Protein Beer: Where Your Workout Meets the Weekend

For those of you who end a workout thinking, "I could go for a drink," this Kickstarter campaign is for you. Supplemental Brewing brewed up a beer that doubles as a protein drink, meaning when you put down those weights, you can pick up a cold one, and this time, it could help you get a six pack instead of a beer belly.  View Now

Amazing Slow Motion Music Video

Kegs with Legs is a party anyone would want to be on the guest list of. This video called "Duels" was filmed in St. Louis, Missouri at about 1,000 frames per second. These party guests showed up in costumes and threw things like food and toys at each other and it looks epic. View Now

Traveling Filmmaker Starts 'Moving Timelapse' Series of His Adventures

Samuel Stonehill has been doing what many people wish they could do: he's traveling the world and following his passion. Samuel's passion is filmmaking, and after putting out various videos about his travels, he just begun his series, "Timelapse Diaries." In these he plans to show not only the places he goes, but to talk about the things he learns as well.   View Now

Gayle on Film: 'Pan' Review

Here's what you need to know about "Pan." While taking a quick glimpse at Rotten Tomatoes, many critics panned the Peter Pan pre-story, but I found enough to entertain me. The story is somewhat Oliver-esque with poor little Peter living in an orphanage wanting out in a bad way. Mean nuns, a locket and disappearing children all lead to his journey to Neverland where he finds out who he is and that Blackbeard, not Hook, is his enemy. Hugh Jackman is just dandy and nearly unrecognizable as the pirate. It's him who keeps me entertained the most after an unwieldy introduction. That said, it's a nice film for the family. And it's better than "Hook." So it has that going for it.  View Now

The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Contour Your Face

This video contains explicit language: Just blame Kim Kardashian. She's the celebrity that made contouring "a thing." So now, naturally, every makeup-wearing woman wants her makeup to look that great so we've got to give a shot, right? This is Lewana's attempt at contouring and highlighting so that her makeup looks on point. Let's just say it's not as easy as it looks.  View Now

The Real Aladdin, Princess Jasmine Sing 'A Whole New World'

As Disney's "Aladdin" nears its 25th anniversary, nostalgia has kicked in many ways, and the Diamond Edition re-release of the movie has been promoted hard. "Good Morning America" recently had Lea Salonga and Brad Kane — the original voices of Princess Jasmine and Aladdin — on the show to sing "A Whole New World" together again, and it is as magical as the first time we heard it. View Now

All the Hunting Stereotypes That Are Funny Cause They're True

If you enjoy the sport of hunting, then you can probably relate to at least one or maybe all of these stereotypes compiled by Dude Perfect. There's always the guy who wants to bring their dog, the haggling that goes on during the gun purchasing - whether it's with the gun dealer or the wife - and then there's the "blind nappers." You know who you are.  View Now

Ear-Free Headphones More Than Triple Kickstarter Goal at a Cool Half Million

Ear-free headphones are the next step in connecting your phone to your head, and Studio Banana Things has an ingenious product planned out to make this happen. They've put their Batband on Kickstarter to see if it was something people would go for, requesting $150,000 to get it into production. It's currently raised over $500,000, and by the looks of it, fundraising has no signs of slowing down. View Now

Poop Like a Champ With the 'Squatty Potty' Stool - No Joke

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, comes a product called the "Squatty Potty" with a rainbow-pooping animated unicorn as its mascot. This is an actual product, folks. The Squatty Potty promises to help you have more efficient bowel movements because the stool allows you to squat as opposed to sit, and that, my friends, is supposed to be ideal for the time you spend sitting on the porcelain throne.  View Now

Pranksters Bait Bike Thieves With Painfully Hilarious Results

Police use bait cars, pranksters use bait bikes. YouTube pranksters TwinzTV decided to leave a nice bike unlocked and see if anyone would steal it. But wait, you're saying to yourself, is this some kind of social experiment where they track down the thief and have a heartfelt one-on-one about the importance of respecting the property of others? View Now

Wedding Hires Hypnotist as Entertainment, Guests Find Him Entrancing

A wedding videography in the UK recently posted a video of a unique guest at one of the weddings they filmed. The guest was a hypnotist, and he made the most of his time on stage, having the wedding party rock out, swap names and all sorts of fun gags. He even pulled the 'ol, "have the subjects think they're trying to tickle a donkey while riding it" gag. Classic! View Now

PSA Uses Terrifying Footage to Remind People About Railroad Crossings

What better way to convince people not to walk on closed-off railroad tracks than to show them videos of people almost getting obliterated by trains? That's what the British Transport Police thought when they came up with their recent PSA campaign. It's a jarring - and effective - way to get people to be a little more careful around the tracks. View Now

Bros Tackle Gym Etiquette With Drake 'Back to Back' Parody

WARNING: Adult language. Drake came in hot this summer with a couple of diss songs within a week of each other aimed at Meek Mill. The latest was a record called "Back to Back," which was a top-25 hit on the Billboard charts in America. These bros took the song and created a parody called "Curls in the Squat Rack," dissing other gym users who have poor gym etiquette. Nailed it. View Now

Gayle on Film: 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2' Trailer

As much as I enjoyed reading The Hunger Games series, as well as Harry Potter, the one thing that struck me was the willingness to use teens in a fight. A messianic fight over evil (as with Potter) or a dystopian future's Joan of Arc with Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. That being said, in the trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, Katniss is the one motivating the troops and doing 95 percent of the talking, inspiring young and old alike to point their arrows or weapon of their choice at President Snow. And we know he's the embodiment of evil. Why? His hair. Not a single white strand out of place. Usually a good sign that he's the bad guy in movies. View Now

Why 'Aladdin' Would Never Be Made Today

The folks over at Screen Junkies always hit the nail on the head when it comes to creating the honest version of movie trailers. This week they took a Disney classic, Aladdin, and broke down why it would never be made in today's politically correct society. Racism, stealing, deception and kidnapping — it's all covered here. Also, Robin Williams was pretty fantastic, wasn't he? View Now