WWII Bomb Detonated in the Middle of Town for Safety 1:32

Construction workers demolishing an old pub in Munich, Germany discovered a 550 pound bomb that was dropped during WWII. The bomb was considered too dangerous to be disarmed manually, so it had to be detonated! The explosion rocked the entire area with the force of the blast. Every year over 2,000 tons of unexploded American and British armanents are found in Germany

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Small Town Dupes Neo-Nazi Group Into Marching Against Themselves

The town of Wunsiedel has an interesting problem. Every November neo-Nazis groups descend on this small town and march through the streets. However, the people who live there got a little creative and decided to turn the 2014 march into a positive one. Unbeknownst to the marchers, the shop owners of Wunsiedel decided to donate $10, to a charity that helps people leave neo-Nazis groups, for every meter they walked. They called it the Nazis Against Nazis campaign. In the end, they killed them with kindness and the marchers basically raised $12,000 against their own cause. View Now

Incoherent Passenger Makes Bomb Threat During Flight

A recent flight from Turkey to Moscow, Russia featured an odd disturbance. An incoherent passenger started screaming about a bomb on the flight and threatened that it could go off. A few passengers and flight attendants worked together to take control of the woman. Police met her when the flight landed. View Now

Airbag Jacket Communicates With Ducati Bike for Your Safety

A new Ducati motorcycle communicates with a special airbag jacket from Dainese. The innovative product partnership allows for safety on the road with an intelligence system that connects the outerwear to the bike. The jacket has built-in airbags in the front and back and is sold exclusively with the 2015 Multistrada 1200S Touring Dlair model. There are also jackets for passengers as well. Video Courtesy: YouCar View Now


Magical Floating Card Illusion

You've got to see this Zach Mueller performing this amazing Cardistry illusion. Zach is using cards from his company called Fontaine Cards in collaboration with Status Silver for this cool performance. Watch as it appears that the cards are floating. View Now

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Because Everyone Wants a Tour of Toilets From Around the World

Cut Video sent one of their producers on a very important assignment. He must shoot footage of public restrooms around the globe from Japan to Dubai and India to Bangkok. Yea, it's a little gross - particularly when you see said producer using the porcelain throne. Lucky for us, it's only No. 1. Now watch at your discretion.  View Now

We Doubt Anyone Enjoys the Hot Tub As Much As This Guy

Aww yeah! Cuzzie knows what's up. He just loves that hot tub. Looks like he may even enjoy that spout that spits out those high-intensity bubbles. According to Cuzzie's owner, this particular relaxation session lasted a whole five minutes. That's the stuff! View Now


Kanye West Makes Stand-Up Comedy Debut

Kanye West gave what many considered to be an inspiring acceptance speech for the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards. It was pretty much the opposite of what everyone thought it would be. Put a laugh track over it and jumble the order of what was said, however, and you've got yourself a pretty solid (and confusing) stand-up comedy routine. Well done, David Elmaleh. View Now


Dog Howls for Owner, Bird and Dog Fight

Fawn Welch is a fan of RightThisMinute and she sent in this cute video of her Doberman Pinscher dog howling in her bed and making funny faces. Then this bird and this dog just can't seem to get along. Their owner is asking the bird to stop spitting and fighting with the dog. The bird even shouts a few expletives at the dog.  View Now

Curious Black Bears Get a Too Close for Comfort With Hiker

Animals are a majestic, beautiful sight to see in the wild - at a distance. So when a couple of wild black bears decided to get up close and personal with a nearby hiker, things got a little scary for her. The interaction didn't go beyond mild curiosity, but a wild bear getting petting (or in its case, mauling) distance would be enough to get anyone's heart racing. View Now

Sad Baby Bookworm, Distraught Big Brother, Helpful Dog Owner

First up, this poor little baby boy is the saddest bookworm every time the storybook is over. Second, big brother had a meltdown at the gender reveal when he found out he was getting another little sister. Third, this three-year-old boy loves to help take care of his four corgi dogs. View Now

Human-Loving Crocodile and Seal Get Treated Like Kings

Most animals are more scared of humans than we are of them, but sometimes they can work out a beautiful coexistence. One crocodile has learned that if he doesn't bite a local tour guide's hand off, the guide will give him free dinner rolls. And some seals in Sicily have discovered that five-fingered mammals give great tummy rubs. Everybody wins. View Now

Gorilla and Toddler Play Peek-a-Boo at Zoo

Gorillas can be man's best friend too. A young boy named Isaiah recently visited the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Powell, Ohio. The boy caught the attention of a playful, two-year-old gorilla and the duo was seen monkeying around. Although the pair was divided by a glass wall, it didn't stop them from running back and forth during an intense game of "peakaboo." via JukinVideo View Now