A Wonderful Illustration of Our Childhood Imagination

What happens to our imaginations as we get older? Well, it certainly doesn't go away, but it may never be quite as awesome as it was when we were younger. Created by Marc Donahue and Roth Rind, this PermaGrin Films video illustrates beautifully our innocence and imagination when meshed with pop culture. View Now

Diamonds in the Asphalt

You've got to see this science demonstration. Cody of the Cody's Lab YouTube Channel collected dirt and dust from the street outside his home. The goal was to mine for diamonds and he found two. The entire process is really interesting and time intensive.  View Now

Customer Angrily Makes it Rain at Jewelry Store & Mom Dishes Out Justice in Police Station

One of these public attacks may have been warranted the other, not so much. A shopper felt she was getting the Pretty Woman treatment in a jewelry store in China, so she decided to prove her wealth by throwing wads of cash into the sales associate's face.  Meanwhile, a young man at the police station doesn't get money thrown in his face, just a beating from his mom. To put it mildly, she seemd a tad displeased at her son's arrest. View Now

An Almost-Crash and an Almost Explosion

In the Final Destination franchise, someone cheats Death, which triggers a chain reaction where people die in crazy ways so Death can make up for the person it missed. These road incidents are very reminiscent of the horror franchise, but hopefully Death is ok with a few close calls this time around. View Now

Kids Whose Great Ideas Get Shutdown by Reality

Tupperware is great for kids: It can store toys, be taken underwater, and stacks like a dream. Unfortunately for Elias, however, he's got a taste for the high-end stuff, and kids don't exactly have a reputation for keeping things nice, so he got denied his Tupperware request. View Now

Unique Rescues From Punjab to Missoula

Five individuals trapped in raging waters were saved by Sikhs who bravely unraveled their turbans so the men in the water could have something to grab onto. This was an incredible gesture, as unraveling their turbans could have significant religious implications. Just as amazing was the rescue of a woman in Missoula, who was saved by the outstretched paddle of a nearby kayaker. View Now

Finally, Some Good News From Furious Pete's Battle With Cancer

Furious Pete has been battling testicular cancer for nearly a year, and after many trials and setbacks, he's finally received some good news: his hCG levels are going down. High hCG are one of the main indicators of testicular cancer; high levels (10 and up) is dangerous, whereas low numbers (one and two) are normal. Pete's hCG levels are below one, which is definitely a good sign for him, and everyone following his saga. View Now

Interesting Towing Tools

First this ship tried to help tow this sunken Fiat but was unsuccessful. Then this truck driver tries to dismantle a large truck with the tow hitch.  View Now

Man’s Attempt to Kills Spider Goes Up in Flames

This man has a serious case of arachnophobia. A driver in Michigan recently stopped at a gas station to fill up when he spotted a spider on his gas tank. Instead of flicking it away like a reasonable human being, the man attempted to light the creepy crawler on fire. Turns out the spider was successfully killed—but the gas station is in need of a new gas pump. View Now

First-Person View of a Wingsuit Pilot Almost Slamming into Fellow Wingsuiter

Two wingsuit pilots in Italy almost had a head on collision while flying over Viale Palmiro. One pilot was wearing an action camera, and from his vantage point, the proximity between him and the other wingsuiter looks incredibly dangerous. It's suspected that it was planned, because wingsuit pilots are notoriously safe, and leaving something like this to chance seems very out of character. View Now

Apple Chips: A Delicious Snack That's Easy to Make!

Love your apples and your chips, but know one keeps the doctor away while the other is bad for the hips? Well, RightThisMinute's Jessica "Cheese" Hord has the perfect recipe for you: Apple chips! They're fast, easy to make and absolutely delicious. The perfect treat for your impatient taste buds! View Now