Military Vet Comes Home, Claims He Caught Wife Cheating

This viral video is part of a military investigation. A veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps returned to his Hawaiian home where he claims to have found another man kissing his wife. In the video, you can see him escort the other man out of the home while asking him to identify himself by name and military rank. He claims to be currently embroiled in a divorce case with his wife and child custody battle over their 3-year-old daughter. He shared the video online and is documenting his story on a GoFundMe page that has raised thousands of dollars. View Now

Hungry Hungry Kangaroos

This kangaroos video will make you smile. This group of 6 kangaroos are taking a snack break on a rainy day. The man recording is feeding them bread and biscuits (crackers). Some of the kangaroos are shy and some are more eager but all of the kangaroos were hungry.  View Now

Chilean man Falls Seventeen Stories Onto a Parking Structure—And Survives

The story of Sebastián Reyes is baffling for many reasons. First, he fell off of his 17-story balcony while celebrating a soccer victory. Next, he survived with minor injuries. And lastly, he says he didn't feel any of the pain that one should feel when falling seven stories. Of course, he had been drinking a bit before the fall, so that might have helped with the pain. View Now

Amazing Math-Magician Children

You've got to see these amazing little mathematician school children in India practicing their skills. The children are taught what is called Matrix Abacus. The process teaches students to compute complicated math equations extremely fast. The first step is learning to master an abacus. The final result, a group of mathematical genius who basically envision an abacus in their head essentially turning them into human calculators.  View Now

Thief Steals Bearded Dragon & Criminal Cleans House in the Cleaning Section

Two very  strange crimes resulted in one returned reptile and a lot of missing bleach. A young man went into a pet shop in Australia and stuffed a bearded dragon in his pocket; two days later the bearded dragon was returned. Another strange criminal was spotted in England stealing cleaning supplies from a store; the cleaning supplies and the robber have not yet been found. View Now

Nathan Paulin Sets New World Record While Highlining Alongside a Volcano

Highliner Nathan Pauilin traveled to Cassé de la Riviére de l’est—an island in the Indian Ocean—to set a new record for slackline length. And he did, while balancing along a volcano with a slackline 1,322 feet in length. His strategy for maintaining a balance for so long while being over 800 feet above ground. According to his interview with Red Bull, Paulin said, “I visualized myself at the end of the line. And I don’t visualize a fall. Because if you imagine you fall, you will fall.” View Now

SHOCKING: Cat Attacked in Brazil & Man Spins Baby Vigorously While Dancing

In two very unsettling videos, both an animal and a small baby are put in harms way. It appeared in the CCTV footage that a young man was shaking and pretending to throw the cat to the ground; the camera was actually installed due to a recent string of cat poisonings. The baby in peril was being held by a man who was spinning—possibly dancing—and spinning quite quickly. Children developing at a young age are in danger of internal injury from quick movements like being shaken; it's unknown if this baby was injured in any way. View Now

Great White Shark, Huge Halibut

Check out this amazing great white shark on facebook and "like" the page. This shark was about 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. That's about a third the size of the boat they were filming from. The video of the shark was captured using a GoPro. Next check out this amazing 150-pound halibut. The fisherman caught it in Alaska, took a photo with it and released it.  View Now

Paddle Royale: The Tales of Two Kayaks

First up, see these kayakers swim at Studland Beach in the UK with a friendly seal. The kayakers affectionally named this seal Ron. Second, see a hilarious kayaking fail. This gal attempts to enter her kayak and it overturns.   View Now

Woman Makes it Rain Out of Her Window to the Tune of $2,400

A man in China withdrew $2,400 from his bank, only to come home to have his wife throw it out the window. It's unclear as to why she acted this way, but even stranger is that the money was collected by people outside of their building and returned to them in full (of course, the police station across the street may have helped people do the right thing). View Now

Rope Swing Fails, Frights and Freakouts

A woman having a good time at the lake hit the water hard when she fumbled on the rope swing. Meanwhile, at the world's largest rope swing, no one gets hurt, but plenty of people's hearts are skipping beats at the sheer awesomeness of a rope swing with a 300-meter arc (that's almost 1,000 feet). View Now

Man Attacks Officer With Knife & Teens Ripoff Convenience Store

Two violent crimes in the UK and Australia were caught on camera, one of which has been resolved. Last March, a man wielding a knife lunged at a police officer. One officer was stabbed in his vest, while the other apprehended the knifeman. The criminal in this case received three-and-a-half years in prison, but the robbers in Australia have not yet been caught. They were seen on camera stealing from a convenience store, easily breaking through the protective partition at the cashier's desk, stealing cash and cigarettes. View Now

Great Tips on How to Get in Trouble With the Police

Having you been living life on the safe side of the law, and are looking for a way to venture into unlawful waters? Then we have the tips for you! A great way to get pulled over quickly is to drive the wrong way down a one-way, and if you really want to up the ante, drive away when the officer gets out of their car. Or, you could try playing with a fire extinguisher while driving—that's sure to get you a ticket! View Now

Creepy Crawling Nematodes Will Gross You Out

Check out this footage from Taiwan. It features a roundworm called a nematode. You can see the creepy crawlers moving around on a rock in the video. This gross species is often parasitic and has digestive systems with openings on both ends. View Now

Heartwarming: 8-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy Completes Triathlon

The look on Bailey Matthews's face could not be replicated. The 8-year-old boy with cerebral palsy pushed away his walker as he neared the finish line of his first-ever triathlon. He fell twice before finishing the race, but got up quickly each time, finishing unsupported. View Now

These Animals Can't Even: Eagle, Jaguar

Taking lessons to learn a new skill can be fun and sometimes very challenging. Check out this poor little eaglet crash into the nest when coming in for a landing. Then you've got to see Cielo the baby jaguar try to swim for the first time. View Now

Aspiring Storm Chaser Films Tempests for Two Weeks & Creates Stunning Timelapse

Mike Olbinski took two weeks off to chase storms this summer, and came back with spectacular results. His journey spanned 10,000 miles and went through ten states, and when he got home he had 45,000 frames of footage to sift through. His footage, coupled with a powerful soundtrack, creates a moving film that beautifully portrays the awe of nature. See "The Chase" in full here. View Now