Serbian Lottery Under Fire After Winning Number Appears Before Selection

When the winning numbers for the lottery appear on screen before the balls are selected, that means either that night's technical director is incredibly lucky, or something scandalous is afoot. the Belgrade Higher Public Prosecutor's Office suspected the latter after this exact scenario occurred during a nightly drawing of the Serbian State Lottery, and has launched an investigation. View Now

Selfie Stick Scuffle in Sydney

Check out this selfie-stick brawl that broke out on a boat in Sydney. Two dudes get heated when their photo perfection is interrupted by other passengers on the yacht. Do you think this video is real or fake? View Now

Selfie Stick Scuffle in Sydney

Check out this selfie-stick brawl that broke out on a boat in Sydney. Two dudes get heated when their photo perfection is interrupted by other passengers on the yacht. Do you think this video is real or fake? View Now

KFC Buckets Are Now Photo Printers. No, Really

Like KFC Buckets? Duh. They're great. Like selfies and printed photos? Obviously. They're great too. So why not add all of these things into one? Makes total sense, right? Well, KFC Canada has answered our prayers. Here's to hoping my coleslaw container has a bluetooth speaker in it. View Now

You Won't Believe What These Pet Rats Can Do!

LeBron James ain't gone nuthin' on one of these basketball-dunking rats. Check out all the tricks this team of pet rats can do. Abby Roeser says she trains them with a clicker and some good old-fashioned positive reinforcement. Their main incentives? Nibbling on Cheerios, dog treats, peas and dinner leftovers. Color us impressed! View Now

Tyler, The Creator Raps New Dr. Seuss Book

The most beloved author of childrens' books, Dr. Seuss, passed away in 1991, but he has a new book up for sale now called "What Pet Should I Get?" The book is believed to have been written between 1958 and 1962, which was a long time ago. To give it a modern spin, Jimmy Kimmel had Tyler, The Creator rap a portion of the book. Practice makes perfect, Tyler. View Now

Woman Makes it Rain Out of Her Window to the Tune of $2,400

A man in China withdrew $2,400 from his bank, only to come home to have his wife throw it out the window. It's unclear as to why she acted this way, but even stranger is that the money was collected by people outside of their building and returned to them in full (of course, the police station across the street may have helped people do the right thing). View Now

Would You Eat Food Cooked in a Dishwasher?

Check out this new video from PopSugar Food's YouTube channel called, "How to Cook in the Dishwasher: A Whole Super Clean Meal." Would you eat food cooked in a dishwasher? The food is cooked with a method called sous-vide. Sous-vide means "under vacuum" in French. The dishwasher dinner process involves prepping and sealing your dishes in sealable mason jars that will lock out the hot water and soap suds. Your dinner will come out cooked perfectly moist and your dishes will be spotlessly clean. View Now

Kim Kardashian West Has Bizarre Fantasy in Hype Energy Video

Another day, another bizarre piece of news from the Kardashian clan. Today all eyes are on Kim Kardashian West's super bizarre video ad for Hype Energy Drink. The reality starlet falls off her bicycle carrying over a dozen cans of Hype Energy drinks, passes out, and wanders into a bizarre land of corsets, white hair and those famous "come hither" looks. Okaaay! View Now

Shia LaBeouf Fights With Girlfriend, then FaceTimes Megan Fox

Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend Mia Goth got into it in Germany, and Entertainment Tonight got ahold of exclusive video. Complex breaks the video down here, showing how LaBeouf said he "would have killed" Goth if he wasn't removed from the argument they were in. LaBeouf's next move? He tried to FaceTime with Megan Fox, discussed guns and smoked an e-cigarette. View Now

How to Make Fish Tacos Using a Clothes Iron

If you have a hankering for fish tacos but you don't have a way to cook them, fear not, because Rebecca Brand has you covered. Rebecca went to the Santa Monica Harbor for fresh fish, then gave us a colorful tutorial of how to cook a fish taco using an iron as a heat source. First, melt your butter on some foil, then down goes your fish onto the tortilla. Add some mayo and another tortilla and apply more heat. Toss in some pickles for some acidity, maybe a little hot sauce, and — yum — you've got a flat taco that is now the envy of the sea! View Now

This Pug Sure Knows How to Relax

It's hot as heck! Can you blame this guy for lying in a bucket of water, wearing his red shades and catching up on his beauty sleep? Of course not! If only all of us could look that cool taking a nap. The snoring is just the cherry on top. View Now

Virgin Mary Painting Appears to be Moving Lips During Mass

People have seen Jesus on toast, Mother Theresa in a cinnamon bun, and now a painting of the Virgin Mary is believed to be moving her lips during Mass. But Father Joseph Sleiman from the church isn't so quick to call miracle, instead writing it off as more a personal experience.  What do you think? Does Mary have something to say, or is this just another case of pesky pixels? View Now

This Is Precisely Why You Should Always Listen to Your Mom

Are you a grown woman who still depends on your pacifier, bottle or diaper to get through the day? You're not alone. Listen to these women who also ignored their mother's pleas to leave the "Binky" behind, or to act like a "big girl" and leave the diapers behind. Take this video as both a warning to always obey your mother, and a sign that - if you're like one of these women - you're not alone. View Now