Real or Fake?

RightThisMinute Super Slueths Uncover Another Viral Sensation to be a Fraud

As the curators of the internet, RightThisMinute has the responsibility to ensure our viewers are privy to only the highest quality of content. So as soon as it was discovered by our expert E-Journalists that this kitchen makeover video was a fake, we knew we had to break you the news. It's always hard to learn that a great video was a phoney, but ignorance isn't bliss, it's ignorance. View Now

Want to Read Someone's Mind? There's an App for That

The prankster team over at Magic of Rahat have found a way to read people's mind's! Well, sort of. Using bluetooth headsets and the Akinator app - which is basically a celebrity-specific version of Twenty Questions or Less - Rahat asks strangers to think of a celebrity and then deduces who they're thinking of. And no Kanye, it's not always you. View Now

This 'Star Wars' Funeral Actually Happened

This wasn't a joke. Gordon Deacon was a huge Star Wars fan when he passed away at 58. There were four storm troopers at his funeral procession to Margaret's Church in Roath, Cardiff, UK. Gordon died last month after a battle with pancreatic and liver cancer. View Now