Parking Protester Takes a Stand Against Supposed Tow Truck Corruption

No one likes getting towed, but one woman has decided to take a stand. Her friend's car was attached to a tow truck for illegal parking, but this woman believed they had paid all dues and the tow was illegal. She stood on the car in protest, and was only aggrivating further when a bystander paid the tow truck fee so the scene would end. It's not the ending she hoped for, but at least her friend got to drive home that night. View Now

Crowd Watches in Shock As Half of Building Collapses

An office building in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, had some serious architectural issues during construction, which resulted in half of the structure collapsing before completion. The building had been evacuated, and it would appear that the rest of the structure will need to be torn down before reconstruction begins. View Now

This Model Has Been Deemed 'Too Big' For the Industry

The standard for women in the fashion and entertainment industry has gotten worse and worse over the years, and Agnes Hedengård is a perfect example of how warped this industry's standards have become. Hedengård has been told by multiple people in the modeling industry that she needs to be thinner in order to get work, and she got sick of it. So she posted a video (first in Swedish, then in English) telling people what it's been like for her, in hopes to bring to light the changes that need to happen in the entertainment world.  View Now

Italian Cliff Jump Legend

Devin Super Tramp and Contiki Tours teamed up to give this regular Australian guy Matt Johnson his dream come true trip to Italy. Matt had always dreamed of swimming in the Mediterranean and diving off some epic cliffs on Italy's Amalfi Coast.  View Now

Soaking Stair Storm

This area of Budapest, Hungary got flooded with three inches of rain. In this video, passengers are walking down the stairs to a train station and the stairs look like waterfall steps.  View Now

Violent Surprise Attacks at Their Worst

These two attacks were completely uncalled for. A cyclist in the UK, frustrated at a pedestrian that walked in front of her, threw the pedestrian a rude hand gesture. Taking it way too hard, the pedestrian knocked her over nad pushed her into oncoming traffic. View Now

2 Giant Fish, 1 Shy Octopus

Out on the open sea you've just got to see these gigantic groupers that Captain Ben Chancey and Captain Jon Black caught. These are two of the biggest grouper fish captured from an inner tube. Then check out this cute octopus trying to hide from this diver's camera inside of its tentacles. This is a dumbo octopus and it is called that for the flaps on its ears.    View Now

Oh Baby, Baby, I'm a Grandpa!

You are going to love these two priceless dads finding out that they are going to be grandpas. First, this daughter uses her iPhone to place a FaceTime call to her parents. Mom understands almost immediately, but the father's reaction is delayed and delighted. Second, this grandpa-to-be doesn't even read his shirt and completely misses the surprise, but luckily his wife reads the word grandma on her shirt and starts scream with joy and excitement.  View Now