Man Unknowingly Spots the Atlas V Rocket While Leaving the Gym

Apparently, when one lives so close to Cape Canaveral, rocket launches are so common they almost go unnoticed. John Fouse was leaving the gym when he saw the halo effect emitting from the Atlas V launch. He didn't know what it was at the time, but he knew it looked amazing, so he whipped out his phone and started recording. View Now

'Can Your Car Get Any Louder? Like Go Get It Fixed Or Something!'

This woman was walking down the street and trying to talk on the phone, but a Ferrari that was stopped at the light was making so much noise she couldn't hear. So she screams at the driver, "Can your car get any louder? Like go get it fixed or something!" The Ferrari driver decides to show the woman just how loud this engine can rev. It spooks the woman and she actually dropped the phone on the pavement while crossing the sidewalk. View Now

This Much of 'That' Will Kill You

Six liters of water, 70 cups of coffee, 85 full-sized chocolate candy bars at once, one or two ground cherry pits, and a lot of other surprising things will kill you. What to take away from Asap Science in this video? Moderation, moderation, moderation. And we're talking to you, you coffee addicts and chocoholics! View Now

Bottle Boys Cover Kygo's 'Stole the Show' Using Glass and Grass

For their most recent cover, the Bottle Boys not only stuck to their trusty bottles but pulled out a new tool: grass. And by the looks of it, it looks like they got the good stuff. The grass they're using appears to be Chewing Fescue, only found in a few western States, mostly due to its necessity for sunlight, good drainage, and acidic soil. But the quality paid off; the song sounds great, and the Boys seem really happy with their work.   View Now

Manned Super Drone Testing

You've got to see this amazing invention it's called The Swarm. It is a man carrying multirotor super drone. This footage is from the first test flight. The model features 54 counter rotation propellers and weighs about 176 pounds. It can lift more than 300 pounds and fly for 10 minutes with one charge.  View Now

Tesla World Record Drive

Bjørn Nyland is a computer programmer but in his spare time, he loves to drive his Tesla Model S P85D and film videos. You've got to see this video of his world record-breaking single-charge Tesla drive of 452.8 miles.  View Now

Funny Phone Fails

Fail Army presents the "Cell and selfie fails" video. Check out the funniest moments of selfies gone wrong, animals stealing phones, animals trying to eat phones and other crazy moments. RightThisMinute hosts interviewed the Fail Army crew via Skype to get all of the details on their new app which inspired this compilation.  View Now

Bora Bora Mountain Climber Helicopter Rescue

This mountain climber was enjoying the beautiful scenery in Bora Bora when he became trapped on a cliff. Luckily he did bring a radio and was able to contact rescuers. He made a makeshift flag and was able to signal the helicopter to his location. He wants this video to serve as a warning for you to not go exploring a challenging and unfamiliar terrain without a guide.  View Now

Particularly Plane Proposal

This boyfriend pretends that the airplane he and his girlfriend are in is experiencing an engine failure. It turns out to be all part of an elaborate ploy to propose. The couple is happily engaged thanks to the whole prank.   View Now

Whole New Level of Risky, Crazy Stunts

Check out these three guys doing some really wild stunts on motorcycles and in front of speeding trains. The first guy had his foot too low to the ground and crashed into a guardrail. Then this motorcyclist tried to do a cool trick that flung him off his bike and knocked his shoes off. Last this crazy man tried to run across some tracks faster than a speeding train.  View Now