Bros Tackle Gym Etiquette With Drake 'Back to Back' Parody

WARNING: Adult language. Drake came in hot this summer with a couple of diss songs within a week of each other aimed at Meek Mill. The latest was a record called "Back to Back," which was a top-25 hit on the Billboard charts in America. These bros took the song and created a parody called "Curls in the Squat Rack," dissing other gym users who have poor gym etiquette. Nailed it. View Now

Woman Devastated to Learn Wisdom Teeth Surgery Didn't Come With Boob Job

Fun Fact: Oral surgeons generally aren't trained to also be plastic surgeons. Shelby learned this the hard way when she awoke from her wisdom teeth surgery to find that she could still, "barely fill a B-cup." Shelby, while under the influence of anesthetics, professed that she thought her surgery would come with complimentary breast enhancements. Maybe she'll make enough money off of this video to fulfill her dreams. View Now

Prankster Gets Destroyed in Eating Competition

When renowned prankster Rowan Atwood agreed to a burrito-eating contest against Furious Pete, something seemed fishy. Did he put some laxatives in Pete's legumes? Maybe a cockroach in his carne asada? But no, it turns out he just wanted to give his jowls a go against 'ol Pete - and as suspected, he was obliterated. View Now

Finally, Some Good News From Furious Pete's Battle With Cancer

Furious Pete has been battling testicular cancer for nearly a year, and after many trials and setbacks, he's finally received some good news: his hCG levels are going down. High hCG are one of the main indicators of testicular cancer; high levels (10 and up) is dangerous, whereas low numbers (one and two) are normal. Pete's hCG levels are below one, which is definitely a good sign for him, and everyone following his saga. View Now

Lexy Panterra Gives Guys a Master Class on Twerking

Lexy Panterra has made a career out of being able to move her booty in ways that defy gravity. Now she's taking her twerking skills to the masses. Watch as she teachers this group of manly men how to shake what their momma gave them like only she can. Take note guys, twerking is not just for the ladies. But don't take it from us. Check them out! via Lex Twerkout View Now

Competitive Eater Devours 25 McDonald's Big Macs

You won't believe your eyes when you see competitive eater Matt Stonie eat 25 Big Macs from McDonald's in just one setting. The burgers stood no chance. Stonie finished all of them in just 20 minutes. This set a world record and you are probably wondering where he puts all of this food. View Now

Boat Capsized in India

You've got to see this moment when a boat got capsized by a wave off the coast of India. The boat was full of passengers and you can see it get filled with water and flipped over. Then a group of people from the beach run to rescue all of the passengers who were cast overboard. View Now

Parody Puts Women Wearing 'Activewear' All Day on Blast

This is one of those videos that's funny because it's true. Be honest. Are you one of these women who runs errands, goes shopping and does pretty much everything else wearing your workout clothes? Well now there's an anthem for that, and you can thank the funny ladies at Skit Box for it. Check it out! View Now

Au Naturel Artist Molly Soda Won't Be a Slave to Beauty Standards

Selfie starlet and au naturel artist Molly Soda is defying Hollywood beauty standards. She is known for posting very candid photos of herself. She doesn't spend much time primping and polishing for selfies. Molly Soda's work is a part of the selfie-as-art trend. Her Instagram is like a photo essay of social media self-portraits.  View Now

Video Game Player 3- Parents-To-Be Reveal Pregnancy

You are going to love this nostalgic video game themed pregnancy reveal. Israel and his wife Shalee are playing some video games except they are the players. They can't seem to agree on a game because Shalee feels she will never be able to beat her husband. At this point, Israel suggests she add a player to her team. Shalee tells her husband she is going to add player number three to her team and it clicks with Israel that he is going to be a daddy because Shalee is pregnant.  View Now

Want to Look Like a Playboy Playmate? This Is How It's Done

We've got just the video for you if you're in need of a little motivation to get fit. Check out this compilation of Playboy Playmates - including Mrs. Crystal Hefner - doing cardio, jumping rope and showing off some yoga moves to show you how to get your body in tip-top shape just in time for the holidays. Guys may enjoy this workout "tutorial," too. Just sayin'. View Now

The Evolution of Lingerie in Minutes

Thankfully for women, bras have taken a dramatic turn over the years. From restricting corsets and hourglass figures to a hilarious “nipple bra” to give that permanent “cold weather look," Glamour recently chronicled the history of lingerie—including a prediction for the future. View Now

Extreme Urban Climbing Looks Like a Dangerous Pastime

Recently, more and more people have been getting the urge to conquer our concrete jungles by means of urban climbing, a hobby that looks as terrifying as it is risky. A feature film is coming out in November called "Urban Endeavors," looks at people who climb cities, and will hopefully give more insight on why people do it, and what measures they take to ensure safety. View Now