Listen to Will Smith's First Song in a Decade

It's been a decade, but Will Smith is gettin' jiggy wit it once again. Smith is featured rapping in both English and Spanish on a remix of "Fiesta" by the Colombian band Bomba Estereo. This is The Fresh Prince's first song appearance since his 2005 album, "Lost and Found." Smith reportedly discovered Bomba Estereo on a trip to Columbia and asked them to colaborate. View Now

A Wonderful Illustration of Our Childhood Imagination

What happens to our imaginations as we get older? Well, it certainly doesn't go away, but it may never be quite as awesome as it was when we were younger. Created by Marc Donahue and Roth Rind, this PermaGrin Films video illustrates beautifully our innocence and imagination when meshed with pop culture. View Now

Watch the Muppets Sing 'Whip/Nae Nae'

The Muppets are doing pretty well on prime time TV. To celebrate their new show, WorldWideInterweb created this awesome parody of Beaker singing "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" by Silentó while Rowlf the Dog breaks it down on the ivory keys. View Now

The Wait is Over: These Guys Will Stand in Line so You Don't Have to

Fun fact: Over a dozen CEO's make an average of $5,859 an hour. Tops dogs like this aren't going to spend 48 hours waiting in line for the newest iPhone - that would cost them almost $300,000! That's where Same Ole Line Dudes comes in; for $25 dollars for one hour, and $10 for every additional hour, they will wait in line for you. Want tickets so Saturday Night Live? They'll wait for you. Got a hankering for a Cronut? View Now

Who's Up For a Midnight Robot Dance Party With Jordyn Jones?

In this mystically awesome video, YouTuber Jordyn Jones awakens in the dead of night to find her home overrun by SPHERO robots. But then she discovers she has a magical power over the bots, and an epic dance party ensues, only to end when the robots mysteriously vanish.   View Now

Bluejays 'Home Run Anthem' is Taking Canada by Storm

The MLB has two non-U.S. teams, and this year, one of them is headed to the World Series. To commemorate an exceptional season for the Bluejays, artists B. Rich and Steve Corn created the "Homerun Anthem," a musical tribute to Toronto's beloved baseball team. It's become a big hit up north, and Rich and Corn came on RightThisMinute to discuss their love for music, baseball and Canada. View Now

Finally, Some Good News From Furious Pete's Battle With Cancer

Furious Pete has been battling testicular cancer for nearly a year, and after many trials and setbacks, he's finally received some good news: his hCG levels are going down. High hCG are one of the main indicators of testicular cancer; high levels (10 and up) is dangerous, whereas low numbers (one and two) are normal. Pete's hCG levels are below one, which is definitely a good sign for him, and everyone following his saga. View Now

Yummy Chocolate Ice Cream Muffin in a Mug Recipe

You will be drooling when you watch this video recipe. You can make a delicious chocolate muffin in a cup using ice cream. This recipe is fast and easy. You only need a few minutes, some simple ingredients and a microwave. Fill half of a mug with chocolate ice cream and let it melt. Then add self-rising flour to the melted ice cream almost to the rim of the mug. Mix the ingredients together carefully with a spoon. You can optionally also add chocolate chips to the mixture. View Now

Apple Chips: A Delicious Snack That's Easy to Make!

Love your apples and your chips, but know one keeps the doctor away while the other is bad for the hips? Well, RightThisMinute's Jessica "Cheese" Hord has the perfect recipe for you: Apple chips! They're fast, easy to make and absolutely delicious. The perfect treat for your impatient taste buds! View Now

Rescued Raccoon Saved From Wash After Being Orphaned

This baby raccoon was rescued from a Los Angeles, California wash by a rescue crew called SMART. The baby raccoon's mother was killed and the baby left to fend for itself. The team used a DJI Phantom Drone 3 to locate the baby raccoon. A rescuer rappelled down into the wash to save the animal. The baby raccoon was picked up by a wildlife rehabilitator and is expected to make a full recovery. View Now

Resilient Little Boy Beats the Odds and Celebrates His First Birthday

Get ready, you're about to get hit with so many feels. Jack was born at 24 weeks gestation and weighed just over one pound. He was almost small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. His twin brother, Greyson, was stillborn and doctors gave Jack a 50/50 chance of survival. But after spending 16 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive-Care Unit, not only did he surrvive, this incredible little boy is thriving. He just celebrated his first birthday. So here's to you, Jack! View Now