball to roll out of control. Investigators are searching for three men who they believe were involved in the incident- they are believed to have been operating without a license. See the RTM hosts talk about this story here.

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Russian Zorbing Accident Leaves One Dead, Another Seriously Injured

Warning: This story contains disturbing images. According to Life News, 27-year-old Denis Burakov and his friend, 33-year-old Vladimir Shcherbakov, were vacationing in Dombai, Russia over the New Year. This video shows Burakov and Shcherbakov zorbing, which is an extreme sport that is popular in Russia where participants are put in a huge transparent orb and then pushed downhill. Tragically, the orb Denis and Vladimir were in went off course, free-falling 812 feet. Though both men were alive when ambulances arrived, Burakov died before reaching the hospital. Shcherbakov sustained numerous injuries. See the full video here. View Now

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