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New Jersey Police Accused of Brutality

A September 2, 2011 incident has left the Passaic County, New Jersey, in hot water. The incident involves several officers allegedly abusing a restrained man. Surveillance video shows multiple officers kicking and punching a suspect.  View Now

Heavy Traffic Prompts Firefighter to Run Ahead of Truck

In the United States, when you see a fire truck with sirens blaring, you move out of the way. In Slovenia, the opposite seems to be true. On a crowded a highway, a fire engine is attempting to get past traffic but no one on the road is complying. To get to the scene quicker, a firefighters jumps out of the trucks and pursues the scene on foot.  View Now




Guys Have to Watch a Video of Dudes Catcalling Their Girls

This video proves it's not easy being an attractive women walking alone in the city. Cosmopolitan asked three ladies to walk through the city alone as a camera recorded the many unsolicited catcalls they received. To up the ante a little, Cosmo had their boyfriends watch the footage. That's where things got really painful. via View Now


Group of Boys Spotted Gallavanting across Rooftops by Drone

A man flying a drone in Letterkenny came across quite the scene on a nearby school rooftop. A group of boys were running on top of the building, through some wooded areas, and basically all around town. It turns out they thought the drone was being used by the police to locate them, but when they discovered it was just a regular guy manning the device, they asked him to upload it to Youtube.  View Now

Paragliding Peril and Kicka** Kayaking

Sometimes dangerous circumstances are accidental; sometimes, they're competitive. Two paragliders got in a scary situation when equipment issues necessitated an emergency landing. Unfortunately, the only nearby areas were heavily populated. That situation is much more dire than that of a Colorado kayaker. View Now

Arena Football Player Drops the 'People's Elbow' in Wild Touchdown Celebration

A touchdown celebration would usually be followed by a little yellow flag in the NFL, but the Arena Football League is all about entertainment. And if you want to spark the crowd and get them cheering, why not take a page out of the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment's book? The Jacksonville Sharks paid homage to The Rock with one awesome TD celebration. Can you smell what the Sharks are cookin'? View Now