How to Make Fish Tacos Using a Clothes Iron

If you have a hankering for fish tacos but you don't have a way to cook them, fear not, because Rebecca Brand has you covered. Rebecca went to the Santa Monica Harbor for fresh fish, then gave us a colorful tutorial of how to cook a fish taco using an iron as a heat source. First, melt your butter on some foil, then down goes your fish onto the tortilla. Add some mayo and another tortilla and apply more heat. Toss in some pickles for some acidity, maybe a little hot sauce, and — yum — you've got a flat taco that is now the envy of the sea! View Now

This Pug Sure Knows How to Relax

It's hot as heck! Can you blame this guy for lying in a bucket of water, wearing his red shades and catching up on his beauty sleep? Of course not! If only all of us could look that cool taking a nap. The snoring is just the cherry on top. View Now

Virgin Mary Painting Appears to be Moving Lips During Mass

People have seen Jesus on toast, Mother Theresa in a cinnamon bun, and now a painting of the Virgin Mary is believed to be moving her lips during Mass. But Father Joseph Sleiman from the church isn't so quick to call miracle, instead writing it off as more a personal experience.  What do you think? Does Mary have something to say, or is this just another case of pesky pixels? View Now

This Is Precisely Why You Should Always Listen to Your Mom

Are you a grown woman who still depends on your pacifier, bottle or diaper to get through the day? You're not alone. Listen to these women who also ignored their mother's pleas to leave the "Binky" behind, or to act like a "big girl" and leave the diapers behind. Take this video as both a warning to always obey your mother, and a sign that - if you're like one of these women - you're not alone. View Now

Would You Tell This Girl Her 'Assets' Are Showing?

If you came across a young lady whose skirt was tucked in her underwear, exposing her butt - would you say something? That's the premise for this "cheeky" prank. Watch as men young and old stare, snicker, take pics - and then pretend to not have seen a thing. Typical. What would you do in this situation? View Now

Laura the Pet Lizard Popping Bubbles Is the Cutest Thing

Just when you think you've seen it all, comes this video. We're used to seeing cats and dogs and other domesticated pets doing cute things that make us go "Awww." But once in a blue moon we see a not-so-common household pet doing a not-so-common trick. Now we've got Laura the lizard who likes popping bubbles... a lot. Now that's certainly something we don't see every day. View Now

So Fintastic: It's 'Sharknado 3' Day

Guys, it's here. The best-worst (or worst-best) movie of the year debuts today: Sharknado 3. Check out this extended recap of the first movie, narrated by the great Joe Rogan. And if you want to laugh at the most recent part of the shark-tire trilogy, watch Sharknado 3 on Syfy. View Now

Aliens Try Earthling Food for the Very First Time

If you've seen any Buzzfeed video, you know they are big fans of "[Enter culture here] eat [enter type of food here] for the first time. Collective Noun took that formula and created this out-of-this-world parody (pun intended). Watch as "otherworldly" beings try Nutella, Doritos and - you guessed it - a Mars chocolate bar. Check it out! View Now

LMFO (Laughing My Fin Off) at Homemade Anti-Shark Cages

Off the coast of North Carolina, in the Outer Banks, there are some indescribable things lurking in the water. These things can be dangerous, but you can't take your eyes away from them. But these things are not sharks. These things are what appear to be homemade cages to prevent sharks from getting to the people under said cages. Honestly, they'd probably work. Because a shark would see them, laugh its fin off, and immediately take pity. View Now

Badass Magical Bunny Saves the World . . . or Something

In a land far, far away, there was a bunny. Not just any ordinary bunny. He was an epic, magical bunny, who saved the world. But it was no easy task. There were elk and eagles to be ridden, elements to face and carrots to earn from a warlock kitten. Or something like that. View Now

Seriously, Who Let Grandma on the Zip Line?

The water ball fail is understandable because of course someone is going to try and dunk it, and hitting a golf ball into the camera isn't that bad, but letting grandma ride the zip line?  There are dozens of people watching her soar to her doom and no one thought it was a bad idea? Come on! View Now

The Last of the Snow in Boston Has FINALLY Melted

Winter was wicked cold in Boston. The remaining snow in the city finally melted this past week. Yeah — it's July. Boston got a record 110.6 inches of snow this past winter, and it was contained to a "snow farm" that was once 75 feet high. Apparently the trash under all the snow helped insulate the pile, delaying the melting process. No, really.   View Now