Protein Beer: Where Your Workout Meets the Weekend

For those of you who end a workout thinking, "I could go for a drink," this Kickstarter campaign is for you. Supplemental Brewing brewed up a beer that doubles as a protein drink, meaning when you put down those weights, you can pick up a cold one, and this time, it could help you get a six pack instead of a beer belly.  View Now

Scientists Blow 1,600 Ping Pong Balls From a Can With Liquid Nitrogen

What do you get when you cross 250mL of Liquid Nitrogen, 350 liters of gas, and 1,600 ping pong balls? That's what Doctor Dave and Marina from Never Stop Reactions wanted to find out, so they did the scientific thing and conducted an experiment. They uploaded their finding to a new YouTube channel dedicated to excite people about science. And if 1,600 ping png balls soaring through the air doesn't get you excited, we don't know what will. View Now

This Philly Cheesesteak Could Change Your Life - If You Can Afford It

The best place to get a Philly Cheesesteak is probably Philidelphia, but where in Philly is the best place to grab one of these bad boys? Eater thinks Barclay Prime may be the place to go. Their cheesesteak recipe is made up of truffle cheese whiz, wagyu beef and comes served with a bottle of champagne. The catch? It costs $120, so it might be one of those "special occasion" type meals. View Now

Belligerent Bus Passenger Attacks Teens Then Walks Into Moving Traffic

A man authorities believe to have been drunk on a bus in Russia got violent when he was awoken by a group of chattering teens sitting nearby. The man violently attackend the four teeneagers, then demanded the bus door be opened, where he walked out into busy traffic. This man has not yet been identified, and police are on the lookout. View Now

Six Vehicles Damaged by Runaway Crane

A crane operator reportedly suffered from an epileptic seizure in China, causing crane to barrel down the road. The crane damaged six vehicles before it was stopped; however, no people were injured. View Now

Traveling Filmmaker Starts 'Moving Timelapse' Series of His Adventures

Samuel Stonehill has been doing what many people wish they could do: he's traveling the world and following his passion. Samuel's passion is filmmaking, and after putting out various videos about his travels, he just begun his series, "Timelapse Diaries." In these he plans to show not only the places he goes, but to talk about the things he learns as well.   View Now

Dad Sings Adorable Lionel Richie Remix to Baby

"You wanted a snack and I said, 'fine.' In your dreams you've eaten this a thousand times. I sometimes see it walk outside your door — Jell-O! Is it me you're looking for? I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile. It's all you've ever wanted, and your arms are open wide. And I wonder where you are. And I wonder what you do. Are you somewhere eating Jell-o? I love you." View Now

All the Hunting Stereotypes That Are Funny Cause They're True

If you enjoy the sport of hunting, then you can probably relate to at least one or maybe all of these stereotypes compiled by Dude Perfect. There's always the guy who wants to bring their dog, the haggling that goes on during the gun purchasing - whether it's with the gun dealer or the wife - and then there's the "blind nappers." You know who you are.  View Now

There's Something Strange a Foot in this River

Beau Ouimette shares this video with the most unusual river treasure he found this summer. To his shock and dismay, he discovered a prosthetic leg and foot. He hopes that someone will recognize it and reclaim it after seeing this video. View Now

Woman Faces Charges After Shocking Multi-Crash Caught on Dashcam

A woman was charged by police with a DUI after hitting multiple vehicles in an intersection in New York. The driver first slowly ran into one vehicle, then backed up into other cars, then drove quickly back into the first vehicle she hit. No one was reported to have any serious injuries. See the incident here. View Now

There's a Right and a Wrong Way to Deal With Snakes

If you come across a snake, there's proper etiquette to observe. Be respectful, keep your distance, and if you need to remove it from the area, make sure you have the proper equipment. If you want to feed a snake, don't tease it with the food, and definitely don't smell like the food, or else it might mistake you for food. View Now

Robber Steals Students Shirt and Books & Drive-Thru Robbery Ends in Arrest

A street robber in Argentina ran up to a group of friends and held them up at gunpoint. Two of them ran away, and the one that left was forced to hand over his bookbag and the shirt off his back. Then at a fast food restaurant, a criminal waited outside the drive-thru window, and when it opened, he jumped inside and robbed the store. Police later found him, thanks to his shoe falling off in the restaurant, as well as his easily-spotted yellow hoodie.   View Now

Florida Sheriff Makes Terminally ill Boy's Zombie Fighting Dreams Come True

Spencer Holt is a seven-year-old boy who's battling a terminal illness. He is also a boy who loves zombies and the police. So when Pasco County (Florida) Sheriff Chris Nocco and his office heard Spencer's story, they gave him a chance to take on a different fight. This fearless little boy took hold of his NERF gun and, with a smile on his face, saved the day! We know who we're calling if a zombie outbreak ever happens! View Now

Shooting Clay Pigeons While Driving a Ferrari

WARNING: We shouldn't need to say this, but don't try this, please. Philip Thorrold is a man! He does man stuff! He drives a Ferrari SA Aperta with firearms! Roar! Grr! Shooting clays from the Ferrari! Manly Man Stuff! Donuts and guns and man stuff! View Now

Thailand Toddler Tattoo Raises Questions Online

A traditional Thai tattoo is given by healers as a sign of good health. However, they're not generally given to toddlers, and a video of a three-year-old getting inked has raised a lot of controversy. Research has since found that the tattoo was fake, and the video uploader has since apologized for the misconception. View Now

PSA Uses Terrifying Footage to Remind People About Railroad Crossings

What better way to convince people not to walk on closed-off railroad tracks than to show them videos of people almost getting obliterated by trains? That's what the British Transport Police thought when they came up with their recent PSA campaign. It's a jarring - and effective - way to get people to be a little more careful around the tracks. View Now