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Military Vet Comes Home, Claims He Caught Wife Cheating

This viral video is part of a military investigation. A veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps returned to his Hawaiian home where he claims to have found another man kissing his wife. In the video, you can see him escort the other man out of the home while asking him to identify himself by name and military rank. He claims to be currently embroiled in a divorce case with his wife and child custody battle over their 3-year-old daughter. He shared the video online and is documenting his story on a GoFundMe page that has raised thousands of dollars. View Now

Serbian Lottery Under Fire After Winning Number Appears Before Selection

When the winning numbers for the lottery appear on screen before the balls are selected, that means either that night's technical director is incredibly lucky, or something scandalous is afoot. the Belgrade Higher Public Prosecutor's Office suspected the latter after this exact scenario occurred during a nightly drawing of the Serbian State Lottery, and has launched an investigation. View Now

Plundering Periscope Perpetrator

This thief decided to live stream their crime to Periscope. The burglary was also posted to two Dutch websites. In the video, you can see the perpetrator break a glass door and enter a home. The suspect proceeded to plumage through the resident's belonging. Gives us your opinions on this story on our Facebook pageView Now

Kenan Serenades his Girlfriend Who is Not Having It

Kenan Harkin has YouTube channel called Kamp Kenan where he features reptiles. He also loves to annoy his poor girlfriend Paola. In this video, he serenades her on the drive home from their workout. This was his version of payback for the brutal workout Paola put him through at the gym. She was trying to ignore him as he sang "Desire" by U2 to her. He also inflects his musical torture on Paola's daughter Alex. His poor car at one point mysteriously loses Bluetooth connection trying to escape the performance.  View Now

Shocking Footage of Human Wearing a Collar

This man decided to test out a dog boundary collar. His friend fastens on a red collar around his next and walks away to find out how it works. After walking very far, he noticed that nothing had happened and his friend who was shooting the footage reminds him it goes off at 90 feet. Then suddenly he is shocked on the neck and it is so painful he twitches, screams and doubles over. He understandably proceeds to take the device off immediately.  View Now

Give Back Films Provides Care Package For Homeless Campers

Give Back Films met two homeless men and were invited to visit their living quarters. They had created a campsite just out of town where they kept their belongings, because according to them, if they were to stay in town they would be constantly asked to move by police. The guys at Give Back Films presented their new friends with a care package, complete with groceries, hammocks, and camping supplies. View Now

Stuart Edge Blows Lindsey Stirling's Mind—With Magic

Stuart Edge is a big supporter of his fellow Youtubers, and when he heard Lindsey Stirling wrote a book, he couldn't help but grab some memorabilia from the book cover photo shoot. And bake it into a cake. And randomly run into Stirling. And have her pick the card that was in the cake. Let's face it—any sequence of events is possible when one is a magician. View Now

How to Lose a Friend With One Tattoo

Josh and Serena of the "Our Story So Far" YouTube Channel chronicled Josh's attempt to tattoo his long-time friend. In their new video titled, "I Try to Do a Tattoo" the pair narrates the whole story of the tattoo process. Serena is shocked Josh's friend would trust him to do this, but the ink turned out to be a cute little acorn and it wasn't bad for a rookie. View Now

New Yorkers Trump All Other Presidential Parodies

Men, women, children and even a dog all don a blonde toupee and impersonate presidential candidate Donald Trump, in this video. The result is a parody that will trump all other presidential parodies you have seen. The group of New Yorkers poke fun at the 2016 hopeful and quote some of his most famous phrases. The video is a prime candidate for your vote for parody perfection. View Now

When Life Gives You Rubble, Rebuild Homes in Haiti With Lego Bricks

The Mobile Factory is a non-profit that aims to educate war-torn and natural disaster ravaged countries that rubble is not rubbish but rather a rebuilding tool. Check out what the group is doing to rebuild homes in Haiti that were damaged by a hurricane in this video. The project turns rubble into life-size Lego-like building blocks that can be used to construct homes.  View Now

RTM Host Nick at VidCon

RightThisMinute host Nick Calderone attended the 6th annual VidCon in Anaheim, Calif., this past weekend and he finally got to meet many of the online content creators we regularly feature on the show. View Now

Footage of Prison Fight Rings in New Zealand Sparks Massive Investigation

Multiple uploads of prison fights at the Mt. Edens Corrections Facility in New Zealand have caused outrage across the country, as the fights, the access to phones to record them, and the ability to upload said videos online shows a major lack of oversight within prison walls. Serco, the private company running the prison, said it intends to do a thorough investigation to determine how all of these fights and subsequent uploads are occuring. View Now

Beth Troutman on Family, Love, and Life after RightThisMinute

All good things must come to an end, and today marks the last day with Beth Troutman as lead host for RightThisMinute. Beth's mother is currently battling cancer, and as a loyal member of her family, Beth and her supportive husband decided to move back to North Carolina to be with Beth's mother in her time of need. View Now

Virgin Mary Painting Appears to be Moving Lips During Mass

People have seen Jesus on toast, Mother Theresa in a cinnamon bun, and now a painting of the Virgin Mary is believed to be moving her lips during Mass. But Father Joseph Sleiman from the church isn't so quick to call miracle, instead writing it off as more a personal experience.  What do you think? Does Mary have something to say, or is this just another case of pesky pixels? View Now

Taxi Mafia in Leh Attacks Unsuspecting Tourists

Popular tourist location Leh, India is seen a major drop in visitors ever since the recent rise of a taxi mafia. This group of taxi drivers attack tourists driving rental cars out in the mountains, where they are helpless. in a location that normally sees 300,000 tourists a year, this is a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. View Now