Kanye West Makes Stand-Up Comedy Debut

Kanye West gave what many considered to be an inspiring acceptance speech for the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards. It was pretty much the opposite of what everyone thought it would be. Put a laugh track over it and jumble the order of what was said, however, and you've got yourself a pretty solid (and confusing) stand-up comedy routine. Well done, David Elmaleh. View Now

Three Signs You Just Might Be Hooked on Crime

Is it possible to be addicted to crime? These guys might make an interesting case study because there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the amount of illicit activity they're involved in. The first criminal in Brazil blew up an ATM with a stick of dynamite, which is a good idea if you just want to blow stuff up and get a few singed bills out of it. Police later found a group with a large cache of dynamite, suggesting there may have been more blown-up ATM's in the future. View Now

Because Everyone Wants a Tour of Toilets From Around the World

Cut Video sent one of their producers on a very important assignment. He must shoot footage of public restrooms around the globe from Japan to Dubai and India to Bangkok. Yea, it's a little gross - particularly when you see said producer using the porcelain throne. Lucky for us, it's only No. 1. Now watch at your discretion.  View Now

We Doubt Anyone Enjoys the Hot Tub As Much As This Guy

Aww yeah! Cuzzie knows what's up. He just loves that hot tub. Looks like he may even enjoy that spout that spits out those high-intensity bubbles. According to Cuzzie's owner, this particular relaxation session lasted a whole five minutes. That's the stuff! View Now

This Is As Badass As It Gets...

This girl knows how it's done. Prepare to be impressed by her too-cool-for-school softball trick shot. She'll have you looping like there's no tomorrow. How'd she do that?  View Now

Was 'Daniel-Son' Actually the Bad Guy in 'The Karate Kid?'

Who would've thunk it? J. Matthew Turner is blowing the Internet's mind with his conspiracy theory that Daniel LaRusso AKA "The Karate Kid" was actually the bully in the movie, as opposed to Johnny — who got the bad rap. Turner even goes so far as to suggest Daniel was a violent sociopath. We hate to admit it but, after watching this video, he has some pretty valid points. Mind = blown! View Now

Parking Protester Takes a Stand Against Supposed Tow Truck Corruption

No one likes getting towed, but one woman has decided to take a stand. Her friend's car was attached to a tow truck for illegal parking, but this woman believed they had paid all dues and the tow was illegal. She stood on the car in protest, and was only aggrivating further when a bystander paid the tow truck fee so the scene would end. It's not the ending she hoped for, but at least her friend got to drive home that night. View Now

'Mother Russia, You're Crazy!' -Nick

You've got to watch this eruption of Russian road rage. This driver gets out of his car and attacks the other driver with a knife and a huge stick. Then watch this neighbor who just came over to borrow a cup of sugar. Except the sugar is a cigarette and he actually climbed up from the third floor up to this ninth floor balcony.  View Now

Dad Shares Powerful Message by Letting Son Play With Doll

A Dad says his son received two identical toys at his birthday party. He took his son to the toy store to exchange one. His son picked out a Princess Ariel mermaid Barbie doll. Dad says him and Mom are happy to let their kids decide what toys they want to play with. The smile on his son's face will warm your heart. View Now

Where Did 'Deez Nuts' Come From?

By now you know all about Deez Nuts, the moniker behind a 15-year-old boy from Iowa, who is making a decent push in the United States presidential race. Deez Nuts filed an official statement of candidacy with the FEC on July 26. The joke has America buzzing. But where exactly did Deez nuts come from? View Now