Welcome to the Shanghai Marriage Market

This modern day Meet Market has it all: advertisements, brokers, hopeful parents. The only thing its missing is the consent of the single people to whom the ads are for, but don't worry: they have a say in their future somewhere in between the first date and the alter. View Now

Fantastic and Failing Firework Footage

RTM brings you the best and the worst firework footage from the Fourth of July. First up is an epic fail, from Lake Bonaparte in New York, watch as a barge is accidentally set on fire. Second is another fail, a drone vlogger straped fireworks to his drone and accidentally blew it up. If you feel generous you can donate via GoFundMe to help him get a new drone. The last video, by DRT Nation, will restore your faith in drone footage. View Now

Don't Be 'That Guy' at the Independence Day Party

Meet the 5 People You Meet At A Fourth of July Party: The American Bro, The Misinformed One, The One Who Couldn't Get Out of Work, The Historian, and The Overly Concerned One. This video will get you in the spirit for the big parties this weekend. Remember, don't be "that guy" at the Independence Day bash! View Now

Americans Make Up American History for the 4th of July

Just for the record, July 4th, 1776 was when the American colonies declared their independence from British rule. Our Founding Fathers include George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton. John Hancock was the first delegate to sign his name to the Declaration of Independence. Jesse Ventura is a wrestler turned politician that was not born until 1951, and John Wilkes Booth was the man who assassinated Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president from 1861-1865. View Now

Because It's Never Too Late to Thank a Vet

It's Memorial Day, a day where we pay our respects to, and honor the members of our military who have fought and are still fighting for our rights. Watch this heartwarming video as family members send a very special message to their loved ones in the military. The message is clear: It's never too late to thank a vet for his or her service. What are you waiting for? View Now

A Vacation on Cloud 9 is What Dreams Are Made Of

Imagine the most wonderful, amazing, most glorious place you could ever go to. Now take the feelings of excitement and joy that place gives you and multiply it by a million. Now take that and throw it in the trash, because it is nothing compared to how great life is on Cloud 9.  View Now