Angry Naked Man Wanders Suburbs, Much to the Chagrin of the HOA

Moving to the suburbs is what people do when they want to settle down, start a family and get away from the craziness of the city. Well one man just undid that for a neighborhood in New Hampshire. He wandered the streets  completely naked, yelling obscenities and being all-around unpleasant. Police were called and took him away, but it'll probably take much longer for the memory of this bizarre event to fade from the neighborhood's memory. View Now

She's Digging For Gold in All the Right Places

Headed back to the Bering Strait with her eyes on the Prize, Emily Riedel is ready to find some gold. Riedel and her all-female team of golddiggers teamed up with her former ex in this upcoming season of Bering Sea Gold on the Discovery Channel. Riedel joined RTM hosts to talk about the upcoming season. View Now

Fisherman Gets Robbed by Killer Whale Impersonator

While out fishing on the Hawaii coast, one fisherman caught himself a beautiful mahimahi fish. But he had also seen glimpses of what looked like a killer whale nearby, so he started reeling his fish in with caution. His caution did him no good, however, as the sea beast leapt and took the precious mahimahi. It turned out that it wasn't a killer whale, but a type of dolphin known as a false killer whale. And it looks like this dolphin was a pretty good impersonator. View Now

Kid Has Tooth Pulled Out With Motorbike

Seven-year-old Elias Blomdahl had a loose tooth, and he wanted it gone right away. He knows the Tooth Fairy has deep pockets, and he can't be waisting time! Thanks to a little help from his bother on a motorbike, Elias had his tooth pulled out quickly. Now that's sibling love. View Now

Man Unknowingly Spots the Atlas V Rocket While Leaving the Gym

Apparently, when one lives so close to Cape Canaveral, rocket launches are so common they almost go unnoticed. John Fouse was leaving the gym when he saw the halo effect emitting from the Atlas V launch. He didn't know what it was at the time, but he knew it looked amazing, so he whipped out his phone and started recording. View Now

Motorcyclists Jumps Median into Oncoming Traffic, Fatally Wounds Other Rider

In a tragic accident in Mexico, one rider's actions resulted in the death of another. The reckless driver was taking sharp turns very quickly, and ended up losing control and rode over the median, into oncoming traffic. A motorcyclist on the other side of the median swerved to avoid getting hit, but was hit and fatally wounded by another vehicle. This tragic incident is a grave reminder to ride very carefully. View Now

Fail-Boats Crash & Tumble

You've got to see these three boat accidents. The first are kayakers falling out of their white water rafts. The second is a man and his dog who got their vessel stuck under a pier and had to be rescued. Finally the third video is a boat that crash lands on the dock.  View Now

These Crimes Are Brash, Brazen and in Your Face

These criminals were shameless in their heists. One man knocked some items off the shelf at a grocery store to distract an elderly woman, and when she looked to see what the commotion was, he stole from her purse. The other criminal went into a store and distracted the clerk so he could steal from her wallet.  View Now

Exes Ask Each Other Honest Questions and Things Get Painfully Emotional

Imagine if you got the chance to sit down with an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend face-to-face and talk about why your relationship fell apart. You could ask them anything and they had to give you honest answers. How do you think it would go? Emotional probably. Ali and Andrew dated for seven years before breaking up. Two years later, “The And” Project brought them together for a real one-on-one conversation. The emotion is strong with this one. View Now

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary... BLOODY MARY!

PopSugar Food and Hilton have partnered to bring you this amazing video featuring the craziest Bloody Mary drinks with extreme garnishes from all around the country. Check it out because you will not believe these insane toppings that practically turn the cocktail into a meal. View Now

Magical Floating Card Illusion

You've got to see this Zach Mueller performing this amazing Cardistry illusion. Zach is using cards from his company called Fontaine Cards in collaboration with Status Silver for this cool performance. Watch as it appears that the cards are floating. View Now

The Great and Terrible Face of Rain

Whirlwinds, rain, high-speed wind. These natural occurrences can create beautiful sights to behold - until they begin to wreak mass destruction. Brian Snyder saw the beautiful side of nature; the people of Zhangzhou, China, not so much. View Now

Guy Watches His Boat Sail Away After a Failed Attempt at Ghost Riding

ghost riding is the act of leaving your vehicle while it's in motion. It's usually a good idea to do this with someone else because leaving a car—or in this instance, a boat— without a driver is a bad idea. So when this guy ate it while ghost riding behind his boat with no one else around, it would be safe to assume something bad would happen. But in this case, that would be an incorrect assumption, as he sat back and drank a root beer while his boat circled back around to him. Life just isn't fair sometimes. View Now

Terrifying Paragliding Accidents

Two paragliders experienced some pretty close calls. First, check out this paraglider whose canopy reserve became entangled. You can see that he calmly tries to untangle it before landing in the water below. Then, this paraglider in Indonesia crash landed into some rocks downhill. View Now