Amazing Math-Magician Children

You've got to see these amazing little mathematician school children in India practicing their skills. The children are taught what is called Matrix Abacus. The process teaches students to compute complicated math equations extremely fast. The first step is learning to master an abacus. The final result, a group of mathematical genius who basically envision an abacus in their head essentially turning them into human calculators.  View Now

Stuart Edge Blows Lindsey Stirling's Mind—With Magic

Stuart Edge is a big supporter of his fellow Youtubers, and when he heard Lindsey Stirling wrote a book, he couldn't help but grab some memorabilia from the book cover photo shoot. And bake it into a cake. And randomly run into Stirling. And have her pick the card that was in the cake. Let's face it—any sequence of events is possible when one is a magician. View Now

Decaplane Featured on Flite Test

The crew at Flite Test is featuring an aircraft called the multiplane or decaplane. It has 10 wings and it was previously unsuccessful. Peter built this proof of concept small-scale model of the original plane. Peter then led a group of kids in a project to construct a 10 foot model of the plane. A large crowd gathered to watch the kids and Peter test it. The question on the crowd's mind at the launch was: Will it fly? It was a success as it soared high in the sky. View Now

Car Crook Captured in China Thanks to Social Media

Eric Ong took to social media to help his brother Joe Ong locate his stolen white Honda Civic in China. Eric posted a plea for help on Facebook and people helped trace the thief online. Joe left his vehicle at a car wash with his credit card inside. When he came back to get it he was told it had been driven off by, "his friend." The credit card was used twice at Johor Bahru Mall and Eric was able to get security camera footage to help the social media hunt intensify. Facebook users reported seeing it driving around with new plates at a Port, school, mall and Hotel. View Now

You've Never Heard (or Seen) 'La Bamba' Quite Like This Before

How cool is this video? And who doesn't love "La Bamba?" Google pops its translation collar in the coolest way with this video where employees hold up lyrics to the classic song by Los Lobos and Google Translate automatically translates each and every word in the song "en Español" to English. Check it out! View Now

This Jet Take Off is Horizontally Challenged

You've got to see this amazing jet take off vertically into the sky. The aircraft is a MiG-29 that was flying at the 2015 Royal International Air Tattoo, RIAT 2015. The Russian fighter jet was introduced in 1983 and is still being used today in some European countries.  View Now

Aspiring Storm Chaser Films Tempests for Two Weeks & Creates Stunning Timelapse

Mike Olbinski took two weeks off to chase storms this summer, and came back with spectacular results. His journey spanned 10,000 miles and went through ten states, and when he got home he had 45,000 frames of footage to sift through. His footage, coupled with a powerful soundtrack, creates a moving film that beautifully portrays the awe of nature. See "The Chase" in full here. View Now

Stop What You're Doing and Go Eat Some Ice Cream

Although National Ice Cream Day is officially the third Sunday in July—July 19 this year—the whole month is National Ice Cream Month, and Uber is celebrating in full swing. For the second year, they are offering anyone with the Uber app the ability to call up a driver and have ice cream brought directly to them (until 5:00pm). So what are you waiting for? This is like having an ice cream truck on-call.  View Now

Diver Loses His Flipper 100—Feet Underwater at Jacob's Well

After reaching the third chamber of the underwater cave Jacob's Well, DiegoA's flipper fell off. Now, at 100—feet underwater, it's extremely difficult to swim back up without the proper gear. So when this diver's flipper fell off, he immediately attempted to look for it. When he realized his search was futile, he was able to use the cave wall to climb/swim back to the surface. View Now

Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep, Create Scary Moment for Journalist

We have now entered a time where hackers can control your car, remotely. Two hackers, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, have created a tool that can hack into or hijack a Jeep over the Internet from miles and miles away. WIRED senior writer Andy Greenberg put them to the test and things got a little scary on the highway. View Now

The Truth Behind Those 'Shot on an iPhone 6' Commercials

If you've seen Apple's newest campaign, they're showcasing amazing video footage and photos captured using an iPhone 6. Now Elite Daily takes a crack at their approach but show a little bit more of what must go on while trying to capture those beautiful moments. Watch this video of "honest" iPhone 6 commercials using footage shot by regular Joe Schmoes like you and me.    View Now

Tony Hawk Shreds it Up With a Cardboard Skateboard

What happens when you combine a snowboard company, a paper company, and a professional athlete? Why, Tony Hawk skateboarding with cardboard, of course! As a part of their Cardboard Chaos series, Signal Snowboard made a skateboard out of this heavy-duty paper product, and asked Hawk to test it out. His only immediate complaint was that it felt a little heavy, but other than that, this is a big victory for cardboard everywhere. View Now