Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary... BLOODY MARY!

PopSugar Food and Hilton have partnered to bring you this amazing video featuring the craziest Bloody Mary drinks with extreme garnishes from all around the country. Check it out because you will not believe these insane toppings that practically turn the cocktail into a meal. View Now

Magical Floating Card Illusion

You've got to see this Zach Mueller performing this amazing Cardistry illusion. Zach is using cards from his company called Fontaine Cards in collaboration with Status Silver for this cool performance. Watch as it appears that the cards are floating. View Now

The Great and Terrible Face of Rain

Whirlwinds, rain, high-speed wind. These natural occurrences can create beautiful sights to behold - until they begin to wreak mass destruction. Brian Snyder saw the beautiful side of nature; the people of Zhangzhou, China, not so much. View Now

Guy Watches His Boat Sail Away After a Failed Attempt at Ghost Riding

ghost riding is the act of leaving your vehicle while it's in motion. It's usually a good idea to do this with someone else because leaving a car—or in this instance, a boat— without a driver is a bad idea. So when this guy ate it while ghost riding behind his boat with no one else around, it would be safe to assume something bad would happen. But in this case, that would be an incorrect assumption, as he sat back and drank a root beer while his boat circled back around to him. Life just isn't fair sometimes. View Now

Terrifying Paragliding Accidents

Two paragliders experienced some pretty close calls. First, check out this paraglider whose canopy reserve became entangled. You can see that he calmly tries to untangle it before landing in the water below. Then, this paraglider in Indonesia crash landed into some rocks downhill. View Now

Gone Cat-Fishin'

This boat was floating along on a catfishing trip when two kittens were spotted struggling to swim in the Warrior River by Jason Frost and Brandon Key. Frost quickly went from catfishing to kitten fishing for this amazing rescue. Frost joined RightThisMinute hosts for an interview via Skype. View Now

Angry Aussie Assaults Agitated Auto-Commuter via Aqua-Attack

There is generally a mutual respect between commuters, and when someone disregards this universal agreement, it causes major ripples. One commuter in Australia committed two cardinal sins on one ride—she took up two seats and she played loud music. When confronted about her behavior she made things even worse by spraying her fellow commuters with her water bottle. Not cool. View Now

Man Rams Through Two Police Vehicles When Stopped at Checkpoint

A police checkpoint in British Columbia got ugly when on man decided he didn't want to be stopped. After refusing to leave the vehicle and getting pepper sprayed, this individual drove through two police vehicles to get away from the checkpoint. He was later caught wielding an axe while attempting to set his vehicle on fire. He is in police custody and is receiving mental health evaluations.  View Now

Curious Black Bears Get a Too Close for Comfort With Hiker

Animals are a majestic, beautiful sight to see in the wild - at a distance. So when a couple of wild black bears decided to get up close and personal with a nearby hiker, things got a little scary for her. The interaction didn't go beyond mild curiosity, but a wild bear getting petting (or in its case, mauling) distance would be enough to get anyone's heart racing. View Now

Man Rescued From Car Crushed by Trees

A huge storm in Canada left one man trapped in his own crushed vehicle. Trees that had blown down destroyed this man's vehicle while he as in it, but was able to get out with the help of some people who saw the wreckage. It's amazing he was able to make it out of the vehicle, given the damage caused by the fallen trees. View Now

Human-Loving Crocodile and Seal Get Treated Like Kings

Most animals are more scared of humans than we are of them, but sometimes they can work out a beautiful coexistence. One crocodile has learned that if he doesn't bite a local tour guide's hand off, the guide will give him free dinner rolls. And some seals in Sicily have discovered that five-fingered mammals give great tummy rubs. Everybody wins. View Now

Ten Day Trip Tricky Travel Illusion

Check out this awesome travel video. It's a ten day trip from Singapore to Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Peru, New York City, Paris, Germany, and Egypt. Except for the host didn't actually leave Singapore it's all just a video optical illusion. View Now

Because Everyone Wants a Tour of Toilets From Around the World

Cut Video sent one of their producers on a very important assignment. He must shoot footage of public restrooms around the globe from Japan to Dubai and India to Bangkok. Yea, it's a little gross - particularly when you see said producer using the porcelain throne. Lucky for us, it's only No. 1. Now watch at your discretion.  View Now

Parking Protester Takes a Stand Against Supposed Tow Truck Corruption

No one likes getting towed, but one woman has decided to take a stand. Her friend's car was attached to a tow truck for illegal parking, but this woman believed they had paid all dues and the tow was illegal. She stood on the car in protest, and was only aggrivating further when a bystander paid the tow truck fee so the scene would end. It's not the ending she hoped for, but at least her friend got to drive home that night. View Now

Trampoline Tricks, Stuck in Mud

You've got to check out this talented athlete at this indoor trampoline park doing some pretty cool trampoline tricks. Then this poor fellow got himself stuck in the mud. You can see him trying to free himself with a board, but it can't seem to escape.  View Now