Magic of Rahat's Latest Drive-Thru Prank Is Otherworldly

Whoa! Not only does Rahat know how to build a robot, he knows how to use it, too! Check out his latest prank video where he rolls up at drive-thrus as a (almost) fully-functioning robot with the ability to drive and talk. Wait. What? Exactly. Watch the reactions his out-of-this-world robot drive-thru prank gets. How would you react? via Magic of Rahat View Now

Pro Surfer Releases Drone at the Perfect Moment While Riding a Wave

Plenty of people have flown drones while following surfers, but as far as we know, Jamie O'Brien is the first one to release it while surfing. He held onto the drone like an action camera until the perfect moment, waiting until the wave began to barrel. The footage O'Brien and his team got from this experiment turned out amazing; a shot of a barrel like this could add a whole new dimension to surf coverage. View Now

The United States vs. Great Britain: Who Wrecks Cars Better?

On one hand, the Mustang crashes into the crowd in a spectacularly awful manner. But on the other hand, the UK Hatchback has a certain charm in the way its bumper is slowly ripped off by a traffic cone. It's a tough call, but the US gets the award on this one, mostly because it wrecked a cooler car. Next time try to bring out a Jaguar, or a Bentley or something. View Now

Hey Beautiful People — The 'Zoolander 2' Teaser Trailer is Here

The official teaser trailer for Zoolander 2 is here, and you'll learn absolutely nothing about the movie, other than it's expected to be better than the original, which came out 14 years ago. The trailer starts with 72 seconds of graphics and physiologically mind-blowing questions from a computer, all culminating with the biggest question of all, from Mr. Blue Steel himself: If God exists, then why did He make ugly people? View Now

'Uptown Funk' Performed by 280 of Your Favorite Movies

Just when you thought you were safe from any further "Uptown Funk" parody videos... comes this one. It's not exactly a parody, but it's not performed by the original artists Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. Allow these 280 movies to "sing" the hit track like you've never heard it before. This video gem took three months to make. You likey? via dondrapersayswhat View Now

Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' Meets Political Activism

Did you ever think Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" would be used to raise awareness for a cause or demand environmental change? We sure didn't. A female rapper from India put her lyrics to the catchy tune to call out Unilever for their controversial mercury dumping. The music video has already garnered massive attention online. View Now

Layoffs? More Like Layups!

For his last few days in the office before the company went down, Jake decided to brush up on his game. Of course, one could argue that his current skill level coupled with the basketball hoop in the office may have had something to do with the company going under, but at this point, who cares? The important thing right now is Jake's impressive dunking skills. View Now

The Perfect Anthem for Your 'Fashion-Forward' Kiddos!

Parents, would you say your kids are picky dressers? If so, the lovely ladies at What's Up Moms has just the anthem for you and your kiddos. Check out this awesome parody of "I Love It" starring a handful of fashion-forward kids with very particular tastes when it comes to their clothes. But don't take it from us. Check them out!  View Now

Kenan Serenades his Girlfriend Who is Not Having It

Kenan Harkin has YouTube channel called Kamp Kenan where he features reptiles. He also loves to annoy his poor girlfriend Paola. In this video, he serenades her on the drive home from their workout. This was his version of payback for the brutal workout Paola put him through at the gym. She was trying to ignore him as he sang "Desire" by U2 to her. He also inflects his musical torture on Paola's daughter Alex. His poor car at one point mysteriously loses Bluetooth connection trying to escape the performance.  View Now