Fast and Ferocious Cars

First up, Jeremy Clarkson posted this video of himself driving faster than 100 miles per hour in his Ariel Atom. He was speeding down country roads when a resident phoned the police. Clarkson was charged and convicted of dangerous driving. Second, Rett Thompson is selling his dream car. He produced this awesome video to showcase the features 2010 BMW 135i M Sport. He searched really hard to find a car with these exact specifications and the awesome part is it only has 38,000 miles.     View Now

Redneck Auto Hacks For Only The Reddest of Necks

Mechanics have a tough job, because every little piece under the hood of a car works ever-so-carefully with the all the other pieces. So ripping an engine out with a rope may not be the best idea a redneck's ever come up with. However, getting locked keys out of the car by sneaking in through the bottom of the vehicle just may be. View Now

For The Love Of All Things Bacon

These recipes will have you begging for more bacon. You may want to grab a napkin because these are two drool-worthy video recipes. First, you will learn to revive stale fries with delicious bacon grease in a cast-iron skillet. Don't forget to sprinkle the bacon fries with bacon bits. Second, create bacon-stuffed pancakes sprinkled with bacon and chocolate chips and dunked in maple syrup. Mouth-watering stuff, right? View Now

Instantly Ageless or Ageless for an Instant

This video features a product called Instantly Ageless. In the footage, you can see a woman apply it to her skin and her wrinkles seem to vanish instantly. The problem is many of the customers of this product say that the results don't last long and that should instead be called, "Ageless for an Instant." Unfortunately, at $85 a pop one might be better off hitting up the department stores for a jar of night cream.  View Now

Fish and Chips with Chef Gayle

RTM host, Gayle, takes us across the pond to catch a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how a Whitby favorite is prepared. She takes us into the kitchen to learn to make an English favorite, Fish and Chips. She even pops on an apron and chef's hat and becomes a prep cook herself. The result is a dish that looks good enough to eat.  View Now

8 Smartphone Tips to Take Your Photos to the Next Level

Prepare to have your mind blown by these simple and easy hacks you can use with your smartphone to take your photography to the next level! Check out photographer Richard Schabetsberger's tips and tricks that will have you getting super crafty with your pics in no time. View Now

Top Secret 'Mum Code' Revealed!

According to the top secret "Mum Code" revealed by Emily Wright, as long as the house is clean, the kids have been put to bed in the past hour, and only one to two glasses of wine have been consumed, every dad has a solid week after the mum gets her hair done where sex is basically guaranteed. It's almost too easy. View Now

Explosive Car Fire, Firefighter Firework Footage

These two videos seem to be scenes cut straight out of a movie. First, see a nasty nitrous race car fire explosion. Then, see helmet camera footage from a brave firefighter who got the wind knocked out of him during a hand-lit firework show. He insists that the show must go on; that is dedication to patriotic performance.  View Now

3 Crafty Ways to Repurpose Your Empty Diet Coke Cans

There's absolutely no fun and creative craft idea that Brooke Horrell Mahan cannot pull off. Check out her latest tutorial where she teaches you how to avoid having to throw away your Diet Coke cans by turning them into something useful instead. You can plant your very own herb garden, make a silverware caddy perfect for a barbecue or picnic, or personalize some candle holders. Watch the video to find out how. via What's Up MOMS View Now

I'm Not a Boy, Not Yet a Man

YouTube Channel Cut Video asked males age 5-50 to describe what it means to "Be a Man." Chances are this phrase evokes many different answers depending on demographics of the responder. In an overly genderizing society, the answer to this question can be unclear for many. One responder in this video put it best when he said there is no real definition just an assumption. You've got to watch, share and discuss. View Now

Grab a Tissue, This Video Might Make You Cry

If you suck at cooking, you are going to love this video about the 7 ways to chop an onion. More than likely you will still suck at cooking and chopping onions after watching this video, but it is hilarious. Enjoy! View Now

How-To or Why-Would-You?

These videos will leave you asking: why would I want to do that? First, discover the ancient art of opening a can of tuna fish with a spoon. Last, you'll learn to disassemble a rubik's cube and reassemble it in a glass bottle. Overall, not very useful, but super interesting to watch.  View Now

Girl Uses Sling Bow To Pull Loose Tooth

We've seen quite a few creative ways to pull loose teeth, and 11-year-old Alexis Davidson's method is just as epic as the rest. The girl from Aurora, Colorado, used a sling bow to pull a loose tooth out of her mouth. And look at that — she hit her target, too! View Now