Gas Station Fire Sparks Debate About Cell Phone Myth

Check out this footage of a fire that started at the pump of a gas station. This man pulls up to the pump on a motorcycle and an attendant begins to pump. The man reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cellphone and at that point a fire ignites. The police department who posted this video cited him using the phone as the reason the fire started, but science says otherwise. View Now

Overseas Counterfeiters Turn $10's into $50's

Money in the United States is unique; instead of differentiating money by size and color, the only way to tell different bills apart is by what's printed on them. Someone recently posted this video, showing how counterfeiters can change a $10 to a $50. The only way to tell it's a fake is by the person on it, but people not from the States probably won't know which is which. View Now

University of Alabama Sorority Yanks Recruitment Video Following Backlash

The 2015 trend in university sorority recruitment seems to be videos featuring lovely ladies with beautiful clothing, hair and makeup having a great time all around the school. Unfortunately, at least for a certain University of Alabama sorority, there seems to be a lack of academic scenarios. There's more beauty and not enough brains. This has led the Alabama chapter of the Alpha Phi sorority to remove its popular viral video and social media pages after receiving criticism, accusing the recruitment video of "lacking diversity and objectifying women." View Now

Did You Know Your Face Should Be Exercising Too?

Not only do you have to work out your body, legs and arms - but now we come to find our faces should be exercising, too? Beauty and makeup expert Kandee Johnson shows you how to tone and tighten the muscles in your face without having to visit the plastic surgeon. Do these exercises look ridiculous? Yes. Are they worth a shot to avoid going under the knife? Absolutely! via Glamour Magazine View Now

Michelle Rodriguez Eats a Mouse Cooked in Her Own Pee

WARNING: Don't watch this if you have a weak stomach. The headline says it all, folks. Michelle Rodriguez joined an episode of NBC's "Running Wild with Bear Grylls," in which they hiked across the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. They ran out of water and food, so they had to resort to to eating a mouse boiled in Rodriguez's pee. No, seriously. View Now

Why Do Good Girls Want the Bad Boys?

Andrew Hales of the LAHWF YouTube channel is a social experimenter and prankster. Check out this hilarious video called, "Picking Up Girls Like a Douchebag." It's all a part of a promotion to sell these shirts. He's getting girls to pretend to like his rude pick up lines and give him his number. Don't be fooled though this is fiction. Please don't try this at home.  View Now

This Heated Hair Styling Tool Tutorial Is On Fire

Sarah Fasha's hair tutorial video went from beautiful to scary very fast. She was demonstrating a wet to dry flat iron when her hair caught on fire. Fasha suffered a burnt leg, scorched hair and damaged confidence. Hopefully, her story serves as a warning that heated hair styling tools can be dangerous. She joined RightThisMinute Host via Skype to dispell any hoax rumors.  View Now

Super Explosive Barbecue

What happens when grown men get a hold of explosives? The answer is they act like pyromaniac children. Watch these guys blow up a barbecue, an appliance and a flower pot. This video is hilarious and childish.  View Now

Dad Gives Whole New Meaning to Carving the Bird

Jennyfer Leege shared this video with RightThisMinute titled, "My Folks." Her parents did not take the frozen chicken out of the freezer in time to defrost. Her father decided it would be a good idea to saw the chicken in half with a circular saw.    View Now