Woman Poured Cleaner In Eyes to Intentionally Blind Herself

Meet Jewel Shuping, 30, from North Carolina who has Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID); a disease that makes able-bodied people believe that they should be disabled. The 30-year-old’s condition has caused her to become obsessed with the idea of becoming blind, so in 2006 she decided to pursue her lifelong dream. Without legal repercussions, a psychologist agreed to pour drain cleaner in her eyes, and she says she has never been happier. View Now

Jennifer Lawrence Plays 'Chubby Bunny'

There's no question in our mind that Jennifer Lawrence is probably the most down-to-earth girl on the big screen, and she proves it time after time. J-Law sat down with her The Hunger Games co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson to play "Truth or Dare" on MTV. She was asked to see how many marshmallows she could fit into her mouth. When she hit 10, she became the unofficial Queen of Chubby Bunny. View Now

The Wait is Over: These Guys Will Stand in Line so You Don't Have to

Fun fact: Over a dozen CEO's make an average of $5,859 an hour. Tops dogs like this aren't going to spend 48 hours waiting in line for the newest iPhone - that would cost them almost $300,000! That's where Same Ole Line Dudes comes in; for $25 dollars for one hour, and $10 for every additional hour, they will wait in line for you. Want tickets so Saturday Night Live? They'll wait for you. Got a hankering for a Cronut? View Now

An Almost-Crash and an Almost Explosion

In the Final Destination franchise, someone cheats Death, which triggers a chain reaction where people die in crazy ways so Death can make up for the person it missed. These road incidents are very reminiscent of the horror franchise, but hopefully Death is ok with a few close calls this time around. View Now

These Vintage Print Ads for Modern Technology Are Amazing

How cool are these faux print ads for modern-day technology? Worth 1000 did a contest where they asked graphic designers and artists to imagine modern products in a vintage light. The Photo Effects contest yielded some pretty awesome artwork advertising everything from YouTube and Facebook to Photoshop and Skype. Check them out!          View Now

Edward Snowden 'Expert' Trolls HLN, Defends Edward Scissorhands

Yasmin Vossoughian wanted to know all about Edward Snowden and his recent surfacing on Twitter. So she turned to her "expert," Jon Hendren, with questions. Jon, however, took the opportunity to defend Edward Scissorhands. With a Twitter handle like "@fart" would you expect anything else? View Now

Honey Boo Boo Drops Bizarre Music Video 'Movin' Up' With the Fam

She's baaaaaack. Alana Thompson,10, better known as pint-sized diva Honey Boo Boo, has just crossed over into music and brought her band of misfit family with her. The track is called "Movin' Up" and it involves some awkward rapping and a dance that they like to call the "Honey Boo Boo Bop." Alana got her big break on TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras before scoring her very own reality show. We apologize in advance.     View Now

Sorority Girls Taking Selfies Put on Blast at Arizona Diamondbacks Game

Hey, let's all go to a baseball game and, like, take tons of selfies because you know you don't always get it just right on the first try. We have to get one with the pout, the pucker, the peace sign. Oh, there's actually guys in uniforms down there swinging a bat and trying to hit a ball. How fun! This candid and cringe-worthy display of the current state of teendom is brought to you by the Arizona DiamondbacksView Now

Fox Sports Reporter Hit By Car On Live TV

Fox journalist David Medrano Mora was reporting live from Guadalajara Airport in Mexico recently when he was struck by a car mid-broadcast. Somehow, the confused anchor back at the studio managed to keep his cool during the bizarre incident. Fox News later revealed that Mora didn’t suffer any serious injuries, just a mind-blowing story to tell. View Now

Robots Made Not of Screws and Steel, but of Art

Powered by wind, bike pumps and bottles, these environmental-friendly robots like to cruise around the beach in the Netherlands, just to let people know they exist. If the world does end up with robot overlords, hopefully they're as cool as these ones. View Now

These Boys Nailed Their Homecoming Proposals

Boys come up with some pretty wild homecoming proposals, but this one may top them all. Two boys from Illinois wanted to do something uniquely over-the-top when asking their dates, Emma and Claire, to the homecoming dance. Filmed in the style of a ‘80s-themed music video, the proposal is nothing short of absolutely absurd. Turtle necks, gold chains and moustaches (which are real)—how could you say no?  According to Total Frat Move, the ladies said yes.  View Now

Man’s Attempt to Kills Spider Goes Up in Flames

This man has a serious case of arachnophobia. A driver in Michigan recently stopped at a gas station to fill up when he spotted a spider on his gas tank. Instead of flicking it away like a reasonable human being, the man attempted to light the creepy crawler on fire. Turns out the spider was successfully killed—but the gas station is in need of a new gas pump. View Now

Woman Blocks Road and Holds Line of Vehicles Hostage Outside of Her Property

A line of cars en route to go horseback riding were stopped by an elderly woman that parked her car like a barricade in front of the other vehicles. She demanded driver's information, and stated that they were illegally driving on her property. The woman eventually let everyone through, but has not commented on the situation. The horseback riding company has stated that all roads leading to their establishment are open to the public. View Now

Social Experiment Illustrates the Dangers of Meeting Strangers at Bars

This social experiment features a man asking women walking on a street to get in his car and come to the after party with him. All but one girl got into his vehicle only to find out there was no party and it was all a part of a social experiment to demonstrate how easy it would be to get someone to get into a strangers car. The women's reasons ranged from him having a "nice car", him seeming "nice" and the lure of a party. One strong message to be learned here is that it is dangerous for anyone to accept rides from strangers. View Now

Funny Fails: Mini Segway, Face Plant & Back Flip

You've got to see these three people take tumbles. First this poor gal slips off of a mini Segway. Second this guy attempts a jump in a warehouse and falls flat on his face. Third this man slams straight into the ground after attempting to do a backflip from a car.  View Now

Cruel Criminals Caught on Camera

First, this man grabbed a dog by the collar and threw it out of an elevator in Chile. Last, police are searching for this man who shoved a fisherman into a lake in England. View Now