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Tech Time: Rocket Science Gives Sheep Metal Heart

It's Tech Time, and a sheep in China received a metal assistive device for it's heart! The metal heart has kept the sheep alive for over sixty days, and the technology will hopefully bridge the gap between humans needing and receiving a heart transplant. Also, "Smell-O-Vision" has finally arrived for the iPhone with Japan's iSmell. Joke's on you Google Nose! View Now

Tech Time: Flying Humans and Stealing Robots

It is once again time to show you some brand new technology. First, Google is teaming up with a company called Leap Motion. Using Leap Motion through Google Maps, you can fly around Earth by just waving your arms. Then, this guy has invented a robot to steal soda from vending machines. We need one of those for the office.  View Now


Will Smith Has Cerebral Role in Movie About NFL Concussions

It is not a subject the NFL — let alone any level of football — likes to talk about: Concussions. But over the past few years, a lot of information has surfaced about the severity of head trauma amongst football players, especially at the pro ranks. Alongside Alec Baldwin, Will Smith stars as Dr. Bennet Omalu, a forensic neuropathologist who made the first discovery of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), a brain disease that doesn't have a treatment. The movie looks to be as, ahem cerebral as it is dramatic. View Now

Your Favorite Disney Princesses Go Au Naturale

Have you ever wondered what Disney princesses would look like without a shred of eyeshadow, blush or lipstick? Wonder no more! Buzzfeed shows you what Elsa, Ariel, Belle and more princesses look like early in the morning - ya know - before the pixie dust settles on their faces making them stunningly beautiful. Check it out! View Now

RTM Favorites

How Cats Can Literally and Figuratively Take Over Our Computers

Artist Kelsey Goldych imagines a very surreal, yet literal interpretation of how cats take over our computers with this playful short starring a mischievous cat. If you know anything about the internet, you know cats pretty much rule it all. Check out this super clever animated piece Goldych created for her senior project at Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia with original music by Zack Bogucki. View Now

Man Who's Color Blind Seeing A Sunset for the First Time Is Powerful

Aaron Williams-Mele was born color blind. His parents recently gave him a set of Enchroma glasses. When Aaron decided to try them out, he picked an ideal spot. He saw his very first sunset at Whitehurst Beach in Norfolk, Virginia. The look on his face says it all. Let this video be a reminder to not take your sight (or nature) for granted. Take the time to go out and watch a sunset or two once in a while, because not everyone can.  View Now


Son Asks Dad for Princess Doll, Son Surprises Mom With Tattoo

Sometimes parents can be pretty shocked by the actions of their children. In this first video a son shows his mama his fresh tattoo and her reaction is awesome. She first checks to see if it is real and when she realizes it is she informs him that she warned him of the consequences of this action. The mom proceeds to slap her son's cheek and the funny part that this is her adult son who is married with children. Next up, this dad says his son got two identical toys at his birthday party. He took his son to the toy store to exchange one. View Now

Former Roomies Try to Play College Drinking Games, Fail Miserably

This video contains mature content: This video is precisely what they mean when "they" say you're only young once. The alcohol tolerance (for most people) significantly goes down once you're out of college and into the real world. Elite Daily gathered a few former roommates to conduct a little experiment involving a lot of beer. The results are exactly what you would expect. Watch! View Now

You'd Never Guess What Happens to This Kid With a Box on His Head

Let's play a little game. What's going to happen to this little peanut who tries walking with a box on his head? If you guessed "he's going to crash into the wall because he can't see because, well, he is wearing a box on his head," then you're pretty much the best oracle of this generation. As you can see, the box used to be for "Free & Clear Wipes," but this kid's vision is anything but free and clear. View Now


Two Dogs Get Rescued From Tight Spots

It's important to look out for all animals, and in these cases, two of man's best friend needed help out of tight spots. A kayaker came across one dog who got stuck in the foliage near the river. The kayaker was able to get it free from the mud and vines that trapped the poor dog. Another dog got trapped in a gate in India; luckily Animal Aid was nearby and rescued it. View Now